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Name: Megan

Age: Unkown going on 8,576 - and still kicking!

Gender: Female

Location: Who are you kidding I ain't telling you that. Lets just say I live in my own little world...though it is kinda large. Hmmmm.

Favorite Stories: Dragon's general all fantasy I suppose.

Favorite Movies: Ummmm, I'll have to think about that...

NOTE: DP has been taken off of because of personal reasons and the fact that I haven't been able to work on it anymore. Hogwart's Daughter will remain here but is on hiatus until I have time to write.

Since the fourth grade I've wished to become an author, most of my stories I can truthfully say used to be games I would play when I was little, or dreams I've recently had. I love to tell the stories of others, let the history of their lives be remembered if even for a day. I hope that you enjoy my stories, though I myself have no personal self-confidence. Most likely anything I write will be in the Misc.Books, since I prefer to create my own personaes instead of working off of ones other authors have already created.

But please tell me if my stories suck, -cough-I already think they do-cough-, and also if you think I should write more, at the moment I think I'll only write one. That one being Demonic Prophecies and for any grammer thingies that I need to fix. I hate editing so I try to avoid it, which most of the time isn't a good thing...oh well, no one's perfect. Atleast I hope not, that would be scary.

Okay, so I lied. I now have an amazing count of two, yes two, fanfics. Be proud! I wasn't originally going to post Hogwart's Daughter (strange name I know, but I couldn't think of anything else) until I finished Demonic Prophecies but I decided to after Tasha gave me death threats since I'm only letting her read the first posted chapter and keeping the plot from her. Don't ask about where the idea came from, once again it was just something I played as a kid, a very little kid, a.k.a. perhaps two years ago. Ah yes how my youth has fled me.

I now have an illustrator for Demonic Prophecies. Her name is Roni and she's a friend from school. You should see her drawings, they're soo good. She has such talent. I would be paying her, but she refuses to let me. -pouts- oh well. Maybe I should make her a character of her own. Hmm. But if you want to see some of her drawings just go to and search for DemonicBlood296.

Anyway Thanx, Read my books if they ever get published, or if I ever finish them. o.O

Personal "Quote" Thingies:

'At sunrise I was born

At sunset I died

But at high noon is what I’ll always be remembered for'

“Books aren’t just packets of paper weighed down with words and held together with twine. They are places, they are people and occasions and history. Books are love and devotion, hate and betrayal. They house knowledge, they hide friend and foe, they share emotion and ideas. Books are warmth, hospitality, and family. Books are my life and the world would be empty without them.”

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Dragon Tails by Lady Kellyn reviews
Alys is plagued by horrible nightmares that won't go away. Meanwhile, Selendrile is planning to abandon least for the winter. But little do they know that the town of Quinn is not what it seems... Alys/Selendrile Dragon's Bait, Vivian Vande Velde
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Dragon's Bait by Vivian Vande Velde: Alys's breath was coming quickly, matching the pounding of her heart and the muted slap of her running feet on the mossy, damp earth of the forest floor. She ran as though the hounds of hell were on her tail. ch.7
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Nicole's World by Restless Dreaming Spirit reviews
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The Potential Client by Wink987 reviews
When Naru takes the case, SPR go to where the 'hauntings' take placea local lighthouse. While the case isn't all that it seems, what will Naru do when the client has his sights set on Mai and doesn't seem like he's going to let her go free? Naru and Mai!
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She looked at him, a smile of pure delight on her face as fairies flew around in joy, and the whole realm stood to welcome her, once glorious applause that shook the entire palace… Fauns POV about the event before, during, and after the movie.
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He hovered over me, inches from reaching out and touching my exposed skin.My eyes blurred in and out of focus, fear clouding my mind, his hand…that blood splattered hand was reaching closer…so close...“Just a little longer my dear...
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