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Author has written 12 stories for Warriors, Harry Potter, and Greek Mythology.

Imagine96's Profile(yes, my name was Willowbranch but I with it...)

You know what? Skrew some things being incredible stupid. This is my profile and I'm going to do what I want with it!

NOTEEEEE: i am a retired fanfiction writer, however there is a slight possibility that I may start writing again. But don't be surprised if there are loooooooooooong gaps between chapters.


Warriors: (4)

Warriors of Pictochat (on looooong hiatus, incomplete)

Reincarnation (incomplete)

A Deaf Death(oneshot, complete)

U Pick Warriors (also on loooong hiatus, incomplete)

Harry Potter:(2)

I'll Always Believe (oneshot, complete)

Expect the Unexpected (oneshot, complete)

Now He Knows (oneshot, complete)

One Of a Kind (twoshot, incomplete)

The Sad Truth (oneshot, complete)

Greek Mythology: (1)

Twelve Olympians and One Mall (incomplete)

Note: If you don't have any ideas for a story, I recommend going to the Harry Potter forum, Harry Potter FanFiction Challenges. They have really good ideas and I am currently writing many stories for it, which I think are some of my best.


9/19: I decided to start this journal-type thingy mabober...I'm really bored right now. Mabe I'll work on 12Oa1M...

9/21: Thinking about working on 12Oa1M...I also just remembered that I should probably work on Reincarnation 'cause I havn't updated it since December of '07!!

12/27: Wow...I have not been on FanFic for soooooo long. I don't really like the new format of this thingy though (I have no idea what its called). I have been so busy lately. I tried to do NaNoWriMo but I was too busy to even do that! -There's been school...Dance...and soooo much more!- of now I'm vacationing in Hawaii with PaintedInkblot :). Well that's about it. I am going to make an effort to update Reincarnation ASAP, but I just cannot think of ANYTHING as of now. I am, however, in the middle of the next Twelve Olympians and One Mall chapter.


This is where I will state all of my rants and my favorite things about Warriors. If you are offended by any of this (I say I hate one kind of fic and it happens to the style of your story) please, nothing personal.

Favorite Pairings

Crowfeather x Nightcloud (It's the one of the only pairings that is actually believable...)

Jaypaw x Stick (It only makes sense if you've read Dark River. I just hope the stick's a girl Jaypaw...)

Least Favorite Pairings of All Times

Firepaw x Spottedleaf (One word PEDOPHILE. Firepaw, get a bottle of perfume and lable it "Spottedleaf's Sent.")

Cloudtail x Daisy (Why can't ONE new cat come in without a forbidden love?)

Annoying Fics..

1. Anything that has to do with cat names.

It is complete nonsence, because Fanfiction was made to write stories, not to give people character names. It would also be good for people to try and make their own characters once in a while. I have to admit, I have taken a name from one of those before, but it was before I realized that they were really pointless. And I think it was a really good name...

2. Ask a Cat fics

First of all, it is against the rules of Fanfiction, because you are not supposed to interact with the reviewers (although there are some really good ones that Into the Wildness by Peachfoot...). Second of all, they are way way waaaaay too overdone. I look in the Warriors section trying to find a good story and there are about two on every page. It gets my eyes sore.

3. Random Humor

It is really hard to write a good random humor fic, but I'm not saying it can't be done. I do find at least one decent one every time I look. Please, this is my one complaint, don't make them too random and stupid. (e.i. Firestar is playing the oboe, Nightcloud has become a mass serial killer, and Squirrelflight starts her own circus).

4. Mary Sues

There are already enough Mary Sues in the Warriors Series. Please do not make more...Enough said...

NOTE: I have stopped reading Warriors due to its lack of interest lately. It just got bad...

Harry Potter

Favorite Pairings

Hagrid x Madame Maxine (They fit so well together. HAHA she's taller than him...that's my favorite part.)

Snape x Lily (It's more believable than most...)

MORE Annoying Fics..

1. Draco x Hermione-based fics.

Ok, not all of them are bad, I just read one that's really good. But most of the ones I read are really unbelievable. Let's face it, even if he did love her, his parents would never accept it, and he would never admit it. It will never happen...


My Favorite Quotes

"Your life is a book, each day is a chapter, and only you are the author..."

By: Ben Mickealson

"The sad thing is that salad dressing is outgrossing my movies..."

