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Author has written 8 stories for Code Geass, Super Smash Brothers, Blood-C, Legend of Zelda, Fruits Basket, and Gundam 00.

Name: Bolmung L.K.
Age: >21
Sexuality: Celebate-Pansexual
Location: St. Louis, MO (USA)

I am removing a lot of already-posted fanfics to rewrite them now that I have time to write. If a fanfic you were watching suddenly disappears it'll be back!

FANFICTION VAULT - Fanfics I plan to write very soon. Basically the main 1KFF fanfics that will be released soon.

Fae Tale
The Magic Council has captured Zeref and sealed his magic powers. They are now using him as a threat to regain control of the official guilds and to demolish the dark guilds. When the decision to disband Fairy Tail is made final Natsu and the rest of the guild are devastated When fighting the Council fails to reunite their beloved guild they all slowly walk separate paths. Lucy is pressured to form her own new guild called "Fae Tale" and invite everyone back into it. Crime Sorciere, Blue Pegasus and Lamia Scale join forces to help Fae Tale avoid being disbanded. During a meeting between Fae Tale and the Magic Council Zeref makes a deal with Lucy to join Fae Tale to help protect it in exchange for setting him free. A dark guild called Black Wing comes into a treaty with the Magic Council; "Make us an official guild that doesn't have to obey the law and we'll get Zeref back for you so you can regain control of the magic world." Zeref is slowly growing fond of his new guild, but many still fear his powers. (The Tale of the Fae that used to be known as Fairy Tail.)

Home is Where the Heart is
The mane six, the Cutie Mark Crusaders, Derpy, Princesses Celestia, Luna, Caedence and Spectra, the Wonderbolts and an OC Villain all star in this story. The girls go their separate ways in life and grow into adulthood without the contact of their greatest friends. When an ancient evil, King Shadow Fire, comes forth it's up to the mane six to reunite and wield the Elements of Harmony again to defeat this new evil. Sadly since the girls have spent so much time apart they no longer relate to one another and the Elements can't work correctly. They must reintroduce themselves through trial and championship in order to become the true friends they used to be in order to save Equestria from an eternal evil. Many other smaller plot lines within such as: Cutie Mark Crusaders getting their cutie marks, Derpy and Pinkie Pie becoming close friends and Rarity getting engaged. Princess Caedence's mother revealed!

Blue Romance
Rin is lured into Gehenna where Satan is waiting for him, but for the last reason Rin would expect. Shiemi is behind in her studies and receives a magical book from Yukio that does something unexpected to her. Rin/Shiemi Amaimon/Shiemi Rin/OC MINOR OC

The Crush
Vaati is gay, everyone in Hyrule with a brain knows this. Unfortunately for him he's in love with the most beautiful woman in Hyrule, Princess Zelda. For years he pined away fantasizing about being straight, just for her. When he sees Zelda transform into Shiek all hell gets flushed down the toilet as Vaati starts an entire war to win this male Zelda's heart. Semi-serious, mostly insane yaoi nonsense. Seme Vaati/Uke Shiek

Team Seven Reunion
Sakura is assumed to be dead because she did not return from her last mission. Sai and Naruto escape Konoha, against Tsunade's orders, to go search for her killer for revenge. Sakura awakes inside the Tea country with no memories and no clue where she's from. She adopts the name Akane from the local villagers and joins them until she can remember herself. She winds up staying in the village for three years and makes new friends, but never recovers her memories. No romance pairing designated, but slight Sakura(Akane) X Koji(OC boy) highly hinted.

Wish Upon A Shooting Star!
Ryuichi is lonely from having been rejected by Shuichi. While sitting on his rooftop in Los Angeles he spots a shooting star and decides to make a wish. His wish is to fall in love with someone new that will stay by his side forever. Overnight while he sleeps, this star's magic takes hold of Kumagoro, his pink stuffed bunny, and transforms it into a human girl. NOT YAOI

The Master
As Ash, Misty and Brock go their separate ways Ash makes a pit stop in Pallet Town to say hello to his mother. As he enters his old house he comes face to face with his mother sharing a pot of tea with none other than Giovanni himself. Upon the revelation that Giovanni is his father and Ash's mother was once a member of Team Rocket what will Ash do from here? His mother has made the decision to rejoin Team Rocket and is trying to convince her son to join as well. Ash's biggest war is about to begin; can he battle his own mother? What does Gary Oak have to do with this?!

The Blood Bath
Saiya finds herself alone in the world after the events of BLOOD-C. As she heads for a new town she runs into a man from her past, but she can't remember him. Story goes into the order of BLOOD, BLOOD: The Last Vampire then into BLOOD-C.

