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"Reality is an illusion caused by the lack of drugs."

While most of people have homophobia... I have a hobophobia instead! :D :D That's lame, I know, but many hobos have started running after me and stuff. I could write a book called "Adventures of Linda and HOBOS". Seriously. Hehe

If you saw me, you could see number 2 in my left eye and the infinity sign in my right eye; the real reason why my fringe is so short is because I usually cut it unevenly at first and then I try to correct with cutting more. I got my sister to cut it last times, so it really isn't a problem anymore.
When I have 20 seconds left before a song scrobbles on my last.fm, I usually wait for them so the song is scrobbled and switch song only after that. I feel lame when I do that though, ahah.
Shouldn't be even publishing this, since it's a bad ad and first impression should be the best one and all, but I'm really unmotivated and lazy. I sleep 14h daily so that just proves it. I love to sleep. I love to read children books as well, such as "Mio min Mio" or "The Moomins". The illustrations are beyond pretty and peaceful at once and they do take my fancy. I like to paint with watercolors. I might be influenced since I usually do illustrations mostly as well. Of course, I read other stuff. I'd say my favorite writer is Dostoevsky, the man who grabs you in his world and makes you think about it, comparing his world to yours. And then, after those intellectual lines, the guilty pleasure. Fanfiction. I haven't been reading it a lot lately though because I don't have an OTP or any series I particularly like anymore. Those were the times, haha. Well, that would be that.

Either way,

Name: Linda
Blood type: B
Birth date: 18th of May
Height: 160 cm
Favorite color: Brown most definitely and darker shades of blue.
Favorite drink: Ginger or Romanov blend tea, vodka with juice that's not too sweet aaaand...
Favorite beer: ...Brenguļu dark beer! The best thing on the world, man. If you ever come to Latvia, you MUST try it.
Disliked food: My mother's cooking and c-ce-ce-celery DD8 Fast food too. Though I'd eat mostly anything since I like food, haha.
Favorite food: The special zucchini recipe I have discovered, Italian and Indian food. I somehow love potato pancakes, the taste of childhood. Mmm.
Favorite bands: They are changing in speed of light! I do fancy Nine Inch Nails, Crystal Castles, Bondage Fairies and Lady GaGa though.
Favourite animal: Owls and reindeer since I love forests. I love my cat too.
Favorite brand: Mango, ZARA, H&M, Pull and Bear and, of course, thrift finds! What would I do without them.
Hobby: Sick and twisted one.
Tobacco: I've taken fancy of Mac Baren's "Grape Choice", reaaaaally lovely rolling tobacco
Cologne: Miss Dior Cherie eau de parfum, I'd love to buy it someday.
My boom: Just lazing around when I have time, laughing about fucktard. Painting and reading books too.
Liked type: A little bit innocent-a little bit dirty-a little bit mature-a little bit childish-a little bit vulgar-a little bit polite - possibly all merged in one individual. A fine brain, but a dreadful mind.
Disliked type: Two-sided, full of complexes, stupid, egoistic, shallow person who takes everything too seriously. And is obnoxious+loud. Well, I dislike a lot of people, ahahaha.
Strong point: Good sense of humor (at least with well known people), spontaneousness, fashion sense, lifting up other's spirits and, dundundundunnn, hiding things. A good listener. There's a lot more to explore, babes!
Weak point: No sense of time, losing interest fast and really anxious in social situations. I might as well snap which isn't a pleasant sight to see. Actually, here's more to explore too, babes!
Charming point: Eyes, creativity, friendliness, somewhat. Haha, I don't really know, actually.
Super Hero Power: Screw you, super hero power, I'd rather a Magical Tarbiņa. :C
Quote: You're a mental minority, dude!
Something will never give up on: My life, of course.
My future enthusiasm: Get in the art school, get my own apartment where I could put up new, nice wallpapers and paint the planking floor red.

Even though I don't look that friendly at all, I actually am. I'm easy to talk you once you know me a little.
I'm writing without much emoticons but in reality I am emoticon whore. I'm using them too much sometimes, really, but I'm trying to control myself at that, still. But I usually use the following one mostly ;D


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