Rider of the Mystics
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Rider of the Mystics

The breeze within the trees,

Is such a beautiful sight,

For theses human eyes to see.

The breeze within the trees,

To see them dancing with the angels of God.

The trees within the breeze,

For these human eyes to see,

To see the trees and breeze dancing.

This is a beautiful sight for a Rider of the Mystics.

As a rider, one may think,

As a rider, one may believe,

As a rider, one may defend,

As a rider, we will win!

The oath of a Rider of the Mystics:

"Believe with your heart

Believe with you mind

Believe with your soul

And trust God for his guidance."

We travel over the world,

We help those in need,

We bring justice to those who oppose the laws!

We bring those to know our God, The King of Kings, The Lord of Lords!

As a Rider of the Mystics,

I humbly bow my head,

To God who has guided me,

To God who has delivered me,

And to God who has saved me!

I am Rider of the Mystics,

This poem is rightfully mine,

Any who uses it will face,

The rage of a Rider of the Mystics!

I am Rider,

And those who know me,

Call me Rider of the Mystics.

Though I have travled far,

I still long to see peace,

And somday,

The Promise Land.

I'm no religious fanatic,

Just one who believes,

My journey will one day end,

Just as the others before me.

My name is Rider,

And I work for justice!

Name: Rider (Mister Rider or Mr. Rider) some call me Mr. Low Rider or even just Low Rider - - - most recently known by my fan girls as Hot Rider

Sex: Female

Occupation: Rider of the Mystics, blah blah blah...

Duty: what ever the mystics say, as long as it does not go beyond my own reasoning. Also many more...

Abilities: To many to list...

Fav music: Low Rider; Flower; War; Sonne; Transylvania; The Hate In Me; So Magical (odd taste I know but it helps me think!); Silent Hill Promise; Waiting On The World To Change; New Age music; Numb; Video Game music (VG music); Movie music and many more...

Advice: If you can't think or get any ideas for your stories, stop and take a break. Listen to some music, watch a video or play a game. doing this, ideas might pop in your head. for me just looking at words like 'Broken Blossoms' I could write a whole chapter about the idea i got from those two words! just read my story Irth. It's chapter titles are actually based on music I was listening to! Expect the first chapter, i got that idea from Oracle... heh

Fan of these writers: The Oracle Dragon, GracefulWhiteDragon, Neheh Kha (The Crimson Curse) and RocknKitty so far... my other fav authors haven't been updating lately so I only these four for now. These gals rock, man!

Favortie Movies: Silent Hill, Predator (1-2), AVP (1-2), Prates of the Caribbean (1-3), Alien (1-4 the series), and many more!

Any requests: If any one feels down or happy and want a poem written for you or someone else, PM me or Oracle or both of us and we'll write you a poem. read the one Oracle and I did for GracefulWhiteDragon. Title: Enough. Enjoy!

Any thing else: Don't do drugs! Stop abuse of women! Stop abuse of children! Don't drink and drive! Help each other, I can't do this alone! Also support your fellow FF authors! We need each others support! -bows- thank you.

Music Theme(s) for Irth: The Hate In Me; Wish I Had An Angel; I Stand Alone; Straight Out Of Line - - - That's Irth for you! BEST SONG FOR IRTH: Hell Song

Fans must read: AVP Bands by The Oracle Dragon and me! Outsider, Obsidian Mystery, Crossing Paths, Moon Knight, Irth, The Myth of Outsider and what ever my favorite authors wrote_

This was all the info you are getting about Rider of the Mystics

Been away for a long time, sorry for that. Can't update Irth without Miss White. Sorry for not updating. :(

UPDATE: The account belongs to The Oracle Dragon, and Miss White has passed away a few years ago and will always be missed!

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