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Strawberry Milkshake (Shuushoku) here, and welcome to my Profile. Shuushoku is the Coloration of the atmosphere from autumn foliage and its an essential Japanese word in autumn. I choose it because I prefer autumn than the other seasons.

I'm mostly on websites such as Lunaescence under the same pename, and I spend most of my free time watching anime and/or undating on my site at

If you're wondering what I'm up to concerning my fanfiction:

Please don't ask why I choose it as a penname -_-



-Anime, anime, and MORE anime...

-Writer's Block


-Two more months until graduation.

Well~ Who am I? Get ready for 'bragging'.

- Wants to work in Tokyo one day

- Is a three-faced biatch.

-Bishie Otaku

-Updates rarely her things

Côté Anime/Manga:

Top 3 of those who deserve the title of 'Bishie':

1- Yamamoto Takeshi (KHR) - has recently become Number 1 and has beaten Edward Elric, who was N.1 bishie for six years-

2- Edward Elric (FMA)

3- Kanda Yu (DGM)

Top 3 of those who are above bishie:

1- Giotto (KHR)

2- Kurama Yoko (YYH)

3- Dark Mousy (DNA)

( Number 4 : Kurosaki Ichigo of chapter 407)

Stories to be updated:

-The Perfect Strawberry Cake : Rewriting of Chapter 4. Completion: 100/100

- Her Many Expressions: : Rewriting of Chapter 4 - Completion:100/100

Stories that might see the day:

-L'Année du Kitsune (Fruits Basket : Yuki/OC) To see un-edited chapters, go to quizilla- account name: DarkAqua19

-Scattered Dreams (Kingdom Hearts: Roxas/OC/Sora) un-edited chapters, quizilla: DarkAqua19 (story titled: Two Dimensions)

-Sands of Time (Hints of Kanda/OC)

-Her Shadow (Ichigo Drabbles)

-SasukeXOC drabbles

-The Difficulty of Being A Friend (No couple implied)

-Drabbles of FMA Manga-verse(With a Melissa Manga-verse and changed) . Might include Edward/Winry.

Character Profiles:

-Melissa Thompson (Cortesse)- (FMA): 15 years old; Aquarius; Has Menjian Origins from her father's side of the family. Currently a State Alchemist,she works under Maes Hughes and lives in Central. She's also a childhood friend of the Elrics that moved away at the age of 10. She's a girl who mostly worries about her overreactions than anything else: especially her friends.

-Ayumi Miyamoto (DN): 19 years old;Sagittarius; Five months ago,has left Yamaguchi to go to Tokyo and attend university there. A girl who likes the new taste of freedom and is mostly egoist. She enjoys scaring people away and doesn't mind being weird. And she wonders why she doesn't have a boyfriend. She hopes to become photographist or something around that sector.

-Yoko Delarue (Furuba): 18 years old. After finishing her education, Yoko moves from France and away from her grandmother to deal with her parents recent divorce in Japan. It seemed that her french father was caught in an affair with a young girl. After a short sejour around Japan, she decides to stay with her mother and help her take care of her younger sister.

Poor Yoko didn't know what awaited her.

-Natsumi Aisawa (KH): 15 years old. She was used to staying in her corner and be left alone. But a hand appears in the darkness of her world and pulls her back into the light she used to call life.

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"You guys will come back, right? You won't die right?" She asked. A wave. Another last wave. And they never came back.
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The Perfect Strawberry Cake reviews
Ayumi only wanted to start off a new life as a young adult. But,The unexpected appearance of her cousin pushes her into a world of suspence,mystery and death. Poor Ayumi wasn't prepared for this. At all. . LxOC;Slight LightxOC Being Rewritten Ch.2 Up.
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