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Author has written 12 stories for Legend of Zelda, Mario, F-Zero, Earthbound, Fullmetal Alchemist, Kingdom Hearts, Disgaea, Sonic the Hedgehog, Valkyrie Profile, Xenoblade Chronicles, and Total Drama series.

I'm P.T. Piranha. I got my start on Lemmy's Land writing Mario stories, until I eventually found this site and enjoyed the opportunity to write for any work of fiction I wanted besides Mario.

So I wrote a few things in the past, but in retrospect they kind of suck. And then the site came down hard with the whole 'no script format' thing for some forsaken reason. So I left, only returning to read on occasion. I spent the last three years on DeviantART, writing for whatever work I want in whatever format I want.

But... something allured me back to this site. Maybe it was personal growth as a writer, maybe not. But the point is, I'm back and hopefully I can write something actually good this time around.

Email: ptp1ranha@aol.com

Status on current stories:

All Pre-2011 Stories - They might as well not exist. These were written long ago, back before I became more in line with my current style.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood - Canceled. I'm sorry. I don't regret this story, but too much has changed for me to be able to go back to it. Perhaps I'll restart it someday.

Kingdumb Hearts II - Finished. Enjoy.

Bowser Party 1 - On hiatus indefinitely. I can't say that I'm canceling this yet, but I'm really not feeling the motivation.

Valvatorez: Prinny Instructor - Finished. It was a oneshot parody I wrote on the spot.

Sonic 2006: Dude, Where's His World? - Finished. I feel as though it's my best parody yet.

In Water, Air, and Light - Finished. It was a oneshot that came to me days before I wrote it, so no one was really waiting for it. My first (real) attempt at a drama/tragedy.

It's Always Sunny on Bionis - My Xenoblade parody. Chapters will come as long as I feel like there's enough to work with.

Possible Future Stories:

(More Kingdumb Hearts) - I wouldn't mind doing a parody of 358 Days Over 2, Birth By Sleep, or possibly even Dream Drop Distance much like the current story, though I'd like to at least finish Bowser Party 1 first, though.

(Persona 4: Golden story) - I'm considering a story based off of the day-to-day life of Yu Narukami during Persona 4: Golden, with some plot moments thrown in. It'd be a multi-chapter story, with my usual sense of humor.

(Valkyrie Profile story) - A companion to In Water, Air, and Light. It'd be the rest of the game from Yumei's perspective, showing what it's like being one of Valkyrie's einherjar.

(Possible Mario story) - In the blackboard stages now, but I'm working on ideas.

Myself, personally: Fun facts. Not important, but why not?

-I don't like people who insist on being known as "the weird one", and take pride in it. No. You're more normal than you think you are. Being "the weird one" isn't something you strive for, it just happens.

-I don't make jokes about easy targets like Justin Bieber, etc. It's a cheap shot, I can be funny without resorting to that.

-I'm "that guy" when it comes to wording. If people throw out the worst insult and lazily slap "no offense" on the end, I'm gonna call them out for it, because that's not how "no offense" works, for example.

-I'm not doing any of this for reviews or views. While I do want people to see my work and leave reviews, that's not my sole motivation. I'm doing this because I like writing and it's fun. That said, if you do review, please make it a meaningful one, not just "lol best story evur".

Things I Like:

Hobbies: Video Games, Drawing, Writing, watching things on Youtube, joking with my friends, reading (good) fan fiction, sometimes a nice walk, a little bit of Theatre.

Favorite Genre of Fic: I appreciate all ends of the spectrum once in a while, but I myself prefer to write humorous stories. If you're sad and you can laugh, you're happy for at least a few seconds. Laughing usually means you're happy, and I like to make people laugh so they can feel happy.

Favorite Genre of Music: Good music. If I like it, I like it. It's usually from a video game though.

