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Author has written 12 stories for Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, Dark Angel, Harry Potter, Troy, and Twilight.

Welcome to my profile page :)

My name is Jessica and I reside in South Carolina. I enjoy writing and reading, making fanmade videos with Sony Vegas, and editing photos with Photoshop software. I just recently got back into writing fanfiction (I write original stuff these days) in the medium of television shows and books. My current fandoms are Twilight (unfortunately) and the tv show Supernatural. I also am a big fan of the cancelled television series Dark Angel.

Current Project: Cold (But I'm still Here)- A Jacob/Bella fanfic

Favorite TV Shows and Movies: Skins, Doctor Who, Supernatural, ER, The Hills, A Low Down Dirty Shame, Four Brothers, Half Nelson, The Lost Boys, The Game, House Party, Poetic Justice, Jason's Lyric, Shelter, Haven, Blood Diamond, True Blood, Bad Boys, and so many more...

Favorite books: Twilight series (Eclipse), The Bluest Eye, Sookie Stackhouse Series, Hawksong, Blood and Chocolate, Blue Blood series, and so many more...

Current Ships: Jacob/Bella (Twilight), Angela/Edward (Twilight), Jacob/Edward (Twilight), Dean/Castiel (Supernatural), Eric/Sookie (True Blood), Tony/Maxxie (Skins), Ray/Neela(ER), Martha/10 (Doctor Who)

01/08/2010- EDIT 4: COLD (BUT I'M STILL HERE) has been put on hold. READ for more details. I apologize to those that were interested in this story and I look forward to getting it back up soon. Thank you all so much for your wonderful reveiws and words of encouragement. I appreciate them so much.

EDIT 2: PROMOTION: SENSE OF KINSHIP- an ANGELA/EDWARD livejournal community! We'd love to have you!

You may have noticed that I've been writing a few Angela/Edward pieces lately and it's because I love the crack pairing and after reading the partial draft of Midnight Sun which is Twilight, written in Edward Cullen's pov, I happen to think that he and Angela would be lovely together. The community contains fanfics, icons, graphics, and everything else. Click the link and check it out. :)


As of March 23, 2009, I have uploaded 1 new fanfiction titled, "A Heart That Beats for One". It is a Jacob/Bella piece of the Twilight fandom. It was written as an entry for the Valentine Ficathon at the livejournal Jacob/Bella community, "Sort of Beautiful".

Understand that I have not uploaded anything onto since I was a teenager (I am 22 now and I mostly write original stuff) so if you choose to read my eariler works, know that they were written before a college education and a few fiction writing workshops. Read at your own risk.

FICMIXS/FICTION SOUNDTRACKS (Music Available for Download)

As of March 30, 2009:

Title: A Heart that Beats for One -The Soundtrack

Pairing: Jacob/Bella

Cover Art + 9 tracks 54.8 MB download (singles available as well) at my livejournal account: Isisgodiva

As of April 24, 2009:

Title: Just a little bit Bloody and Broken

Subject: Jacob Black/Vamp!Bella

Warnings: Some swearing and quite a bit of anguish/bitterness.

Cover Art + 9 tracks 55.1 MB download (singles available as well) at my Livejoural account: Isisgodiva

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Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

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