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Author has written 22 stories for Yu-Gi-Oh GX, Naruto, Twilight, Code Geass, and Pandora Hearts.

This account is no longer active. For the stories that I dropped and abandoned, I will be posting a summarized version of what happened, plus fragments of what I had written. It's been too long, and I am a different person now than I was. I should have done this two years ago instead of disappearing without a word. I'm sorry, but I hope this repays you somewhat for all of your support.

On the brighter side, I'm really amazed that these stories have quite a few nice reviews, considering looking back on them, I wanted to puke half the time. :) Thank you very much, and I'm sorry for abandoning you all without even saying goodbye. I came back because I hope I'm not like that anymore and want to close off loose ends.

If you want to see what I'm up to now, then my go-to username is Pinkhearter13 (for the most part, on youtube).


9/07--Thank you so much for the four people who reviewed! Anonymous Weirdo, akatsukigirl1230, Claamchowder, and MiniTYou, you are the best people in the world, lol. If you're someone who reviewed after I posted this, then still thank you so much!!

I promise fluff between Suigetsu and Natsumi next chapter. It's long over-due... But guys, just so you remember, I haven't written the next chapter yet!! So if I don't post within a few days, that does not mean I'm never going to post it. Since all of you I mentioned were so nice to leave me a review, I will definitely post the next chapter, no doubt about it. (I didn't know begging for reviews worked, I thought it did the opposite lol... I'm so glad it did this time! I would've been shocked to see one reviewin a week, not four in a day. Maybe I should do this more often... Hehe, just joking! I'm not a review-whore, promise.)

Anyway, I'm done huzza-ing (lol) with joy, so I'll get right to the next chapter... Thank you again; all four of you are awesome.

8/31--Ok, no questions on where I went, where did you all go?? :P No one likes Loved and Lost anymore. Oh well, what a shame, I'll just withhold the next chapter (all edited and ready to go) until I see at least ONE person reading and liking it. :'( Ackkk, why? LOl, I'm just joking; I'm not like that. But one person reading and liking it would really help with the chapter AFTER this next one... which isn't even written yet... So just one person? Review? S'il vous plait? I loove that story, and I hope other people do, as well.

Also... I hate to say this, but... I decided yesterday, slept on it, re-decided, thought more . . . and came to the conclusion that Sasuke has lost my support. This is OFFICIAL! He's crossed my line after chapter 461, after I so kindly extended it for him in chapter 460... -rolls eyes- He's been pushing it with me, ever since he decided to "deeeestrrrrrrooy Konohhhaa!" too, so this was not a spur-of-the-moment decision. SASUKE IS A MORON! KILLLL HIMMM, DESTROOOY HIM (hehe, jk jk, he hasn't made it on my black-list yet... though he's getting there -_-). So due to this, it's sorta hard to keep him relatively "nice" in my stories, and I was already having trouble keeping him in character. If only I needed to edit Lost Control now! It would be perfect for venting on Sasuke. This decision isn't permanent, by the way. If Sasuke can miraculously redeem himself (which won't be easy considering all that he's done), then it's all good. Hmm, something like during the end of chapter 414 might work... Otherwise... nope, sorry, Sasuke.

But as always, Suigetsu remains my personal favorite. :) I don't see him getting his sorry ass saved by some awesome dude who breaks his legendary sword along the way, and then I especially don't see Suigetsu saying "I don't neeeeeed your help, loser!" Yea, I can't see Suigetsu doing that... He's way more mature than that. Even though... he kills... and likes it... Whatever, he's cool.

That is all.

Old 8/16--Where did I go? I went on WOW, with its great massive online multiplayer system, complete with drama, addicting settings, thrill, and more! LOl, I really should have been done with Loved and Lost's chaptersa lot sooner, but... World of Warcraft calls... Anyway, after a full summer of non-stop gaming (lol, jk, my bro played a lot too... we share the gaming computer, so... yea... surprisingly we never got into a fight over it. Yet. So I only played half the time), I decided it was time to finish these two scenes that have been bugging the hell out of me for ages. Now I have four chapters ready.

Shattered Hearts however is another story (hehe, pun). I will update when I get the transitions done, but it is so freaking boring. So I'm not sure how that will work out. Once I get the transitions though, I will have a HUGE supply of chapters at the ready.

So yep, I AM still working for those of you who think I'm dead, and I AM sorry for those of you who are mad. :P Wow has gotten boring, and school is starting. This means, more writing, and less gaming. See you on the 23rd, or before if I happen to transition my Shattered Heart scenes. Then the day after the 23rd, it will be back to school, lol.

