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Hey! Wutz up?!?! My name is Jessica I am extremely bored and can't sleep at all so don't feel obliged to read anything in this except if you are bored to and want to. If you want any information on any of my stories it's right below the pointless information I have about myself right below this.

Here's a little information about me:

Height: almost 5'5 *woot woot*

Age: 15

Hair: Straight dark brown and halfway down my back *brunettes rule*

Eyes: Green whenever I am really emotional especially during my period *lolz hope no one gets grossed out even though I doubt any1 is reading this* and more bluish whenever I am off in my own little world.

Arms: Bony and very long and weak looking... not at all intimidating... my wrists people usually make fun off or put very small things around because they are almost non existant.

Feet: I'm Irishand my toes proof it. I have 2 big toes. My feet are bony and you can see most of my veins. *why am I writing this I kno no1 is reading this... if u r send sum love in a review lolz*.

Legs: My legs are like a guy's. They are so muscular that if I had hair on them *which I never do I think hair is gross* then every1 who just sees my legs would think I am a guy. My upper legs are very curvy due to my muscles and they look disgusting.

Neck: You're a vampire if you are reading this. It's long and I have to cover it with my hair.

Hips: Sum people say they are extremely small but I think they are X-tremely wide and I hate them. I want them removed. *J/k*

Piercings: Belly button, cartilage on right ear and three peircings on each of the lower parts of my ears.

Fingers: Fat I wish I could always wear gloves.

Nails: Decent except for the fact that they are attached to my ugly fat fingers!!

Pointless Facts *Hey I'm BORED!!*

Pairings:James/ Lily *of course check out the fics* ,Harry/ Ginny *I used to be really into this pairing but I dunno I really got into James/ Lily pairings. One day I'll start writing for them again perhaps after HBP comes out so I don't have to worry about editing the whole thing or if Ginny dies. That might be a slight problem., Sirius/ me *he is still alive, or... Sirius/ OC *preferably characters that look like me or resemble me in some way.

Hobbies: Sleeping, reading, writing, soccer, swimming, sleeping, conspiracies/ speculation programs or books, history, weird facts, Harry Potter movies/books obviously!!

Current C.D: Eminem's new C.D Encore.

Can't wait for... Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince *who isn't?* July 16th 2004!!!!

Current Book(s): I am re-reading the Left Behind Adult series nearly done!! Emotional Deception I am reviewing it before it is on stands!! Secrets of the Morning by: V.C Andrews, it's the second book in a series!! C.G Jung's book Man and His Symbols, it's sort of a psychology book!! Nicci French's book Beneath the Skin!!!

Favorite Shows: I am not to much of a T.V person even though we have digital cable @ my house. The whole T.V thing gives me a headache. As you can tell from right above this I read alot and I really could care less about t.v I prolly don't even watch it for more than three hours a week. The only shows I ever watch are E.R and Charmed. And one of those is only because of my husband SHANE WEST!!!

Hot Guys: Shane West, Orlando Bloom, Johnny Depp, Trent Ford, Ewan McGregor, Gregory Smith, Patrick Swayze's younger version, George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Tom Felton (Damn Sexy), Chad Michael Murray.

Favorite Authors: J.K Rowling, C.G Jung, V.C Andrews, Stephen King, Tim Lahaye, Jerry B. Jenkins, Caroline B. Cooney, Nicci French.

Nasty Scumbag Characters: Peter Pettigrew *don't bother talking to me if you like him cause if you like him I don't like you* LoL!

Characters of My Obsession: Sirius Black (U kno if he was real and alive *IN DENIAL* you would have fallen in his arms forever).


One-Month-Marriage: To any of you who remember this story. It's coming back and is well on progress. I have just finished the prologue and first chapter and it is coming along quickly. I've decided to add some new characters and a few more insane twists about the whole project and made it so most of the characters in the story have a new partner for the project. Of course Lily and James are still together on the project. Just be a little more patient and the prologue should be upby 11-14-04. Yes this was not another failed attempt at me to restart the story that happened months ago and you just happened to stumble upon today. Most of my wonderful and very patient readers *winks* have probabaly gotten to the point that this story will never resurface. But it will, because I love you all and I am very determined to finally finish a story without rushing to finish it. If you are wondering I will still have my big prank that I left all of you in suspence for but it will most likely not happen until chapters 6 or 7. I'll still have a Jamie type girl in the story. I'm sure you all have not forgotten her. I'll be sure to keep her name but I have changed quite a few since I have grown bored with them and added alot more characters to the story. So many that I think I'll make up a character list and a brief explanation of each character for anyone who wants one. Don't worry this won't keep me from writing the next few chapters. I have already writted one for myself all I will have to do is type it up. But I will explain all of that in a very long review note in either the prologue or chapter 1. I hope you haven't all given up on me finishing this story once and for all.~*~*~the-girl-who-lived~*~*~ 11-12-04.

