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Me: I'm back, everybody!!
-cricket, cricket-
Me: Errrrr, where'd everyone go? Don't I have any fans anymore?
Katie: -waving a flag- WOO!!
Me: -sweatdrop + facepalm-

Well, as you can see, I've returned from the depths of the abyss. Yeah, you know what I'm talking about, don't you? No? Well then...I'm a high schooler. And it sucks. But whatever, the only important thing is that I'M BACK, BABY! And I'm speed-writing my stories!

Personal info:

Name: I will choose not to divulge such personal information. :D

Age: Do you really care? If you do, I'm younger than 21 but older than 12.

Birthday: November 22 (If you have the same birthday as me, don't be all weirded out. I know four other people that share my birthday...including one of my friends...) And a few years ago (I think.), my birthday was on Thanksgiving!! Isn't that cool?

Height: Probably about the same height as you. (unless you're either extremely tall or short) If you want an exact height, I'm about 5 feet tall + 3 or 4 inches. Ok, I lied. I'm 5 foot 2. I'm pretty short. But then again, most Asian people are.

Shoe Size: OK, if you actually LOOKED at this one, then I'm pretty sure you're some kind of stalker...

My all-time favorites:

Manga: FRUITS BASKET!! (Duh. Haven't you seen my pen name?!) Too bad you can't read it anywhere online anymore...but it doesn't matter cuz I have all the books now!

Book: Um, I'm not really sure. I liked Twilight before it became all crazy-hype-nonsense.

Song: Right now, it's "Impossible" by Shontelle.

TV show: "America's Got Talent!" Or "Whose Line Is It Anyway?". Ahh! I can't choose between them! They're both equally amazing!

Website: Do I really need to say it? OK, for all you stupid people out there... FanFiction.net, what else would it be?! Sheesh...My friends and I have this awesome Twilight fansite at ! Come visit! We really appreciate hits on our site. (I wonder how many hits actually came from people clicking on that link...Probably 3, at the most.)

Movie: (Duuuude, I used to be a Twilight-obsessed psycho. Creepy.) -shrug- I don't know what to put here.

Video Game: Kingdom Hearts!! I haven't been playing it recently, though...

Anime: I lurve "School Rumble"! And I'm proud to say that I still love the original Yu-Gi-Oh! Stupid GX and 5D's. Psshhh, card games on motorbikes. Come on! That's totally not super special awesome! (Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Abridged Series, by LittleKuriboh

My favorite couples:

Fruits Basket: I choose HaruxRin. And AyamexMine is adorable! AkitoxShigure..."GOD" and "DOG"...yeah, makes sense to me.

School Rumble: KarasumaxTenma. Heck yes. (I effing hate Eri. She's such a b*tch. How dare she fall in love with Harima! And besides, most of the conflict in the entire dang series was caused by her!) Also, MikotoxHanai was cute. It was definitely better than MikotoxAsou and HanaixYakumo. Hanai's too wound up and stalkerish when it comes to Yakumo, and I didn't even realize Mikoto and Asou were even going out until they broke up.

Harry Potter: QUIRRELL AND VOLDEMORT!!! Haha, that's from "A Very Potter Musical", which I LOVE INFINITELY. If you haven't seen it yet, go look it up and watch it on YouTube. NOW. RIGHT FRICKIN' NOW. But in the real series, ummm...HarryxGinny was all right. RonxHermione...well, duh. Enemies turned friends turned lovers.

Twilight: I liked Bella & pre-wolf Jake. You know, before he became a douchebag. Boo Edward. Leaving your girlfriend behind is like leaving your place in a line. If someone takes it, it's your fault for leaving in the first place. You can't go and beat someone up for taking your place if you leave. Voluntarily.

Kingdom Hearts: SoraxKairi! I've only played the first game, and I haven't even finished it yet, so...that couple's pretty much the only one I saw.


Reading, writing, talking on the phone, making origami (in case you didn't know, that's Japanese paper folding), listening to music on my iPod, surfing the web, and playing videogames. Oh, and hanging out with my friends, like midnight-fanfic-writer-29, saki yume kira hanajima, and Snugglepants!

And now, an special announcement from the almighty fanfiction writer, ME!!

Dang it. School's gonna be starting soon, and this is gonna be a busy year, soooo...I won't be writing much until next summer. I might upload something during Christmas and Easter breaks, but I'm not sure. >.

