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Hey there!

If you need to know anything or want to talk, just message me.. I'm nice, I promise.

First off, I won't be giving out my name. Like most people I've seen on here I choose to remain anonymous. (But if you knew me well and found this, you'd know who I was XD)

I am 16, I am a girlie, and I live in the lovely City of New York. It's really cool. But I want to move to London, and have plans to do so. I have red hair as of right now... that could change in a week. As it does almost every week. I love to read and write. Otherwise I probably wouldn't be on this site.

I'm not new to this site, but my account name is. It's SO much better than that brain-dead site known as Myspace. I do have one, only to talk to people. If you want to add me, message me on here and if I know you from reviews or your stories, I'll give it to you.

Also, I'll give you my DA if you ask.

I'm a big fan of muzac.
Maily MCR (Don't like it? Suck it. Haha.) and most rock bands.
Bamboozle and Warped tour are both quite amazing.
I've seen MCR 11 times.
I go to a lot of concerts and meet a lot of bands. Or band members.
Yeah, I'm proud of my experiences. So what?

I tend to come off as mean online sometimes, but I'm not, really.

I'm really only here for Kingdom Hearts-ness. That could change with my ever-growing interests.
I'm a pretty huge KH geek.

Also, I strongly believe that this is something about me that needs to be said. I tend to write about drugs, and have the characters do them. I in no way do or endorse use of them. I'm actually kind of against them. I just feel it gives my stories more of an edge.

I adore flames.
Really. They're so amusing. They prove how much some people DON'T have lives.Also, it ups the review number. So please, keep flaming. You're providing someone as easygoing as myself a good laugh.

Kay. I think that's enough about me for now. As for my stories, here's what I think of them. You can see what they're about down in the stories authored list.

My Heart
I don't know where I got the idea for this story, and I did like it at first and while I was writing it. I can honestly say I despise the thing now. It doesn't really have a good plot, I think. But don't worry I'm going to keep it up, because it is after all my first story, and everyone has to start somewhere, yes? I feel that writing 2 Hookers.. is what caused this story to have it's downfall believe it or not. I became so wrapped up with 2 Hookers that I just wanted to get it over with. I eventually came to hate the story considering I feel 2 Hookers has a better story. Oh well.

2 Hookers and an 8 ball
I like this story a lot obviously, but that could be because I'm still in the process of writing it. I may hate it later, but I don't delete stories. I think no matter how bad a story is, it's still a waste to delete it. Anyways, this story has gotten so much considering the small expectations I had for it. I began writing it because I wanted to just get this idea I had while I was in Yellowstone out. I have to admit, it may be a little too risqué for some but, don't like it? Nobody is forcing you to read it. It is named after a Mindless Self Indulgence song, who if you haven't heard I suggest you go listen to them. Getting back to the story, it's nowhere near over yet. It's going to be very long. I'm currently on a role with coming up with chapter ideas, but it MAY get put on a tiny tiny tiny little hiatus in later chapters if I can't think of anything. It's a possibility with all stories. But don't worry, I won't let my amazing fans of the story down.

I currently have no more ideas, cause I'm kind of wrapped up in writing 2 Hookers and an 8 Ball. And I find it very confusing to write 2 stories at once. If I get an idea, I'll post it up here and make authors notes about it asking for opinions in 2 Hookers..


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