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Hey. I don't write much cause I suck at getting "there", if you understand that part. I just a person you know. If your looking for a long story to read it's not going to happen. I wish it could. Half the time they don't get finished... (heehee). I try to then write shorter things... I did once. Still not finished. I told you I can't get "there". Writting is a strange thing to understand. There's a mood for each setting and each event. I just can't get that mood to come. But on special ocasions...

I have three of the greatest friends who hold me together some days. Thanks you guys... so much.

This is a Bio so here's myself and I. I have a nice family and some awesome friends. One of whom is an amazing writer. She is writting several books right now and she has created the equivalent to Edward Anthony Masen Cullen. His name is Gabriel... or Gab. She is also a singer and a music freak of sorts. We are very much the same. Another one of my friends is a hilarious girl by the (nick) name of The Bassist. She is a writer on here check her out. iluvcarlisle is her. She is sooo... well. It a little censored from there. Another friend of mine is a little OCD. Not really but we like to think so. Everything has to be prefect and her obbessions sometime get the best of her, but I still lover her. Now for my bestest (I like messing with grammar!) friend. Me. I am muli-instrumental and proud of it. Just a little shy to play. I can draw... some... But not much. Some of my favorite books... Twilight and ect., Harry Potter, Eragon and est., Blood and Chocolate, Edgar Allen Poe short's, and much more. At the moment I'm trying to finish Interview with the Vampire by Ann Rice. I had to take a break. Some times that book gets so intense I can't take it. Now the most important part.. Favorite bands!! ok.. here we go! All American Rejects, Flyleaf, Breaking Benjamin, Interpol, Panic! at the disco, Josh Groban, insert cotteny acent ACROSS THE UNIVERSE SOUNDTRACK BABY! uninsert cotteny acent , Fall Out Bou, Anberlin, My Chemical Romance, Paramore, The Startling Line, Phantom Of the Opera, Cartel does pionty finger thing , The Rocket Summer, and... that might be it... but don't count on it.

I would like to say thanks if you read my stuff.. (if I can even get it up... twitch)

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