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Author has written 11 stories for Lord of the Rings, Clare B. Dunkle, Harry Potter, Meet the Robinsons, Soul Eater, and Legend of Zelda.

Allo and welcome to my profile. Naturally, this isn't my true name (though if it were I'd be a pretty interesting person-after all who else's mother would choose that name as well as a number?).

Special Thanks to UnkemptMind who (tired of my doodle) sent me a sleeker pic for my profile XDDD A Very Awesome Upgrade

I am a fan of Lord of the Rings. My favorites characters include: Elladan, Elrohir, Elrond, Glorfindel, Legolas, and Thranduil (Though I'd be lying if I didn't admit that I've a soft spot for Estel and Gandalf.)

I fear I am not fond of hobbits-Ironic, as most of the stories are framed about them. I suppose my dislike is that there was too much eating and not enough action. (I think they're alright in brief occassions, but I doubt I'll center any of my stories on them. No offense meant to hobbit admirers...I just prefer elves.)

I don't write or read slash and I think incest is revolting.

I believe that deep friendships and familial affection are a guide to happiness and success-so my stories will promote that.

I'm also a fan of the Harry Potter universe. I absolutely adore Regulus Black (even though there's probably only four sentences about him in the series, sigh).

I have a love/hate relationship with Sirius Black--he likes to creep his way into my stories.

And I think Snape, actually would've been a good friend, if you could gain his trust.

PET PEEVES: (the rant that has slowly been building up in me over the years)

Non-canon siblings: They irk me, they really do. Oftentimes, they're blatantly 'original characters,' 'self-inserts,' or worse 'god-type-mary-sues' that are THRUST into the limelight and steal the show. For some reason it feels like a slap in my face whenever a writer goes 'laaaaa you'll love MY sibling for so-and-so.' I won't. I loved so-and-so how he was. And it especially irritates me whenever they (non-can sibs) crop up in families where canon-ically there was an only child--as if having an only child (and being happy with just him/her) is some cardinal sin. make a long story short...I will NEVER give a CANON character a made-up sibling: biologically, adopted, longlost, robotic, inter-dimensional, cloned or otherwise.

So nobody has to worry about me jumping the shark in THAT particular fashion. : D so I hope some of you readers can breathe easy now.

Mary-Sues: the most beautiful, awesome, super-powered, smartest, blah-blah-blah-de-blah that the world has ever known...and oh yeah, EVERYBODY EVERYWHERE loooooves them...eeeyeah, they tick me off...end of story.

Useless Adults: Not ignorant, not emotionally fragile, not purposely neglectful...USELESS. You know what I mean; those Cardboard Cut-Out Parents who have maybe 5 lines of dialogue in the whole piece and when they're voice box button is activated usually consists of "Do your homework!" and "Clean your room" regardless of the plot, tension, setting, or theme of the story. (ie they usually appear only in the first and last chapter and add no depth whatsoever to the plot)

Melodramatic Example:

Me: The world is about to explode via a doomsday device!

Cardboard Parent: Did you finish your homework? : D

Me: W-we HAVE to do something quick.

Cardboard Parent: After you fold your laundry, your sister needs to use the washer and dryer next. : D DDD :

Writing Quirks: I believe that characters have to suffer to appreciate joy; so there will be angst! Lots of it! Heed it as a warning!

REVIEW!! I don't know if you liked it or disliked it (You're free to have an opinion) unless you review!

And it makes me sad (cough lazy) when you don't...and then I have no motivation to update.



Splintered: Its set in Rivendell during the twins' youth. A young Arwen has been born and has stolen all the attention. With the twins caught in that rough age between childhood and adolescence, they're desperate for guidance. Unfortunately, their family seems to be too busy fussing over their sister to notice. Fearful of rejection, they rely on each other for advice. Feelings will be hurt and reckless decisions will be made; Elrond will have to gather his wayward children before they stray beyond his grasp.

(If I was forced to age them, as people keep asking me too, I'd say they were probably around 10...ish. Just old enough to get a bunch of responsibilities, not quite as much cuddling, and a lot of pressure to succeed. By the end they'll probably be around 12...ish.)