5/something--Hey guys, uh... well, my dog just passed on. We had to put her to sleep because she had leukemia. So I was getting really close to updating Loved and Lost and Shattered Hearts, but now I'm not sure that's going to happen. Since the next chapter in Lost Control is ready, I'll update that sometime this weekend. But I can't say whether I'll be more online or more offline for the next month or so because it really shook my family up (including me). So sorry for more and more inconvenience. Talk to you later.

4/11--Well, guess what! I am officially hooked up with an internet now, and officially back and ready to go! Well, kinda... Haha. Technically I was back yesterday, but I forgot to make the anouncement. So anyway, I have a lot of catching up to do, so I may be much slower than I normally am. Not a big surprise, knowing me. :P I will update Shattered Hearts tomorrow or today, and then if I get to it, Loved and Lost sometime next week. Then there's reviews, new chapters, and PMs as well, and then I've gotta "advise" my friend Splasher about her little idea (dk why she wants me to, she's a waaay better writer than me), and then... Hmm. Well, guess that is it. I'll get back to business shortly. Cya. :-)

3/28--I just went through all my Naruto one-shots, and edited my stupid, stupid mistakes. :-) I didn't add much, so there's no point in reading them again. Just for new people who chance upon them. Soon I will be getting into my Naruto chaptered fics, and then after that, my Yu-Gi-Oh fics. I won't be editing Code Geass stuff for a while since it's still fresh on my mind.

Also I have a VERY IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT. I may not be posting or doing anything for the next three to five months because I am remodeling my house. The reason I've been pretty much inactive the past few weeks is because of all the preparation moving out for those five months needs. Man, I'm worn out. But anyway, the house I'm moving into might not have an internet connection, so I may just have to sit still and cry in a corner for a while... I'll miss Shippuden, and Code Geass dub, and ... and... -sniffs- all your awesome fanfictions... BUT hopefully it will have an internet connection (it just might because I know my other family members will die without one). Problem is I won't know till I actually get there, so just letting you know now I might disappear more than usual for about four months. Hopefully that will give me more time to actually WRITE instead of read things over and over again. -rolls eyes at self- Cya then in four months or next week. :P Bye!

EDIT: I'm just about to post Shattered Hearts Chapter 8. Thank you for all the reviews, they all made my day!! :D Also, if I get to it, I might update Lost Control, too... But no promises. Um, yeah, but those will be my last updates for a LONG time unless the place I'm moving to has an internet connection--just to let you know, it probably doesn't. Thanks, bye.

2/24--Um, yeah, most of you heard that I would update Loved and Lost this weekend... Well... Unfortunately due to the little log-in glitch (>> man, i almost went insane), I was unable to do that. So instead I'll be updating this weekend. Seriously... I was going to go crazy... Stupid glitch, haha. :D Well cya!

2/17--EDIT!!--sorry, I thought today was the 17th but apparently it's the 19th (my bro just told me), so... Sorry, guess Suigetsu's birthday was yesterday, oops--YAY! Lost documents recovered, and new computer, so... Replyin' to my E-mails, and... Getting ready to Update Loved and Lost and Lost Control (I just realized a vast majority of my fics start with L, haha)... No borrowing Eliza's or my bro's computer... And getting back on track... Oh which reminds me, tomorrow is Suigetsu's birthday!! :O :O :O But the thing is, I didn't realize it until just yesterday... So I don't have anything prepared. :'( So maybe I'll write a little one-shot next weekend. :D Hehe. Well, gotta go answer E-mails (oh man, this will be forever)... Don't expect the updates till tomorrow or the weekend unless I get lucky. :P Cya!

New Policy:

All of you may be wondering where the hell I've been these last few months. I abandoned my account because I'm a lazy ass who can't stand to reply to millions of E-mails, and and I've just barely realized that there's no way I'm going to get around that in the near future.

So basically what's going to happen is I'm going to delete all my previous messages (lest they be reviews, in which I'll will reply to them at some point), and then I'll just start over. If you want to talk to me, then please PM me again, and I'll answer within a few days (as long as they're aren't too many).

As for people's story updates, I've decided... I'm only reviewing if I actually HAVE something to say because I really just don't want to abandon again, and having to review millions of stories a day makes me want to do that.

My final remark. I am also not going to be perfect about updating anymore (not that I ever was, but I did try). I'll update when I have time and when I feel like it. The more reviews I get, the more likely I am to update, but I'm not guaranteeing anybody anything.

Hope that makes my boring, uneventful life clear, lol.

