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Author has written 7 stories for Harry Potter, and Sherlock.

Scratches head...I'm back! Enter wide grin..

Anyway, life is hectic and so on..someday I'll remember how it feels to write and will update Unjust Peace. Also there are some crazy plot bunnies in my head that I hopefully will end up writing down.

Just for basic information: I do like Harry Potter...It is my humble opinion, so you may very well not agree with me, but I think that Harry is disturbed in the head even in the books. And honestly, how the hell was it possible for Harry to grow up normal after growing up with Dursleys? I haven't got a clue...Voldemort would be like an Easter Bunny compared to what Harry could have turned into the way he grew up.

I really, really cannot imagine Harry Potter- after receiving Avada in the head at the tender age of 1.5 years old, being dumped on the doorsteps, being treated like trash- being normal and light.

And AGAIN...Lord Voldemort IS EVIL! He's not Ron Weasley, he's a Dark Lord who loves to kill, torture and kill..and torture...and kill..So, you get my point..HE'S EVIL...As Harry should be...

I now possess a wand. I try to pretend I didn't buy it at the Harry Potter exposition in Köln but got it from Ollivander at the Diagon Alley..It's yew with a phoenix feather. And it's a bone. With a twisted and sharp handle..must be Longbottom's..sneers..

I used to be ssserpensssotia before Nerys decided to shorten my glorious name to Serpie. So, now I'm Serpie. Or Euro-Serpie.

Age: As old as Tom Marvolo Riddle would have been on 31st December the math; )

I am a huge HP Universe fan, I just can't get enough of it even though I have been reading fanfiction for more than XXX years.

Favorite pairing: Voldemort/Hermione AND Voldemort /Harry ( I like slash very much ;P)

Favorite character- why...My Lord, obviously . To me the there is no difference between Tom and Voldemort, I don't believe in 'redeemed' Tom and I hate, hate, HATE fanfiction where Tom/Voldemort turns into a sobbing moron. So, I just try not to read it.

I absolutely abhorre stories where Tom's character is so OOC that were I to change the name to Dobby nobody would have noticed. Or cared.

Voldemort/Tom- Harry pairing is gloriously magnificent. However, it must be Harry turning Dark, not Voldemort going all white and shiny for me to love it.

I like Lucius Malfoy, and I like him a lot, so pairing Lucius/Hermione is also one of my favorite.

Severus Snape- I like him a lot, but the fics have to be very, VERY well written with Snape as much in character as possible. The poor guy had the most tragic life in the books.

I absolutely hate Ginny Weasley...I can't stand her in the books, I can't stand her in fanfiction.

Bellatrix- awww...such a sweet lady. I would say I'm a mix of Bellatrix, Voldemort and Lucius.

Fanfiction is addiction! But a good one :)\


My current stories:

Two Steps From Hell :

I started with the story because I wanted to try my hand at something I haven’t tried before. Even though LV/HG or TMR/HG is the only pairing I write, I wanted to try something different this time with those two characters. I am finally able to start writing what my hands have been itching to write, as I feel I have given enough time for Hermione (almost seven months) and thirteen chapters later —I find it enough —I can do what I wanted from the very beginning.

Hermione will not turn suddenly Dark with the only difference between her and Bellatrix being her brown eyes — instead of Bella’s black —, and she won’t be a simple, sniveling, shallow fool who cannot get her mind out of the gutter. But, she will not be made of stone. She will remain Hermione, or Hermione as I see her.

Voldemort will not be fluffy, shiny idiot who suddenly realized that being a Light Lord was much cooler than the Dark Lord, and that he’s not so bad after all ( thank you for those amazing wording, Elisa Mirror!).

He’s the Dark Lord, and if I make him fluffy, or simple, then I’ll smash my laptop and will never write anything but my will. He’s the Dark Lord no matter how he looks. He has always been bad (HE’S NOT RONALD WEASLEY!!!) and he will remain bad. But he can be charming and charismatic, as he is Tom Riddle, and we know how well Tom Riddle could manipulate everyone around him. His good looks don’t make him good.

Beta: Serpent In Red. You're the best, Serp! Thank you!

The book cover for the story was made by an amazingly talented ibuzoo. Both covers, now XD Thank you so much!

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