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Author has written 11 stories for Evangelion.

I'm just a college student from Pennsylvania, US. I prefer to write stuff for Evangelion. Shinji/Rei stories primarily, but I'm open to just about any Shinji/girl pairing. I'm willing to try any story once (except yaoi or gaylove fanfics!). I write AU and OoC stories almost exclusively. A lot of my stories also come from some real life experiences. I try to keep it interesting, but if any of you readers find anything boring or cliche, please don't hesistate to let me know.

The votes are in and my first poll is closed! Out of everyone who voted on my question, "What is the most fitting demise for Gendo Ikari?", 40 percent of you voted that he should have his shrunken testicles cut off with a rusty spoon and forced down his ugly throat! Second to that was 30 percent , who said that he should be drawn and quartered by wild horses. The other thirty percent was divided in a three-way (giggety) tie between him having his skin scraped off by razor blades, being burned at the stake, or being fed to rabid wolverines. Thanks to everyone who voted!

News to all of my loyal readers (as well as any other random people who have happened onto my profile page): I'm currently in the process of writing another self-insertion fanfic. This one's going to take me outside of my usual box 'cause it's not for Evangelion. I'm writing this one in the Legend of Zelda universe (most awesome video game series EVER created!). Can't say how long it's going to be before any chapters get posted, but I'll let you know as it happens!

11/11/2008: Some great news for all of my loyal readers! My muse has finally returned after her long vacation! With any luck, I'll have a new chapter posted before too much longer. I'm still working on my Zelda self-insert, but things are progressing nicely. Well, I think that's all for right now!

12/22/2008: Just in time for Christmas, I've finally started posting my sequel story to my Gary Stu fanfic! I can hear some of my loyal readers jumping for joy already, while some of you are saying: "Oh, god...he's writing a Gary Stu?" Well guess what, doubters?? Read the reviews on it! You'll find out that it turned out pretty darn good! So there! But...all ranting and raving aside, please check out my new story. Merry Christmas to you all!

8/15/2009: My latest poll is now closed! Thanks to all of you who voted on the question "who is the hottest Eva girl?"! The winner, by majority vote of 51 percent, was Rei Ayanami! And here's a note to all of my readers. My latest fanfiction, "The Gift II: Ascensions" is now complete. It is also probably going to be my last fanfiction writing for a while. I need a break, and I'm out of fresh ideas. Anything else that I'd write would probably be a knock-off of somebody else's writing, and I couldn't allow myself to do that. I'm also in mourning for the passing of 94saturn. He was a friend of mine here on , and I will miss his writing style. If anyone has some ideas that they might like to see transformed into an Evangelion fanfiction, please drop me a note by way of a review or a PM, and I will do my best to try and bring it to life. No promises on quality or speed, but I will do my best. Until then, TTFN, ta ta for now.

12/13/2009: Hey guys! Guess who's back in town! I know, I've been away for a little while, but I think I've finally got something for you. It's gonna be another "Andrew Hildreth" story. HOWEVER, this one's gonna be in a different universe! It's a tie-in to another one of my stories. Which one is it gonna be? You'll have to wait and find out! HA HA HA!! :P Wouldn't want to spoil the surprise, now would we? I hope you're gonna like it.

12/24/2009: Merry Christmas one and all! The first chapter of my new story is now online and waiting to be read. Enjoy!

12/31/2009: Happy New Year everbody. A small bit of news. I changed my new story "Scent of Your Destiny: Blood Moon" to the anime cross-overs section because it is going to include quite a bit of back story with Angel and Spike from the TV show "Angel". If you've lost track of it, that's where you'll find it.

4/4/2010: Happy Easter all. The poll is closed, and the people have spoken once more. In a unanimous victory, the story "August Rain" told from Shinji's POV will be kept and that's that. Hope more of you will get out and read it!

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Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

August Rain reviews
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