General Information:

Name Yeah, my name is Selena Evans. And, stalkers, if you look in the phone book, don't come crying to me if there's a million other people with the name Selena Evans in there. Sorry.
Age I am 16. And again, I apologize if there's millions of other Selena Evanses with the age of 16.
Gender OMG! I'm a FEMALE!
Where I Live Uh... Well, I have two addresses, and one is false. One is in California, and one is in Georgia. As for which address I actually live in, feel free to guess.
More Obviously I love writing and reading. =) I also just love drawing!! And watching anime!! =D And Runescape. My username is xpirategirl. And I hide (even from my own friends) on Runescape. So feel free to add me, and I'll make it easy for you so that you never have to talk to me.
How I do Reviews When you see a review from me, expect it to...
1-Have criticism (IF needed) =)
2-Not be one of those fangirlish "OMG IT'S SO COOL!!111!! U G2 UPDATE SOON! I LUV IT!"... LOL, well... I may get excited here and there, but I don't really use too many word shortcuts or those annoying "1"s instead of exclamation points. LOl--yes, yes, I am going to say "lol" not "laugh out loud" for all those who wondered and messaged me (mmhmm, that means you, Eliza. Silly. :P)
3-I usually review while I'm reading, so I'll usually put a specific part I really liked instead of just an overall "I loved it." If I forget... well, I was either too lazy, or I was lying about how much I liked the story. LOl. But usually it's because I'm in a hurry, so don't think too much of it.

-If you're one of those people who get excited when you see just two reviews, paste this into your profile.

My Great Friends:

Hey, suscribe to these people!! They're all my friends, and they all have great stories!! (BTW, these are NOT in ANY WAY in ANY specific order... because it makes me too confused to try to do them in any other order than alphabetical)

Kaira-chan15, (man, she has the same opinions as me on almost EVERYTHING! Her stories are great!! :O)

LostForever06, (who is so, so cool because she has similar opinions, too!! Her stories are also great!!)

-Splasher- (also so, so cool with great stories and thoughts. She's creepy sometimes though... with her OC's...)

Vampiress22, (and cool, as well, and similar opinions--SasuSaku forever, lol--and is a really great author!!)

Hehe, catch my drift? They're all cool, have similar opinoins, and have great stories. Read them!! :D :D

About My Writing:

Hmm. I like romance really. I used to be up for action and dark stuff, but really, I'm in love with romance stories. I also do angst and stuff, and yes, I'll admit I still do like dark and mysterious stories... But mainly romance. All my stories will have SOME couple in it... However obscure that couple may be. So in that case, I'll list my favorite couples.

Code Geass Lelouch x C.C. (and nothing else! No! No Lelouch x Kallen! No Suzaku x C.C! JEEEEZZZ, people, what's WRONG with you who don't like this COUPLE--ahem, rant over); Gino x Kallen (it's official if you look closely on the wedding pic at the last episode); Suzaku x Euphemia, but since Euphie kinda... well, you know... Suzaku x Nunnally (because seriously, in season 2 Nunnally is the next Euphemia). I also really like Ohgi x Viletta, and Todoh x that woman who says "traitor" every other word, but since I'm kinda into teenagers, you won't see any of that with me. Haha.

Naruto SasuSaku, SasuKarin, SasuTen, SasuIno (omg, no way), SasuHina, and SasuOC. All depends on my mood... Uh... -counts- Yeah, I guess in my head, Sasuke is a man-whore, hahahahahaha... ha... ha... not funny. Anyway. NaruSaku (don't kill me... I do like it). Hmm... ShikaIno (aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, you see that ShikaTem likers--ahem...). OH! I almost forgot. SuiKa, oh yeah! And honestly I can't remember the rest. But I do NOT write NaruHina or boring, obvious ones that I don't like. Haha. I still read the ones I don't like sometimes though.

Bleach Hmm. I used to like Ishihime. And Ichi x Orihime's friend at school. And Renji x Rukia. But I've changed. I like ICHIGO x Orihime, occasionally Ichigo x Neliel, Renji x meeeeeeee (haha, jk), and Rukia can just go die for all I care, lol. Just joking, Renji x Rukia. But I'm not that into Bleach, and I'm not going to be writing anything for it anytime soon.

Yu-Gi-Oh GX I don't write much about it anymore, but... Zane x Jasmine, Jaden x Alexis, Aster x Mindy. Syrus x Dark Magician Girl.

About My Stories:

(--Note--I changed it and only put stories that I had something to comment on (like saying there would be a sequel or something). Hope you all don't mind. --Note--)


Complete. A one-shot in Yu-Gi-Oh GX for a random couple (ZanexJasmine). I actually had a lot of fun with this one, but I know a lot of people think it's not quite finished. So there is going to be a sequel. The question is "when?" LOl. Uh, Hell if I know? Probably a year, two years, three years? Who knows? God does, I guess, and I wish He would tell me.