Tohru and the Sohmas have graduated from high school. Yuki, Kyo, Haru, Momiji and Shigure have all been contemplating on confessing their deepest love for Tohru. When they all discover that they each like Tohru the mad rush to not only be the first to confess, but to gain her affections in return, has begun. These five boys all perform awkward tasks, tedious displays of affection and even fisty cuffs in order to gain Tohru's attention. Other romance pairings as well.

COMMISSION: Named Heir (by dw77) - Being written; already posted
Upon Emperor Charles passing he left Lelouch the sole heir to the throne of Britannia. The royal court is sent into an uproar as Lelouch ascends the throne and threatens Britannia's very way of ruling with his own ideals. Lelouch/Kallen Suzaku/Euphemia

Worlds Apart
It's been five years since Yusuke left for the Makai to become its king. Keiko is sick of waiting for him to return, so she goes to Genkai to teach her a few spirit detective-esque tricks so she may venture into the Makai and find him herself. Upon the revelation that the Makai is currently at a civil war with itself and all humans are slaughtered on the spot ruthlessly, Keiko takes up a disguise and charges straight into the action! Yusuke/Keiko

Lemonic Demonade
Rin is concocting during demonic potion class at the academy when Amaimon shows up with a special spell book. While doing a bit of brotherly bonding together they end up making a demonic lemonade and sell it to the school's students. Bad side effects and many detentions later Shiemi and the others become demons. Threesome Rin/Shiemi/Amaimon LEMONY LEMONADE!

Atilo L.
Post-Death Note in which L won and Kira/Light died. L is contacted by an old friend about the next biggest case to hit the world. The return on Beyond Birthday. Apparently the Death Note failed to kill him entirely the first time. Now L and this old friend must team up to defeat him once and for all.

Super Hero - Being written.
Shirley is saved by Zero, again, and takes it as an omen that Zero is her one true love and personal super hero; like Lois Lane and Superman! She watches every news broadcast in hopes of a topic about Zero would come up and she even creates a fanpage on the internet for him. Lelouch is more creeped out than ever when she applies to join the Black Knights. Will she discover that her beloved Lelouch is also her wonderful Zero? Romantic Comedy

Wish Upon A Shooting Star! V2
Version 2 of GRAVITATION's WUASS! Rin is dumped by Shiemi and so he too wished upon a shooting star that he may find his one true love. Magic works its sweet wonders and transforms Kuro, his black cat, into a human female. NOT YAOI

Celestial Knights of the Ptolemaios 00
The Ptolemy crew are saved by a mysterious beam of light that they tracked back to the planet Mars. Upon reaching Mars they find a desecrated base previously ran by the former Celestial Being. Inside the old crew is unfrozen from their ancient sleep to help the Ptolemy crew fulfill Shinberg's plan. CODE GEASS characters are the old Celestial Being crew!

Pretty Little Liar
Ike has the maddest, most insane crush on Prince Marth. Upon receiving Marth's acceptance as a lover, Ike is sent to do tedious and mundane tasks for Marth to satisfy his every whim. Marth is cheating on Ike behind his back and is lying about damn near everything in their relationship. Roy see's Ike's despair and tried to intervene by introducing Ike to Link. Now Roy has developed a crush on Marth. YAOI

A Gentle World
What if Lelouch and Nunnally grew up as royalty of Britannia; if Suzaku never killed his father; if Kallen's brother Naoto never died fighting Britannia; if Britannia never invaded Japan; if V.V. never killed Marianne that day? Would the world would be a gentler place? LuluXShi/CC/Kal/Kag SuzaXEuph/Mon RoloXKag RivalzXMil NunnallyXOC NinaXEuph ClovisXOC OCs are minor characters and not very important. A serious romantic tale with a hint of comedy.

Princess Bride
Vaati is looking for a wife to help him rule the new land he's just conquered. Zelda is the perfect woman and he intends to take over Hyrule to marry her. A princess fit for a king is a woman fit for a monster.

COMMISSION: The Girl Next Door (by Ehrina-Chan)
Kurama is trying to enjoy his normal human life as the end of the series has come to a close. When a girl moves in next door to him she begins to show signs of demonic activity. The Spirit world begs Kurama to help them find a demon with a special power to see the souls of the dearly departed.

Nunnally of the Rebellion
Five years after R2! Nunnally has been biding her time, pretending she still can't walk. After a successful surgery to repair her legs Nunnally is now a super athlete by night and a fragile paraplegic by day. She taked up the disguise as Zero in the name of her brother to continue the rebellion as a false king takes hold of the throne of Britannia. C.C. intends to help, but is refusing to give Nunnally Geass in an effort to save the poor girl's soul from the same fate as Lelouch. C.C. vowed to never throw someone else's life into the hell she made Lelouch's.

