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I am a Yaoi and Yuri Fanboy!!! NO, I am NOT gay NOR bi, I just prefer yaoi and yuri stories over heterosexual ones, but I love those, too. And I support Bunnies across the world!!! Save bunnies everywhere!!! (Then eat them!!! LOL!!!)

Bold is my favorite pairing.

Italics is my second favorite.

Favorite Yaoi Pairings (Seme is the first and Uke is the second)


Sasuke x Naruto, Shikimaru x Naruto, Neji x Naruto


Koga x Inuyasha, Inuyasha x Miroku, Inuyasha x Shippou (Rare, but cute), InuMiroShippou (They gang-up on poor Shippou)


Brock x Ash, Ash x Pikachu (SO wrong, yet SO right), Meowth x Pikachu, Ash x Brock x Tracey x Gary x Paul (WOW!!! ASH YOU WHORE!!! WOW!!! Just imagine that in your head!!! LOL!!!)


Yami x Yugi, Joey x Yugi, Tristen x Joey

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX:

Jaden x Syrus

FullMetal Alchemist:

Ed (by himself), Roy x Ed


Ichigo x That guy...You know the one with the white hair and he is short and he is a squad captain...ummm-oh yeah!!! Toushirou

Favorite Yuri Stories


Ino x Sakura, Ino x Hinata


Kagome x Sango, Ayame x Sango, Ayame x Kagome


Misty x Dawn, Misty x May

Favorite Dude/Chick Stories


Kiba x Hinata (So Cute; she is so shy and he is so... well, not shy)


Inuyasha x Kikyo, Miroku x Sango, (I am not sure about this one but here goes...) Shippou x Kirara (Is Kirara a female or male? Please E-mail me the answer.)


Ash x Misty, Ash x May, Ash x Dawn, Brock x Battle Pike Queen Lucy (Too bad the ONE girl that actually likes Brock back will never tell him. -...), Pikachu x Ash's Chikorita


Yami x Terra, Joey x Terra, Tristen x Terra, Seto x Terra


Ichigo x Rukia (Spelling?)

And that is it.


There! I support the KING bunny!! Copy and paste the KING bunny into your profile so he can gain world wide dominance! You may ask why. Duh, because he is a king.



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