A Christmas Kiss
Complete. Another one-shot!! I posted it at exactly Christmas day =D There are spoilers from the Naruto manga (you only need to know who Team Hebi is, and what their purpose is), and that's all. It's SuiKa!! I love that couple =) There might be a sequel, but probably not. Maybe next New Years or something?

Hope for the Damned
Complete. One-shot for Twilight. The first fanfiction I ever posted in the Twilight section and ever wrote in first person!! Cool, huh? It's not too hard writing in first person with a one-shot unfortunately, but it was very exciting writing in first person:-D It was actually the entry to the Writers Anonymous challenge. And there will be a sequel... someday in a million years.

Loved and Lost
In-Progress. A highschool fanfiction! One of the first ever on this site to include Team Hebi! Yay!! It will have a sequel!! Hopefully. Yes, it will definitely have a sequel. :-)

Oh and for this one, I finally summoned up the courage to post my drawing for the OC on deviant art. (I haven't posted anything really on deviant art except for that.) When I first came up with idea for this one, I started writing the first chapter... And then I drew the OC on one of my notebook papers to be able to describe her. But it's probably not that good, and the picture quality is really bad, so... Here's the link if anyone wants to see:

Lost Control:
In-Progress. It's already finished, and who knew? I'm too horrified with it to even edit the next chapter and post. I'm trying though... It's just hard for me for some weird reason. It was inspired by this awesome, perfect, amazing story (and my story isn't even in the same league unfortunately):


(Sometime around the 5th week of April) Silent Promises: Another SuiKa! This one, I wrote a long, long, long, LONG time ago. Like six months ago; nah, not even that. A year ago. (UPDATE: Well, actually two years now.) Why haven't I posted it yet, you may ask? Because Suigetsu and Karin aren't in Shippuden!! :-O So the date I post this will be when Suigetsu and Karin make their first appearance in Shippuden! It will be a celebration! LOl. I've calculated that it'll be sometime early in April--probably closer to the week of the 5th (yes, I'm obsessed enough to calculate that). But who's really sure? Shippuden shows specials, skips weeks, does weird . . . things . . . But still it'll probably be sometime in April. (UPDATE: darn, my calculation failed due to the dratically long filler, so add about another two months :P) As long as you watch Shippuden, you won't be spoiled. But if you do read the manga, you'll find strange differences between it and the cannon universe. Why? Because I wrote it before I knew some people were kind of . . . dead. Hehe, hope you enjoy it when I finally post it. :-D

(Unknown date in the Future) A Broken Bell and a Heartless Hero: I dreamed a tiny segment of this idea, and my dreams tend to be a "little" strange--my bro thinks I'm insane because of them. But basically it's about two childhood "friends" who find each other alive when they both thought the other was dead. One of those childhood friends is Sasuke. The other is an OC (nope, nice guess. I was NOT the OC in my dream. I was the camerama--oops, uh, camerawoman. :D As usual. I always am.). I wasn't going to do this idea originally, but after a few months, I realized that Sasuke x OC would be a huge challenge. So I wrote as much as I could, and it's almost finished. It will have spoilers up until manga chapter 410, but no further.

Summary: He left her to die, and she ran away. Things would never be the same again. But now Madara is using her to get closer to Sasuke, and they find themselves battling old feelings that belonged only in their past. SasukeOC.

(Who Knows When) Code Geass R3: Return of the Rebellion: Because nobody is anybody if they don't write one of those... The fandom is literally OVERFLOWING with those. But still... Mine will be the first to have Lelouch AND C.C. as HUGELY main characters AND battle scenes continuously. Hahahahaha.

Summary: He made a promise to her that she would smile. He made a promise to Nunnally that he would create a gentle world. But fifty years later, both promises can't work out at once, and Lelouch and C.C. find each other even farther apart than they were at the start. LLxCC.

(Again, I don't know) Code Geass: Hers: Uh, Lelouch finds a diary! And he reads it! Who knew? It will be set Post R2 15. Because obviously if that witch was around to see him reading it, Lelouch would be screwed big time...

Summary: Everyone is gone. But when he finds the diary of his last hope, he finds comfort. He makes sure this new, unfamiliar C.C. in his witch's place never experiences the same pains listed in her old self's diary. LLxCC.

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In a world, where the one you need doesn't love you in return, and in a land, forcing you to make the toughest decisions of your life, Rock Lee struggles to do the right thing for Tenten... and his dream. [Oneshot] [Rock Lee x Tenten]
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Yu-Gi-Oh GX - Rated: K+ - English - Angst - Chapters: 1 - Words: 4,080 - Reviews: 12 - Favs: 19 - Follows: 5 - Published: 9/1/2007 - Edo P., Jaden Y./Jūdai Y. - Complete
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