Generic highschool/college fanfic starring the Naruto cast. REVERSED LOVE AFFAIRS! (Sakura has a crush on Naruto, Naruto loves Hinata, Sasuke loves Sakura etc..)

Little Cupcake-Chan!
L needs to order more cake from his favorite bakery, but they've shut down business. Now he must set out to find a new bakery that will rival the flavor of his old favorite. The Blue Cupcake has just the taste sensation he needs, also a girl in blue to top it off. L never had the chance to get close to women before, he always creeped them out immensely but not this girl.

Prince Charming
Motoko Minegawa, the president of the Prince Yuki Fanclub, has discovered the Sohma secret. Akito orders her to keep the secret to herself and move into the Sohma household with Yuki, Kyo, Tohru and Shigure. Her days are now filled with staring at Yuki, making googly eyes at Yuki, creeping Yuki the hell out and tormenting Tohru. Now Tohru is trying to befriend her and convince Motoko that she's not interested in Yuki romantically. Akito now commands Yuki to marry Motoko to ensure that she keeps the secret.

The Novelist
Shirley and Lelouch have been reincarnated 50 years in the future. Shirley has no memory of her former life, but Lelouch does. Since the rebellion is calmed and no war is at hand, Lelouch's only goal is to make the new Shirley fall in love with him, but he doesn't know who she is yet. Shirley has reoccurring dreams of her former life which she writes into a book and the chase is on to find this pseudonym author.

The Wall Flower
The story of how Youko and Kuronue met. Youko is one of the Makai’s most famous demons and his family is hosting a ball in honor of his family’s success. One of the people invited is another famous demon by the name of Yaguyo. He brings alone his lover Kuronue to the ball where Youko finds himself fancied by this strange demon that refuses to waltz. YAOI

Of Red and Pink (Rewrite)
The rookie nine plus some other young ninjas are sent to a famous training country to prepare them for the real shinobi world. While taking special training classes the students must uphold special jobs to maintain their income as another form of training. Sakura and Gaara find themselves romantically entangled while on this journey. Romantic Comedy

The Black Princess
Shirley discovers everything about Zero and Geass, so she sets out to confront Lelouch. She catches Lelouch and C.C. in the act about to complete their contract that would kill C.C. and turn Lelouch immortal. She doesn't understand exactly what's going on, but she tries to stop it and ends up being the one to steal C.C.'s code of immortality. Now she's immortal and capable of giving Lelouch a second Geass. Something else about the Geass code has gone awry as well.

The King's Bride
Naruto has just been renowned Hokage and the pressure is on to pick a wife. Hinata decides to work up the courage to confess, but so does Sakura. Apparently Naruto is quite the ladies man all of a sudden.

A Darker Rebellion
Euphemia and Zero meet alone before the Special Administrative Zone ceremony begins, but instead of getting Geassed into killing the Japanese; Euphemia is Geassed into becoming the new Zero. Lelouch must now step down as Zero, but what us he going to do with his life now that he's not Zero?

It's Hard Being Perfect
Let's face it, the man is gorgeous, smart and nearly perfect. Kurama, or Shuichi Minamino, has more fan girls than there are women on the planet. When his biggest fangirl starts the "Prince Shuichi Fan-Club" Kurama tries his best to keep the hordes of ladies off of him. NOT an OC/SI story. NO OCs!

The Sons of Man
Finn and Jake venture off into a new land across the ocean where there are tribes of deformed and mutated humans. One of the mutant-humans recognizes that Finn is a complete and normal human; the last of a dying breed. They knight Finn as their prince and urge him to marry the Human Princess. Finn is iffy on marrying a girl he's never met, and when she goes missing he sets out to find her. He runs into another perfectly undeformed human boy of similar age who wants Finn to stop his pursuit of the Human Princess. Finn's and this new human boy become good friends as they travel together.

The Trade-Off
Suzaku, Kallen and Lelouch work together, all as Zero. Suzaku continues to be Euphemia's knight, Kallen joins the Knights of Round and Lelouch returns to the royal family as a prince; all while retaining their shared alter-ago Zero.

The Lost Sister
The girls are lonesome and decide to make another sister for themselves using the same concoction the Prof. did. When nothing happens Buttercup decides to drink the potion and it has some off-putting side effects. Buttercup has become a super villain by night, but Blossom and Bubbles don't know this. Buttercup takes on the alter-ego of Lady Black and reeks havoc on the town. The twist; Buttercup has no idea that it's her whose been causing all these evil misdeeds and that she's Lady Black. Teenaged version!

Well Excuuuuse Me Princesses!
The main Disney Princesses are all sent back in time to their original stories before they were rescued by their Prince Charming. Without their personal Prince to come to their rescue Link must go rescue them all one by one.

