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50 facts about me:

1. I absolutely adore the musical Wicked.

2. I love to write, but fanfic I find harder than most.

3. One of my favorite authors is Meg Cabot

4. I follow the comic strip "For Better or For Worse"

5. My favorite fanfics to read are HSM, Princess Diaries, and Harry Potter.

6. I love the movie "Little Miss Sunshine"

7. One of my favorite TV shows is "The Office"

8. I love inside jokes, except when I'm on the outside.

9. Do you have the ham? (sorry, inside joke)

10. I am having trouble thinking of the 11th thing about me.

11. The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants rocks, except that guy who plays Eric in the movie.

12. I like Kiera Knightly less than I used to as an actress, because she really doesn't need to be anorexic. Yes, I believe she is.

13. Anne Hathaway has moved up, and is now my #1 favorite actress.

14. I love Carrie Underwoods' "Before He Cheats" but I can't stand anything else that she sings.

15. I like showtunes better than singers.

16. My favorite colors are purple and green.

17. I love to read. That's pretty much what I do when I'm not on the computer.

18. Miley Cyrus is actually a good singer. Wait... that's not about me.

19. I actually think Miley Cyrus is a good singer.

20. And Aly and AJ.

21. I can't stand the Jonas Brothers.

22. I've been to Alaska.

23. I don't get the fascination with Kyle XY. The premise of the show is a hot guy without a bellybutton.

24. I know a hot guy without a bellybutton.

25. Just kidding.

26. I like to draw and paint.

27. I'd like to become an editor.

28. I can't stand the singer Jojo, but I have her CD.

29. I believe in animal rights.

30. Everyone should listen to the song "Defying Gravity" it changed my life.

31. I have a cat named Olive.

32. I am not a dog person.

33. You can't kill a capybara, it's related to a guinea pig!

34. Sorry, inside joke.

35. Wow, I must seem like such a loser to those of you who are actually reading this.

36. I am NOT a loser!! How dare you think that!

37. 37 is my lucky number.

38. I take karate. Watch out.

39. That movie, "The 3 Ningas"? Actually a good movie.

40. I actually think the HSM Sharpay Barbie Doll is kind of cool.

41. I worship IMDb- the celebrity website.

42. I'm bored.

43. Why is it that "Only the good die young"? That doesn't seem fair.

44. I have an orange kilt.

45. That I'm wearing right now.

46. Just kidding, but I DO have an orange kilt.

48. I am looking forward to the show "Gossip Girl"

49. I wish I had an inside joke with one of my very good friends. Holla!

50. I pretend I can speak Spanish.

51. I'm not ready to be done...

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