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Yo! I'm ZoharSkarth! A young artisan and amatuer writer. I like to critique and review other's work to motivate improvement. I'm like the opposite of a flamer. I encourage writers and guide them if I see an error. I really hope I'm helping.

I like everything (so much that I couldn't possibly tell you it would take so long that you'd grow ear hair and need a new kidney).

I sculpt, paint, sew, ect. My main art goal is to master as many mediums as possible. I've created costumes (my favorite being Kyuubi no Kitsune, pictures are in my deviantart site!), life size animal sculptures, award winning paintings, ect. Most mediums I've used at least once, anything from foam to bronze! I believe that creativity in all of its many forms needs and deserves to be nurtured.

I love language in all of it's many forms. I speak english, spanish, japanese, and know minimal and basic french and german. I also enjoy singing in swahili and in hindi. I love to read and write essays to prove topics and state my ideas on a formal and knowlegdeable manner. For fiction writting though, I'm sadly lacking in experience. Especially in fanfiction. It's still a new concept to me to write about another's characters and base a plot off of a pre-existing plot. I don't even really know how ff.net escapes copy right laws... Unless it's based in a country where those laws fail to exist. Also that no other country is allowed (or cares enough) to cross their border and enforce copy right legislation.

My favorite authors are Stephanie Meyer, for her rendition of unconditional love; Jack London for his interpretation of nature's most primordial laws; and Thomas Hobbes, for his dark and thought provoking thesises on true human nature.

Theo Jansen always makes me want to prove myself in this world, and is a limitless source of rid in humanity. His work, now that is one thing of art I have yet to fully unravel and recreate. Please, if you don't know him, youtube search him. He's amazing. A genius among the elite of minds, a brilliant archetect, inventor, and artist! The next Leonardo da Vinci to grace humanity since the very man himself!

I like to volunteer. I do so often. Art events, charity auctions, food drives, cleaning up natural areas, zoo keeping for a local zoo, teaching young artists, talking and listening to the elderly, yatta yatta. I plan on not owning up to the usual teenage hype and being a self-intoxicated being. Maybe it's my Marxist streak? Anyway, society before the individual. That is especially to me. If I gave my life to improve society, then I would instantly. No regrets. People do need to see that we as a whole of humanity need to ban together and banish the idea that we are more important than the whole. It's not true. Sorry, at first it kinda sucks to own up to. "yeah, Society and humanity are so much more important then me, the individual. And thereefore, I must do ANYTHING to aid the whole of human society no matter what the cost." But in the end, I find that I'm more at peace and happy with me, the world, and my place therein.

My DeviantArt site Go see it if you so choose. Yeah... if you want ot conatact me and are too lazy to figure out my email, it's zoharskarth@yahoo.com contact me. I'm friendly, and won't bite. Promise.

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Spring Fever reviews
Spring sets in and along with it some side effects for the three oldest of the flock. The bird genetics kick in a little more than usual and send them into unkown territory. With hormones, friction, and arguaments abound how will they manage? R&R please.
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GODSPIT reviews
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