Favorite Game Series: Super Mario Bros. - Always

Other Favorite Games/Series: Legend of Zelda, Super Smash Bros., Pokemon, Kingdom Hearts, Kirby, Drawn to Life, The World Ends With You, Lufia, Chrono Trigger/Cross, Pikmin, No More Heroes, MadWorld, Metal Gear, Valkyrie Profile, Persona 3-4

Favorite Video Game of All: Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

Favorite Book: I don't like reading books, but if I get into a book I won't want to put it down. But I don't read regular books enough to have a favorite. I have read some books I've enjoyed, though.

Favorite Shows: Avatar: The Last Airbender, Bobobo-Bo Bo-Bobo, Death Note, Whose Line Is It Anyway (US), Family Matters, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, George Lopez, King of the Hill, Legend of Korra, Malcolm in the Middle, Psych, Scrubs, That 70's Show, Gravity Falls, Steven Universe

Favorite Movies: Hot Rod, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, and Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy (both).

Personal Dos and Don'ts for writing fan fiction:

What I like, don't like, what I think one should do, what I think one should avoid, etc when writing. I hold no authority whatsoever in the world of writing, but I feel like sharing my perspective.

Rule 1: Canon - The Golden Rule. If someone or something is wildly out of place and not done correctly, it's non-canon and, at worst, a fan fiction of a certain series in name only. If it's a humor fic or something like that where it's not to be taken seriously, then I can let it slide. This goes a long way toward explaining my feelings on yaoi and yuri. Alternate universes are all right, just don't go crazy with it, you know?

Rule 2: Yaoi/Yuri - I don't like it, but I support gay rights. My beef with yaoi/yuri is that it's usually not canon to the characters. I'm just saying, if I were a creator, I wouldn't appreciate my two unambiguously straight characters suddenly becoming schoolboy lovers. You can be best friends without being in love. It's the canon that matters. I mean if they were gay, lesbian, bi, or whatever in the actual work then fics that portray them as such are fine by me. It's the canon of the matter. There needs to be supporting evidence. Good evidence.

Rule 3: Summary Suckage - I don't ask for a lot in summaries, only a little bit. But never ever say "I suck at summaries". You might as well be hanging a neon sign that says "THIS FIC SUCKS" or something like that. Why should I like your story if you don't even have confidence in your own summary? It's not that hard if you just try. Also, spelling.

Rule 3 Addendum - SUMMARIZE YOUR DANG STORY! Don't use up summary space to tell me not to flame, or how it's your first story, or why you're even writing it! Just tell me what happens!

Rule 4: Spelling and Grammar - If English isn't your first language then I can forgive this, but otherwise it's not hard to look things up real quick. I can forgive genuine accidents, I mean we're all human. But if you're consistently confusing "bye", "buy", and "by" then there's a problem. Look:

Bye - "Bye, see you when you return."

Buy - "I would like to buy a Shamwow."

By - "He stood by the river."

There - "There are no dragons in here."

They're - "They're about to start the movie."

Their - "I like their house."

Where - "Where is my cake?"

Wear - "I wear pants."

It's - "It's too late for breakfast."

Its - "The dog ate its dinner."

To - "I am going to start a fire."

Two - "There are two puppies."

Too - "This porridge is too hot."

Then - "I will eat, then I will brush my teeth."

Than - "He would rather play than get back to work."

Your - "This is your book."

You're - "You're about to go on a road trip."

Less/Fewer - "There are fewer bananas." - "There is less room for bananas." (See how it works with placement of plurals and is/are?)

Rule 5: Criticism - No, flaming someone for their story is never a good idea. If it's just that bad, you don't have to be terribly rude. But that's not my problem. The problem is a lack of criticism. If there is a problem in an otherwise good story, say so in a review. I for one like to know my flaws so that I may work to improve them. If a writer can't take a piece of genuine constructive criticism and insist on only flowery comments that sing their praises, then they are being an immature diva who needs to grow up. Criticism is positive AND negative.

