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Ben 10 OCs basic info

Omnitrix Aliens

A cute, small, fluffy, white haired feline-like alien that makes Ben sound and look "disgustingly" adorable. The outer parts of special organs in it's chest appear metallic, and look like a silver collar with gemstones framing the Alien's neck connecting with smooth curved spikes coming from the back at the shoulder. Sparky's name was given by Gwen (because Ben lost a bet sometime before he activated) This is Gwen favorite recent alien because of how cute and easy it is to mess with Ben in this from, plus finds the harmless tingly electric shocks he gives off upset by her teasing pleasing. The Omnitrix as has a habit of keeping Ben as Sparky for unusual longer then any of the other aliens. Ben sometimes really dislikes Sparky.

Powers/abilities: Sparky can sniff out electrical energy and anything with similar properties, and then draw, adsorb, store and utilize this power trough its fangs, claws and special organs in its body. When charged up, the gemstone like parts of the organs glow brighter and brighter and he becomes more energetic. He's able to produce "explosive" ball lightning, streams of electrical bolts and shape/twist the power in his body in unique ways.

Greatest weakness: Sparky is smell in size, physically weak and cannot generate much if any harmful electrical power itself (this because what Ben becomes at current is a cab of Sparky's species), so without stored power this alien is near helpless to threats only having its cat-like reflexes for escaping danger. Also if Sparky adsorbs too much energy it can Ben can suffer power backlash

Knock Out(sometimes called KO for short)
Knock Out is a tall, bulky, bronze colored humanoid shaped alien with huge odd arms. The forehead, forearms, legs and torso of Knockout are covered in armored plates that are vibration-resistant. KnockOut's name come when Ben used him for the first time in a fight with Vulkanus and SixSix, where with one direct hit to the jaw sent Vulkanus fly across the area crashing in to the side of a cavern and being knocked out cold for over half-an-hour. The name was so fitting after that Ben couldn't think of anything better at that time.

Powers/abilities: KnockOut bizarre forearms are designed in a way that compress and pressurize air tight in them before releasing it all in devastating focused punch from end of its fist. It's so powerful it can smash through reinforced concrete walls from at least 8 meters away and uppercut something the weight of around 2 tons off the ground.

Greatest weakness: Knockouts race comes from a planet with less gravity then earth, so when Ben is in this form he feels heavy and slow making combat harder for him. this weight makes Knock Out sink like a stone in water.

Synchro looks large reptilian beast with elongated necks and three heads in shape, but has insect like characteristics like a pair of antennae on each head, exoskeleton and three pairs of Insecta like wings. This aliens color changes with the temperature around it. The name Synchro was actually a nickname give by the plumbers with they come across this species from another galaxy long ago.After Hearing the name from grandpa Max and the meaning behind it, Ben had to agree that the name was perfect for this alien.

Powers/abilities: Synchro can fly by beat it wings at high speed. It can control the movement of it wings so well that it can use them crate vibrations in the air around it that can nullify and protect it self from most sound waves. It can pick up and analyze sound/ vibrations with it antennae when focusing itself, so it can detect things even in dark of areas, can produce and harmonic frequencies and wavelengths heads to do a variety of thing with sound, from mimicry to hypnosis and more.

Greatest weakness: Synchro's sound power are complex to use, and if the three heads aren't working together or fighting for control of bodily actions Synchro won't able to even walk without trouble. It doesn't help that each head, tho Ben through and through, take after Ben's most up front personality treats of stubbornness, playfulness and something else that you just can't put your finger on. This make it so Ben has to train with using this alien more then others to use it to it possible potential.

Rip claws
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Hyper Drive
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Spell Craftier
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Solar Blast
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