*Holds hands up in defeat* I have the prologue and first two chapters written and revised all I need to do is type and post them. But, I can't figure out how to put microsoft word on my computer. The stupid program is not working at all. So I'll have to postpone posting the story. But I am going to continue writting it and planning like crazy and I will post it. My computer is just the most stupidest thing in the world. You have no idea how much I wanted to post it and get feedback on it. My mother's laptop should be done getting fixed soon because I doubt my mother will get to getting microsoft word loaded on. Grrr... if someone reads this and wants to post the story themselves I'll give them my password but I am at a loss at what to do!?!? Hopefully it will come up tomorrow.~*~*~11-14-04~*~*~

I have finally been able to post the prologue to the story!!! Oh yeah!! LoL!! Anyway please read it and I promise not to give up on the story even if my mom deletes it like last time. The story's updates will be slightly delayed more than I want them to be but only because I just posted the story at my uncle's and I have no idea when my mom will get around to fixing our Microsoft Word. But please have patience!! Maybe some one can post it for me and I'll give them my password. But that makes me nervous. Anyways if I don't post everyfew days don't think I stopped I probabaly can't get to a computer with Microsoft Word and am probabaly just as disappointed as you are. Thanks for the patience!! ~*~*~11-25-04~*~*~

I finally got the laptop back but of course now it won't let me even sign onto fanfiction from there and my mom won't help me because she is... okay I don't think I can put that there. Anyways you get the picture. She started yelling at me about how she was fixing some1 else's computer and how she wasn't going to do it again. Okay whatever. So I have it all typed up and all but like I said... ~*~*~11-28-04~*~*~

Guess what I am at school right now and I just realized I could try to post from here. It will be a risk though but I'll try it because I love all of you so much. LoL. So I should post tomorrow and try to find away to email it to myself. The teachers all watch us like hawks but I'll try and if I get a couple of detentions for it so what. LoL!! Yeah I can post. Hope that I can find an email address place that had not been filtered yet!!! Or I'll take my risks with word pad or notebook. But I'll try as hard as I can to post tomorrow at school or tonight but if I post tonight the document might be a little messed up since it doesn't work that great on fanfiction but I can always fix it later!!! Toodles!!!~*~*~*~11-29-04~*~*~*~

Chapter 1 is finally up!! Oh yeah!! I used notebook though so it might turn out a little wierd but at least it is up!!! Thanks for the patience!! ~*~*~l8er on 11-29-04~*~*~

Sorry for such a long wait for chapter 4 but like I said I was having alot of computer problems. But no harm done because here it is and I don't antictipate there being any more delays for any of the future chapters.~*~*~12/21/04~*~*

Chapter 5 is coming along great and it should be up sometime tomorrow. Unlike chapter 4 it is already appearing to be very long. I already have nearly 3000 words written and I'd say I have just over half of it done. I am sure I won't be moving it to chapter 6 because I want their extremly long and description first day to be finally complete in chapter 5 and besides chapter 6 is going to have a completly new plot line started to add another huge twist to it. I know I already have quite a few but this one is something I have always been hoping to manage to squeeze into a story and this one seems perfect. I don't anticipate any delays for posting the story so it should be up tomorrow night. ~*~*~12/22/04~*~*~

My Prince Charming: Based on the song(s) by Bonnie McKee. Lily is very lost at the beginning and dreams of a love that has yet to come for her.

I am not so sure where I am going with this story. I came up with the whole idea at two in the morning so it probabaly isn't my best work ever and I don't know how I am going to make it turn out. My main focus is One-Month-Marriage but I will finish this eventually. I'll work on this whenever I need a break and want to write something with a light plot to clear my mind from the very complicating plot I have planned for One-Month-Marriage. If you can't simply wait for the next chapter(which I doubt) feel free to check out my other works. Preferably One Month Marriage. Hehe. If you think this whole thing was just a ploy to get you to read One Month Marriage... it was. LoLz. But I am rather fond of this story so I will continue to post and look for other songs to put in here. But... like I said if you get bored you can check out my other fics *wink wink* LoL! Hope you love my stories!!~*~*~11-29-04~*~*~

If you have any questions or want to encourage me to finish the next chapter and stop being lazy feel free to email me at theuniquegoddess@sbcglobal.netor instant message me at UkNoUwAnTtHiS9.


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