Ideas for Future Fanfics:

If you ever use steal any of my ideas or use them as your own (which is pretty much the same thing!), and if you put any bad words in reviews, I will hunt you down... Yes, people, this is a threat!!

"Furuba Meets FanFiction" - What happens when our favorite Fruits Basket characters read some of these stories here on FanFiction.net? What happens when Shigure writes his own fanfiction and publishes it here?? Will everyone be disgusted?? The answers to all of these questions and more will be found in "Furuba Meets FanFiction"! Probably rated T for Kyo's language, Shigure's pervertedness, etc.

"Akito and the World of Technology" - Akito has now given the outside world a chance and bought a lot of stuff, including an iPod, a laptop, a PSP, and a Wii, all introduced to her by the other members of the zodiac (mainly Shigure). What will she think of them? I haven't decided on a rating yet, but it will probably be either K+ or T.

"Flashbacks to Better Times" - Middle-school Rin has had unrequited love for Haru ever since she met him. It's like "love at first sight". But all of a sudden, he is taken away to a different part of Japan. As she enters high school, she tries desperately to forget. But can she? And does she want to? (I've always wanted to say this...Based on a true story.)

"Cats On a Plane" - Yeah, I know it sounds stupid, but so what? Inspired by my plane trip to Japan, but how it came to mind I will never know... Anyway, it will be about how our favorite Warrior cats (from the second series) will cope with a flight to Japan to visit their "cousins". (Errrr...I'm probably not gonna do this one.)

"Jane's Plot" - This fanfic was started on a chatbox on our Twilight Piczo, and we decided to turn some of it into a full story! I've totally forgotten the plot though...

"Furuba Our Way: Epilogues" - That's right. Part 3. Yeeeeah. (I'm not sure if I'm actually gonna do this one. It might be better just to leave it as two parts.)

Status of Current FanFictions:

"Kyo Meets the Warriors" - I'm sorry to anyone who liked the plot, but this story has been put on hold because of my current FanFiction below. However, I will continue it once "Furuba Our Way 2: The Onsen Trip!" is finished!

"Furuba Our Way 2: The Onsen Trip!" - Good news-I've decided to keep going with the original story! I've decided that I'll start setting the review quotas again because I'm already far ahead with the plot, but I haven't gotten a new review in a while. And I am pleased to announce the addition of my co-author, saki yume kira hanajima! -applause, applause-

Completed FanFictions:

"Furuba Our Way! - Yep, chapters 1 through 17! I hope I can get to 1000 hits on this story 'cause I'm really close! (As of May 23, 2008 - WHOO!! More than 1,000 hits!!)

To end this magnificently written bio, a random funny quote of something that happened while my friend and I were talking on the phone...

"Ha ha! Niko blew up!"


Then we start laughing because they were playing Mario Kart and her brother (Niko)'s kart "blew up"...

"OK, let me rephrase that. His cart blew up."

"Ha ha ha! OK, just making sure!"

Other Random Funny Quotes:

"Aaah! I gotta go, my other phone's on fire!!" - Snugglepants

"We are Swedish mice! Ya!" (scuffles feet) - Snugglepants & midnight-fanfic-writer-29

"cheese" - a random person in Virginia named "cat" (this person posted this in a comment on our Warriors website, just so you know...)

"Oh, Danly, you're so manly..." - Snugglepants while she was trying to imitate me talking to Danny on the phone (Did you spot the funny part of it?)

"CAAAAAAAAAAARP! I mean CRAAAAAAAAAP!" -Snugglepants (I don't think she's using her FanFiction any more...)

And a random joke that I happened to read:

Do you know how the country of Canada was named? Well, I'll tell ya.

Once long ago, back when Canada was just uncharted wilderness, three men from another country sailed to the eastern coast of the unfamiliar land. They were fascinated by its beauty and decided to hike across it, taking in all of the natural wonders. After many years of trekking and sightseeing, the three men finally reached the western coast.

Gazing at the Pacific Ocean in awe, the first man says, "Hey, we just hiked across this wilderness and saw all of this beautiful land. I think we have a right to name it."

"Yeah, we should," the second guy agrees.

"But how?" asks the first guy.

"Oh, I know," says the third guy. "How about we all pick a letter and combine them to make a name?"

The other two men consent, thinking it was a good idea.

"Ok, so I'll go first," says the third guy. "C, eh."

The second guy says, "N, eh."

The third guy says, "D, eh."

And that's how Canada was named.


Final Note:

Ahh, I'm so lazy. >.


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