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Hello! This is VOTH and MoreThanPuppyLuv here and we have decided to make a new account for our collaboration project, Blacklight. The two day waiting period is over and the story is now up here! Hooray! Sorry to all who reviewed the story, all your reviews are gone! But, don't worry, we still love ya!

Well, we are now almost begining to write chapter 7. Just give us some time and we'll be getting to the editing stages shortly.

Now that we are back on our feet again, we are going to start with our regular updates again! I hope you aren't too mad at us for taking so long to update! We shall keep up our normal updates and we'll try not to disppoint you readers.

We hope that our collaboration is going to be a great success, considering that it is our first collaboration, yet. Constructive critism is welcomed, but flamers are not. Flamers will not get any cookies by the all mighty MoreThanPuppyLuv. However, VOTH will hand out cookies/cookie dough to positive reviews, who are more than welcome. :)

Just in case you wanted to check out any of the stories we have written individually, here are the links to our profiles:
The link to VOTH's account:
The link to MoreThanPuppyLuv's account:

But, you probably already knew that. .:wink:.

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