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I just recently started back on The Angel and the Devil. Hopefully you all are still waiting. ive written like 5 chapters so far. :) The plot has gotten way better and I cant wait to type it up for you!

Well, hrmm. There's not much to say about me really.

I'm finally 18. I'll be 19 in September. I can't wait, but can at the same time. I don't do much. Finding a job fails with everything going on today, which is lame. I want to continue with my ongoing fan fiction, but I've just forgotten it kind of...which makes me feel bad for all my readers, but hey, I won't abandon it completely...kind of? It will be finished before I turn 20. Promise. I might even change it up some and fix names and actually get it published?

I haven't written any of my fanfiction in like...a long time? Yeah. A long time...I ran out of creative juices...but hopefully they're back. I'm typing in a new chapter of The Angel and The Devil shortly...I think. Ha. If I'm going to write I can't just leave you guys!

I like writing stories. apparently I have like 10 in progress. One of them is complete, but it's my first fan-fiction, so it pretty much sucks. and it's in a composition book from like 7th grade... So, before I even consider putting it on here, I'm going to re-write it all together! So, maybe I'll do that soon or something.. -shrug-

Recently, I've broadened my music horizon. I'm into just about anything you throw at me. From Metal to Classical...and everything inbetween...except country. : I'm still VERY big on electronic music, so the same goes for my characters.

I think it's surprising that I don't watch much anime or read many mangas anymore. Which is weird. I do like a good number of it and I collect all things Naruto and Bleach still. To me, those are my favourites lol. Mainstream as they are, they have their little quirks.

I. Love. Yaoi. Like, it's crazy.


Naruto: NaruSasu, NaruGaa, NaruShika, NaruNeji, NaruKaka, NaruIru, SasuKaka, SasuGaa, SasuIta, DeiSaso, DeiTobi, GaaKankuro, KakaIru, SasuSuige, and I think that's it.

The only straight paring I like in Naruto is Shikamaru and Temari. xD

Bleach: IchiRuki, IchiRenji, IchiByak, RenjByak, I think there are more...but I'm not sure o.O

Death Note: LxLight, MelloMatt. Yeah...

Those are the ones worth mentioning.

That's pretty much all you need to know... Anything else, ask me.


Alright, I havn't been updating my story The Angel and The Devil (like you guys didn't know already). I DID NOT DROP THE STORY!

I've just been busy with school and just life in general. Friends, school, and boyfriends leave no room for stories. I think though I'm going to take about thirty minutes that I spend on Myspace and Facebook and type it up. Then write when the typing is done. It makes sense lol

I also live with my dad now, but it;s easier having my own computer. lol

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The Angel and The Devil reviews
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