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Hello everyone in this awesome world!! I am Joel, one of the fabled members of the team "Wild Fantasy". Okay not fabled, but at least I can dream. :)

Stories shall come in due time.

Personal Info(because I want to):

Age: I am now legal

Hobbies: Routinely hitting on the gals, reading books, working out, having a great conversation with friends, video games, annoying the hell out of my closest friends

Favorite foods: Steak and meatballs

Favorite animal: viper

Unfavorite thing: Twilight series and everything that has to do with it

Biggest wish: getting my damn X-Box 360 from Jose

Words of wisdom: Nice guys finish last if they are f'ing passive and let the big dorks hog the glory.

Future Stories:

Shin Megami Tensei Section

1. The Princess Chronicles This story is about a princess named Sera who was always overshadowed by her elder twin Naoki. Her parents love him more than her. He receives a High Power and is deemed a great king after his "Coming of Age" ritual. Sera, on the other hand, receives a little-known power called the "Song of the Goddess". It is this power that connects Sera to a prophecy that concerned a future war of the worlds. Her power may save them all.

2. Between Fire and Ice Sera was found alone and hurt in the wasteland by Serph, leader of the famous Embryon Tribe. Taken in to their base, Sera learns their ways of life, taught to her by her new dear friends Argilla and Cielo. Sadly, a war broke out between this tribe and another, and Sera, living in a content way with her newfound family, was immediately trained as a soldier. Learning to fight, she caught the attention of not only the leader of her unit, Heat, but she had also was the object of Serph's interest. Knowing full well that they were rivals, she was afraid if they ever fought for her. It could probably mean the end of the Embryon and their future.

Final Fantasy Section

1. Story pending, will get back to the description. (brb lol)

Sonic the Hedgehog

1. The Growth of Amy Rose (Sorta based on "The Charm School") Amy is an oddball who is part of one of the richest families of the land. Just before she can't take more of her sad life, a woman invites her to a trip of sorts. Little did Amy know that she would travel with pirates. Little less did she know that she would fall in love with the aloof captain, Sonic. Sonamy

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