Rule 6: Shipping - Good night, what is wrong with people? They're fictional characters. You think if you pair someone up romantically and hate on another character in your story, that will convince the creators of the real work to conform to your romance? What? All of you, chill.

Rule 7: Don't Like, Don't Read - Bull. This is a telltale sign of those immature divas from Rule 5. If you put this before the criticized material, I can't say too much against it. But if you say so after someone says "this sucks", how on earth do you think that's a good retort? "Oh I'm sorry, let me just go back in time and not read it!" And besides, if you really hate getting criticized, take your own advice and don't read the reviews that you don't like.

Rule 7 Amendment - If you say "don't like, don't read" as a warning ahead of time, then by all means say it. You are using it correctly as a warning, rather than a response to a review.

Rule 8: Song Fics - No originality, you're just posting the lyrics and sprinkling a few bits of your own stuff in. If you remove the lyrics, the author has hardly done anything. If I want lyrics, I'll hunt them down. Or just listen to the song on another tab while reading. I have been a bit guilty of this on one occasion though, but now I realize I could've handled the story differently.

Rule 9: Probable Cursing - If you must, I won't stop you. I myself don't do it without censoring (personal reasons, I've never believed in cursing). But just remember that dropping the more colorful four-letter words gratuitously will not work. Especially if it's out of character (which goes back to canon). Unless it's played for laughs or explained in-story, I cannot imagine a fic where Alphonse Elric starts dropping the F bomb whenever something goes wrong.

Rule 10: A Girl is Sucked Into... - NO, NO, NO, A THOUSAND TIMES NO. I don't care how well you self-parody or subvert the norms, I will never read the stories where a girl finds herself in the universe of a work. It's thinly disguised self-insertion and is a stone's throw from Mary Sue. The same goes for fics where a character suddenly has an unexplained sister or other female relative show up. No. You can try to make this work, but it's an uphill battle and I wouldn't recommend it.

Rule 11: Mary Sues - I think we all know this one, I shouldn't explain.

Rule 12: The Under-Appreciated - There are a million fics about Character X, but hardly any that are about minor recurring character, Character Y. Before you write about Character X, think about Character Y. This stems from my appreciation for the characters who tend to keep popping up but never get much spotlight.

Rule 13: OCs are OK - They're not automatically Mary Sues, they just have the most potential to be one. It's a tricky subject.

Rule 14: Idea and Execution - It's my belief that any idea for a story can work and be done well. The thing is just that some are much harder to pull off and shouldn't be attempted by everyone. I mean, execution is really all that matters. Two stories can have the same plot and characters, but the execution will decide which one I'd like better.

Rule 15: False Modesty - Don't go around saying "this sucks, don't read it" in your own work about 15 times or so. If you really don't want people to read it, then you would have never posted it in the first place. Self deprecation isn't wrong, but it gets to a point where it seems like false modesty just so people will shower you with compliments and assurances that it's a good story when you already knew that. And if you're genuine in your heaping amounts of self criticism, then... dang. You need self esteem class or something. Long story short - If you really, really loathe your work, don't post it and tell people not to read it. It's up for a reason.

Rule 16: The Mike Weiss Contradiction - "It's better to have an ok project done than an amazing project never finished." NO. It is not and it will never be okay. I mean, if you're really tired of working on something and it's really just minor, then sure you can kind of slack, it's only fair. But still, you should always strive to give your best work. Your name is associated with this, and what good is it to get something quickly if it sucks? To do this, it deprives the audience of quality work and makes it look like you assume they're dumb enough to sit through anything. An audience can only take so much. On top of that, it deprives you of a work you can be prou,d of as well as a challenging experience.

Rule 17: No Masters - If you think you're great and don't need to improve, then you're doing it wrong. Writers can always improve. Take on new challenges and diversify your experience. Get out of your comfort zone. There's really no risk. If it works- it works. If it fails- at least you tried, and now you have a better grasp of your limits.

