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Hello Poppits!

As you may or may not have noticed, our pen name is Twilight Fan Girls PLURAL. Which means there's more than one! Gasp Yeah, so this a shared account between two people. No I'm sorry. A human and a vampire. Instead of actually telling you our names (which are horribly bland and very average) we came up with new ones! Well they're not ours, but we like to go by Harry and Voldemort.

Some of our fan fictions might alarm you, because we have a very sick and twisted sense of humour. We laughed when Cedric and Sirius died in the Harry Potter movies, whereas most of you cried. Honestly, it's not that hard to laugh at them, especially Sirius. Sorry Gary Oldman, but that was some pretty bad acting.

So a possible way to distinguish which one is Harry and which one is Voldemort (apart from us actually saying), is this: Voldemort is addicted to DIET Dr. Pepper (it HAS to be diet, dude. the bubbles!! THERES SO MANY!!!). Harry is addicted to Harry Potter (surprise, surprise!). It's actually the books Harry likes, not the movies, cause those are pathetic peices of crap. Voldemort seems like she's bi-polar/psychotic (you might be able to tell by the moodswings that her stories take). Harry is short-tempered (DAMN YOU RON! What did I say about touching the computer?!) but otherwise is all rainbows and sunshine. Voldemort has married Jasper, and Harry has married Edward (yes, we have the marriage certificates...NOT joking!)

In case you didn't notice, we love Stephenie Meyer books. Voldemort discovered the wonder that was Stephenie Meyer books first. Harry took Voldemort's advice and was turned to the good side reading them. And so the love affair began.

More random/not interesting facts: Voldemort still sleeps with a blanky and her teddy. Harry enjoys making fun of everyone. Voldemort and Harry love to gossip and Carlisle, who we share. Oh and another thing, we're both female. So go now and flitter away your time reading. Happy trails!

March 10th, 2008

hello, my darlings, it is voldemort yet again. harry is brainstorming and i am going to be forcing her to start her ed/ned/edward (? im not really sure about the 50 million names...) story tonight, my computer is on the fritz AND harry has banned me from my writing. so i cant write my stories. for about another month. :( apparently, according to harrys friend, who is pretty much BETTER than dr. phil, i have reality issues and therefore must give up my storiesand confront reality insted of living in my peaceful little imaginary world. sigh. i hate it when other people aho dont agree with me are right.

we havent disappeared, really, we havent.

aro should be popping up again in the summer, just 3 months or so away. we should really set a date for that, shouldnt we? a set date so that harry cant squirm away from her 'responsiblities' with aro. ok. so we'll jump right on that.

umm... what else? OH! yes, we are really shocked about the number of reviews/story/author favs/story/author alerts we're still getting! especially me, as it is my email and its flooding my inbox... heehee...

as well, some of the reviews im still getting for my stories (PBWTC, fwy, is HORRIBLY written, but apparently everyone else would disagree o.O i MIGHT re-write that some time this summer...), more-so Pregnant: Version 2.0, have given me some sort of encouragement to continue it. so, i thank you all SO MUCH for the encouraging reviews that we're still getting, and hopefully we'll have some updates to reward you all with your EXTREME patience.

seriously, we're honoured by you guys. cause dane cook voice YOU RULE!!! give yourself a BIG HUG, baby angels!!!

xxoo, voldie; out.

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