By: Paul Newman

"I am the walrus!! GOO GOO G'JOOB"

"We all live in a yellow submerine"

"Give peace a chance"

"...She's so good looking but she looks like a man..."

"We all shine on..."

By: The Beatles

"All of the people who say 'It's as easy as taking candy from a baby' have never actually taken candy from a baby..."

By: Anonymous

"Leonardo was a gread lover, but a horrible painter"


By: Anonymous


Some of you may already know this but I love the Beatles. Here are my top five favorite songs...

1. I Am The Walrus

2. Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds

3. Fool On The Hill

4. Strawberry Feilds Forever

5. Penny Lane

(I love the song Imagine and Give Peace a Chance but those technically aren't Beatle songs...)






Sorry...just...had to get that out...

Painted Inkblot, Smallstar4evar, and I just made a music video thingy to Fool on the Hill, i would post it on here...if I could...

The Random Thoughts of Me...Enjoy!

First of all, I was talking to my cousin today, and I was wondering, what is the correct name for someone who studies volcanoes. Me and my cousin think that it's a vulcanologist. Please PM me if you know what it really is, or if it is a vulcanologist...

I AM IN LOVE WITH PENGUINOS!! I don't know why I call them penguinos, I just do...

Did anyone see the remake of Sybil on CBS on Saturday, June 7th? It was sorta freaky but really good! Me and my mom watched it together and she saw the origional and said that it was even better than the origional. She also said that it was really different and a lot more real the the real story of Sybil (beacause she was a real person). It's also really sad though...Wow I just noticed that if you don't know what or who Sybil is at all you would be really confused right now...Well to get to the point she's a person with mutiple personalities. Exept she has 16 of them...I think it was recorded as the most personas anyone has ever had...I like Vicky the best...

WOAH! I JUST FINISHED WATCHING 21 AND IT WAS THE BEST MOVIE EVAR!! I love how he goes back to Vegas then they tell you the rest of the story of when he got caught counting cards! It was ingenious but the end when he's telling his story was the best part! LOL!

Have any of you ever heard of Its soooo addicting! You just type in the name of a band or song, then they play that song or a song from the band, then play songs from bands or just a song that's similar to it! I like it because I find more bands that I like!


I love reader traffic!! Its sooo coolio! These are the countries that have visited my profile: USA,UK, Canada, Australia, Philippines, India, Brazil, Germany, Chile, Puerto Rico, Guam, Belgium, Austria, Sweden, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Singapore, Czech Revar, Hungary, Greece, Poland, Iraq, Ireland, Trinidad, Russia, UAE, and Finland.

Hmmm...I'm currently listening to the luau outside of my hotel room in Hawaii...It's baisically bad singing with some backup and a dancer...I'm hungry...I'm going to Roy's tonight with PaintedInkblot at seven though!

Hi everybody! This is Imagine96's friend Painted Inkblot hacking her profile. Well, not really, but I like to call it hacking. And now she's going to edit this out because she's such a horrible friend. Bye now~(this is Imagine96) seeeeeeeeeee I didn't delete it because I am the best friend anyone could ever have...HA

Note: I'm currently searching for a Beta, so if you can beta Greek Mythology, Harry Potter, and Warriors (possibly the Chronlicles of Narnia) please PM me and I'll look at your bio and stuff...

Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

You've Got Voicemail! by FrostFire15 reviews
Give the Clans some cell phones and what do you get? Prank calling, horrible ringtones, annoyed toms in Starclan, and a crazy new prophecy that is sure to end the warrior world as we know it - until the appropriate cat saves everyone, of course. Ha, and you thought that AIMS and emails were bad...
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The TRUE Story of Hades and Persephone by xLumos reviews
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Greek Mythology - Rated: T - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 2 - Words: 1,545 - Reviews: 12 - Favs: 3 - Follows: 9 - Updated: 12/7/2007 - Published: 12/6/2007
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“Look,”said the Lord, “for I have created for you the Con. It is a tool of great power and you shall use it for good to meet up with fellow authors and you shall spread goodness and eat pie . For pie is good. Much love to the pie.” PLSE REVIEW! THKS!
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Life As She Knows It reviews
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A looong time after Firestar's reign. A didstant ancestor is reincarnated into firestar.chap. 6 is up!In it i said ch7 but i meaant chap.6 R&R! AN: There are many other stories called reincarnatation but so far NONE of them are the same.rated t for space
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This is a oneshot on snowkit. I know there are many of these but please give this one a chance.
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