Rule 18: Rereading - After writing a story/chapter/whatever, it's best to read it real quick. You can catch errors and re-evaluate whether or not you're completely happy with it. If you can have someone else read it for you in addition, so much the better. But if not, just do it yourself real quick. Also, after rereading, try reading the final sentence, then the one before it, and so on until you get to the first. It's easier to catch mistakes that way. Someone told me that, and it really is a logical concept.

Rule 19: Genre Probability - Let's talk about Invader Zim. The universe of that show is very bleak and cynical. Almost everyone is an idiot, a jerk, or both. And you can count on most of those people to have terrible hygiene. Everyone more or less hates each other, and if anyone died, no one would be missed. Despite all that, it's still played for laughs and is a dark comedy. That's how Invader Zim rolls. With all that in mind, writing a heartwarming fic depicting the IZ universe as anything less than a hateful rat den comes off as kind of out of character for anyone involved in the story. What I'm saying is that you should keep the genre of the original work in mind whenever you feel like writing. It's not impossible to pull off a fan fiction of wildly different genre, but there's a gamble on how credible it will seem.

Rule 20: Editing Before Editing - Someone told me this, and really it makes perfect sense. But I am putting it in my own words.

Having a beta reader or an editor doesn't mean you can give half effort and expect them to clean up after you. They have other things to do, so they can only give so much focus to your story. So make their time worthwhile by fixing your grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors before sending it off. That leaves them with only the more internal problems, like plot direction or characterization. The 'smart' mistakes. Eliminate the 'stupid' mistakes on your own, so that your editor can have more time invested in helping you fix the 'smart' mistakes.

But even if they don't have other things going on, fix your 'stupid' mistakes anyway. Let's say you're a beta reader with nothing else going on in your life at the time. Would you like to trudge through a story with poor grammar that you're expected to point out, and hopefully remember to notice deeper problems? Or would you rather read a story with wonderful spelling and grammar, leaving you free to discuss important problems?

Rule 21: Know the Fandom - I didn't really cover it, because I thought it went without saying. But here it is, just in case.

Rule 22: Holding Your Own Story Hostage - If you say "I won't post again until I get reviews" then you don't have the writing spirit. You're not supposed to do it for the reviews, you do it because you enjoy writing! You're not writing fan fics for a living, who even could do that? It's supposed to be for fun.

Rule 22 Amendment - Sometimes this has a practical purpose. A review is confirmation that the site didn't glitch and your story is online. A review can also let you know what you can quickly improve on or fix before your next update. So waiting for reviews can be practical, but most people just do it because they want the attention.

Rule 23: Write What You Want to See - If you want to see a certain type of story, but it doesn't exist, then step up and write it yourself. You have the power. Keep in mind, that there is sometimes a good reason a story does not exist, but most of the time it means you get to be a pioneer.

Rule 24: Not a Fashion Show - It's understandable that you want the reader to envision your characters. But in fan fiction, most characters are already pre-existing. We're probably going to imagine them as they appear on the show, in the book, in the movie, etc. Unless it's significant, I wouldn't worry too much about trying to describe their appearance.

Rule 25: Nobody Cares About You - Not to sound rude, but nobody cares about you. We come to this site to read stories. I read a story where at the start, the authoress spent a paragraph or two describing herself to us, interests, favorite foods, etc. Holy crap, why do I care about this? It's not even an OC submission or insert story, she just felt like sharing this pointless information. Author notes are acceptable, but don't give us your life stories. More than likely, we'll probably skip it. Or savvier readers will recognize that if the author has the poor judgment to give us this information, they probably don't know how to write a story too well. In short, author notes to a minimum, we just want to read your story.

(More rules to come if I think of any.)

Final Notes:

I do not enjoy stopping a fan fiction and leaving it dead. However, all of my pre-2011 works will stay as they are. But for current and future stories, I want to try to finish them if at all possible. But understand, real life gets in the way. College isn't easy, and other parts of the internet can be distracting.

That's all for now.

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