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I'm an 80's kid. And kind of a 90's kid, kinda.

I draw stuff. :D

My demeanor is just about that of an angry drunken man.

I enjoy wearing hideously bright clothing. Favorite colors are yellow and black together.

I am probably one of the 4 people you meet in your life that actually enjoys mint water.

I'm not really all that active on here. I have these epically monumental ideas, but I guess I lack the attention span to finish much of anything. But the big ideas usually stick, though they may not be regular.

...Like, at all. XD


A lot. A whole whole lot, mostly shounen manga and CLAMP works, with a bit of original shounen-ai suff (like Gravitation) AND HETALIA. LET'S NOT FORGET HETALIA.


A lot. A whole, whole lot. All Rock, esp. metal, lots of alternative, dance/techno, oldies, classical and opera, some hip-hop and rap. Gorillaz, Rammstein, Alphabeat, Shiny Toy Guns, Mika, Junior Senior, Hollywood Undead, 3OH!3, The Killers, Keane, Ladytron, Nightwish, Eminem, The Who, Dark Oscillators, Queen, System Of A Down, Bond, Imogen Heap, Daft Punk.

Lots of musicals, too.


Not as much as the above. FFTactics of all kinds, WILD ARMS (only 1 and Alter Code F), a bunch of Final Fantasys, Harvest Moon,...more... (lazy)


Btw, just so you know, rival pairings are my favorites. I don't know what it is...probably like the "No!! I can't have dirty thoughts about him!! I hate him!! He's my MORTAL ENEMY!! But oh, those lips...!!" XD Lmao.

All I care to mention is SASUNARU CIRCA 1999. What can I say. They're just so in love.

Other than that, I'm open to most all pairings.

Stories I'm workin' on:

The Sound Of Music - Well, since you've bothered to visit my profile, you may as well get a bit of a background story on this. If you've watched films like V for Vendetta and the like, you've gotten a feel that totalitarian governments SUCK.

Well, they do, and that's exactly what Danzo has done to...uuuh...whatever this city is. Konoha, Tokyo, doesn't matter. Well, probably Konoha, but, who cares, as long as its Japanese of some sort and I can add suffixes without looking like a moron.

ANYWAY. He's knocked up a lovely victory over Minato, who reigned nice and peacefully with his lovely wife Kushina, who was a music major, and played...dun dun dun...cello. So, blah blah blah, similarities to actual Naruto plot, coup d'etas, Kushina dies giving birth to Naruto, ponies and rainbows. Except not.

Danzo, eating fried chicken on his recliner while dusky maidens fan him with palm fronds, is sending out arseloads of men to hunt Minato down. Minato manages to hang tight a while, and creates the Orchestra in loving memory of his wife, conducting the thing.

That is, until plot happens that I can't refer to you in my current state (Millennium Puzzle rofl) and Danzo wipes him out. So laying a bit more low now that their leader is dead, Tsunade (insert rest of Naruto plot in between that) conducts the Orchestra...who keeps the spirit going, I suppose. It's full of holes at the moment.

But I suppose I'll reveal more background story later on when it's not so spoilerific. ;D

...And some others. Fun stuff.

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