(Again I know, it's been forever since my last update. I've been battling with Writer's Blockzilla. However I should finally have an update out by the end of this week. LOL--I've had this line here for ages...and you all know it's a lie: but I'm such an optimist, I actually BELIEVE it XDDD)

Curiosity: A young Catspaw goes on a mission to the outside with his father. The outing was supposed to be pleasant, educational, and probably boring-but things seldom go as planned. Eager to know about this strange new world, Catspaw lets his curiosity get the better of him and he wanders off. A sinister figure takes this opportunity to capture the young goblin, throwing the Hollow Kingdom in jeopardy, terrifying the royal family, and infuriating a certain Goblin King.

(It's a spin off from the "Hollow Kingdom Trilogy" by Susan B. Dunkle. (The first book was my favorite.) Anyways this focuses on Catspaw, who I always felt didn't get enough attention. It's going to be an AU, since there's nothing in the trilogy to suggest that Catspaw had any action before the 3rd book.)

(Wooo! Updated this one! Let that alone be proof to all that I NEVER ABANDON ANY FIC EVERRRR!!! XDDDD)

Foreshadowing Demise: After Sirius Black falls through the veil, he winds up in the most unlikely place imaginable: the past. His crash-landing in Knockturn Alley leads to a chance meeting with his estranged younger brother and the formation of a wild idea. Disguising himself as a student, Sirius Black goes to Hogwarts--hoping to relay his secrets to Dumbledore. He feels that this could be the greatest opportunity. He could save Lily and James, defeat Voldemort, and Regulus as well. Sirius soon finds the last may be the most difficult of all.

Huzzah for Slytherin prejudice, peer pressure, desperate ambition, family loyalty, death eater fanaticism, and brotherly animosity!

Sirius Black and the Evil Dark Lord Harry Po-ederson: Right before the Black brothers board the Hogwarts Express, Regulus finds himself unintentionally captured by a supposedly Dark Wizard from the future. (cough Harry Potter--by accident!) Now Sirius' friends and enemies must combine forces to save his baby brother before it's "too late."

Cheers for misadventure, overprotective older brothers, first-years in peril, snarkiness, maruading mischief, and first-aid for scraped knees.

T for swearing by the "Dark Wizard" and for Sirius' violent imagination

Once Upon a Time Machine: Cornelius struggles to achieve his Happily Ever After with Franny, the love of his life. He's knows they're meant to be, so why does everything keep coming in-between!?

T for implied swearing and implied naughty thoughts --Nothing explicit--all between the lines, so its only as dirty as YOUR gutter mind XDDD

The Trouble With Goobs: Mikey Yagoobian Jr's father seems too wrapped up in his baseball fame to notice his son feels neglected. The boy blames it all on his Dad's first little league victory thirty years ago. When he learns that altering the time-space continuum is NOT beyond his grasp--CHAOS ensues for Wilbur and Cornelius Robinson!

Complete: Yay, by jove I've got...FOUR! HUZZAH!!!

Residual Requiem: Severus Snape examines his memories of Regulus Black--the good, the bad, the depressing. It's a sad, fluffy flick showcasing the softer side of Slytherins. After all, in Slytherin, you find your real friends. (One shot--though if I get enough reviews wanting more--I may add another chapter.)

Happily Ever Never: Franny Framagucci has no luck in the romance department. Clearly, kick-butt girls who love frogs don't wind up with Prince Charming. (One shot--though if I get reviews demanding more--I could add some drabbles ;P)

Focus: Constantly underestimated, Wilbur Robinson lives in his parents' shadows. How do you show the world what you're worth, when no one will give you a chance? How can you win, when not even YOU are on your side? Even the most optimistic individuals have moments of doubt.

Contamination: Death the Kidd succumbs to Insanity. Order must be restored--even Death Gods are no exception. (One shot--Pretty Dark--could do a Part 2 if there's a demand--otherwise it stands alone just fine)


I really am thinking about starting a collection called Regulus the Ignorant Pureblood. Heh, heh. One person IS interested. XDDD Yaaaay!

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