Lois Lane
Peter discovers that he is actually Superman, but while he is Superman he is intelligent and handsome. His one term to being Superman is that he cannot tell anyone who he really is, except one sidekick. Lois begins to fall madly in love with Superman after he saved her from her imminent death. Half-Serious, mostly crack, like FG usually is.

Cyclopian Romance
Fry is hit with an experimental ray by the Professor and now he is drop dead gorgeous and can confess his feelings to Leela. He becomes the King of an alien planet that is full of cyclops and now Leela decides she wants to be his Queen. Story is ignoring the fact that Leela is a sewer mutant and has already discovered her parents.

Seerrth Purrrk!
The small town of South Park, CO has been invaded with memes. Cartman as ERMAGERD girl, Kenny as Socially Awkward Penguin, Kyle as Derp and Stan as Dolanized memes. Every main character has a meme associated with them.

Party Monster
There's a monster on the loose as Smash Manor and a search team has been assembled to hunt him down and find out which smash fighter he really is behind the mask. This monster is known for womanizing, crashing parties and consuming all of the alcohol in the house. This behemoth must be stopped before someone ends up smooched to death. OOC-Crack somewhat.

Beauty and The Murcielago
Ulquiorra kidnaps the beautiful Orihime with the intentions of marrying her in this AU story. She can't stand how stoic and disgusting her captor is, but he's slowly brainwashing her into Stockholm Syndrome.

Half My Body; Half My Heart
Ranma finally starts a legit relationship with Akane, but as a female he's been conned into marrying Kuno! What's he to do? A mysterious man offers Ranma a medicine that will supposedly cure his curse. Without a question Ranma accepts it and it ends up splitting him into two people; a boy and a girl, both Ranma. Male Ranma must now save "Ranko" from the perverted grasp of Kuno.

Lulu-Chan in Wonderland!
NOT based on the Nunnally in Wonderland! Lelouch takes some sleep aid medicine and falls asleep into the weirdest dream he's ever had. He wakes up and goes to school only to fall asleep during class and return to the dream. I planned this long before NiW was ever announced.

His Dark Materials
Sasuke has become the super-villain of the entire world. Some of the greatest heroes have fallen at his feet; with the exception of Naruto and co. Sakura is selling her soul to him. Ino follows suit and now Sasuke, the evil god-king has two loyal femmes that will do his bidding. He uses them, toys with their emotions and on occasion rewards them for a job well done. SasukeXSakura/Ino/Karin and more. Not truly a love story.

Yako and Akane were born as one person; Princess of the magical kingdom. Yako was kidnapped by an old witch who wanted to steal her magical hair and raised her from infancy to teenager. Neuro is a roaming demon looking for some yummy mysteries to eat when he happens upon the mystery of the kidnapped Princess Yako. Disney's Tangled/Repunzel parody.

Captain Zero
Lelouch is the infamous Captain Zero, he who sails the Britannian - Japanese seas with he crew of rag-tag morons. As pirates they do what pirates do best; they pirate. When the S.S. Ashford comes sailing along full of the CG cast of women Captain Zero orders the attack and captures all the girls. Captain Milly of the S.S. Ashford won't tolerate her crew of lovely ladies being enslaved. Random pairings, too many to post in a summary.

Rin find a mirror in one of the lesser-used bathrooms at the school and enjoys looking at himself in its distorted beauty. He gets the brilliant idea to show Shiemi the mirror to see what she'd look like in it. This mirror is apparently and evil jerk and sucks them into it; trapping them inside for insane mental torture.

Demons, Reapers and Cats, Oh My!
The horrifying love pentacle of Grell, Undertaker, Sebastian, Claude, Alois and some cats. Because someone has to break the cycle first. Not OOC, not a crack fic.

City of Lost Souls
Five years after the Kishin war everyone has done a little growing up. The witches have submit to Lord Death via contract and they now help the Meisters fight impending evil. A city floating miles high in the sky is the new town and Maka and Soul have a mission to accomplish in it.

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Ulquiorra and Grimmjow have shrunk to a miniature size of their former selves, caused by feelings of love. To break the curse and go back to normal, the one they have feelings for must love them in return. Ulquiorra x Orihime
Bleach - Rated: T - English - Humor/Romance - Chapters: 14 - Words: 33,013 - Reviews: 476 - Favs: 255 - Follows: 261 - Updated: 2/16 - Published: 1/1/2010 - Ulquiorra, Orihime I.
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you are my true love zelink oneshot my frist zelink fanfic i love this pair a lot tell me what i did wrong if i did anything in a nice way no rude reviews be sure to read everything
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