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Welcome, welcome everybody to my page!

I'm TheWitcherDom, and my goal is to bring you the best Witcher content on this site that I can! I know the fandom is relatively small, but i hope that everyone who is on here will come to love my story! I made the profile soley to post the story below and all its spinoffs. I hope that you all enjoy The Witcher: Through the Worlds, the story of Dominik of Cintra, and his journey to find and save his long-lost love and save his new family!

I'm also open to all respectful criticism, and suggestions for the story, i hope you all enjoy!


Follow the instagram for updates on the writing process, see official faceclaims and eventual artwork, interact with me if you wish, and see excerpts and behind the scenes from my writing! :)


The Witcher: Through the Worlds-COMPLETE

The story of young Dominik of Cintra, son of the former captain of Queen Calanthe of Cintra's royal guards. After the massacre of Cintra by the Nilfgaardean Empire in 1262, young Dominik's entire family was killed. Our young hero escaped, saving his best-friend, the woman he would come to love, Cirilla Fiona Ellen Riannon. After escaping with Ciri, the two wondered until they were found by the man linked to them by destiny Geralt of Rivia. Geralt took the two young children to the Witcher's fortress of Kaer Morhen, where for years they trained together, coming to fall in love with one another during the time. However, after young Ciri started to display the true powers that weigh inside her blood, Geralt took them both to learn from someone who hopefully would be able to teach her to control her abilities, Yennefer of Vengerberg.

Young Dominik for a short time had a family again in Yennefer, Geralt and the woman he loved in Ciri. However, tragedy would strike after Ciri and he were separated, with the young woman having to leave for Aretuza, to better control her powers. Their time apart proved to be longer than either of them planned, as soon after she left Ciri was forced to flee the magic school. Devastated, and determined to find his lost love, Dominik set out on what would be an eight-year long search to find her. During this time, he traveled the continent searching every lead that he could, until tragedy struck yet again. To his knowledge, both Yennefer and Geralt both died during the Rivian Pogram.

He began to lose hope, thinking both Geralt and Yennefer were dead, and Ciri all but out of his reach. His eight-year search for her seemed to almost be for naught, until he took a contract in the small remote village of Claywitch, where after eight years of searching, a spark of hope that he could reunite with his family was re-erupted.

The Young Wolf Alone: Tales of Dominik of Cintra- Coming Soon. (Short Story collection)

Before Dominik of Cintra set out on his journey with his adopted father Geralt of Rivia to find his long-lost love, the Young Wolf led a search of his own. In this volume of short stories, we will see more about what he went through to search for her. We'll learn about his first ever witcher contract, his near death at the hands of a bounty hunter when he was seventeen, the famous Battle of Brenna that he fought in, meeting his loyal mount Clop, and of course the infamous Pogram of Rivia, where he came up just short of finding and reuniting with Ciri. We will also see how he came to meet the members of his hansa, Freya Kaminski of Ellander, George of Toussiant, and Faram of Undvik. All while we see the psychological and physical toll that losing the love of his life had on our young hero.

The Great Northern Gambit: The First Push- IN PROGRESS. (Short Story)

After the defeat of Eredin and the Wild Hunt, Dominik and Ciri believe that they've earned a little time to themselves. However, when a contract goes wrong in Oxenfurt, they're brought before the new ruler of the Northern Kingdoms. Queen Adda of Redania. With it becoming ever more difficult for the two to hide Ciri from her tyrannical birth father Emhyr Var Emrys, the two decide to help Queen Adda and the Northern Realms make the first push back against the Black Ones. Their mission may seem impossible, but The Young Wolf and the Lady of Worlds are no stranger to impossible tasks.

The Witcher: Through the Worlds, The Man with a Heart of Stone- Coming Soon. (DLC1)

Based on the Hearts of Stone DLC, Dominik and Ciri get more then they bargained for when the accept a contract from a man named Olgierd Van Everec. After the job goes horribly wrong Dominik finds himself aboard a ship bound for Ofier, when he's saved by the mysterious Gaunter O'Dimm, master mirror. Now Dominik and Ciri both must race to complete three tasks set out by Olgierd, where the strength of their bond will be put to the test, as new difficult challenges appear before them, challenges that can't be solved with the sword. During this the Young Wolf will learn the true meaning of family, marriage and being a father, and what it means to truly love someone, all when he meets the man with the heart of stone.

The Witcher: Through the Worlds, Blood and Wine- Coming Soon. (DLC2)

One year after the defeat of Eredin and the Wild Hunt, Dominik and Ciri are becoming stronger and stronger by the day and loving every minute of their new life together. However, when Geralt comes to them, asking for help on what could be their adopted fathers last major contract, both of them eagerly agree to help him in his journey to the duchy of Toussaint. However, with a large delegation from Nilfgaard attending the annual tournament, Dominik is forced to leave Ciri behind for the first time in a year as he travels to help his adopted father. As the Young Wolf and the White Wolf track down the Beast of Beauclair, Dominik learns new lessons about the life of a witcher, and how to raise his child surprise, as he and Geralt go on what will prove to be one of the most dangerous contracts of their lives.

The Witcher: Through the Worlds, Pain and Remembrance- Coming Soon (DLC3)

Three years after the defeat of the Wild Hunt, Dominik of Cintra, the Young Wolf, and Cirilla Fiona Elen Riannon, The Lady of Worlds, finally think they have the peace together they've both been craving their whole lives. They travel from one end of the continent to the other, saving people, killing monsters, and all while training their daughter, their Child of Surprise, young now 16 year old Fiona of Claywitch. Young Fiona has had the best life a young witcher could ask for, her two parents love her in Dominik and Ciri, she's strong, fierce, and ready to forge her own destiny, her own legacy. But... how do you forge your own legacy, when your parents are saviors of the continent, heroes throughout the Northern Realms? It's a difficult ask that weighs on young Fiona's mind, something she thinks about often. However, when old enemies of her parents return, and kidnap Dominik and Ciri both, it's up to Fiona, to not let her anger and resentment overwhelm her, and gather all of her parents old friends an allies to rescue them. Where does she start? She heads south, to duchy of Toussaint, to the vineyard Corvo Bianco, to seek out her grandparents, the famous white wolf and the sorceress of vengerberg.

The White Wolf & His children- Coming Soon (Short Story Collection)

When reading The Witcher: Through the Worlds, did you at any point wonder what was going through Geralt's mind? What was his dream of Ciri, and Dominik like in White Orchard? What was going through his mind when he saw his adopted son and Yennefer both for the first time in years? What were his thoughts during the story’s major events, like when Ciri and Dominik finally reunited, or when he learned his adopted son had great powers awakening in his blood? What did he and Yennefer speak about during the Last Wish, or what did he think about during his quest to help Letho of Gullet? In this set of short stories, we'll see major events of The Witcher: Through the Worlds from the eyes of the White Wolf, as he watches his two children grow up in front of his eyes.

The Young Wolf & The Swallow- Coming Soon (Short Story Collection)

After eight years apart, Dominik and Ciri have FINALLY reunited. In those eight years the both of them went through and experienced more than any person their age should have had too. They missed out on the simple pleasures of life, and now that they have their freedom they're ready to make up for all that missed time. In a volume of short stories taking place between the end of The Witcher: Through the Worlds, and Hearts of Stone, we'll see our two young heroes enjoy some of the simplest pleasures of life, well... the pleasures of a witchers life that is. We'll see them take on contracts, go on dates, discover new places, perhaps even explore different worlds, as the both of them get to finally enjoy being with one another again...

The Witcher: Through the Worlds, The End's Beginning (Netflix/Book Adaption) The Witcher games and books aren't the only way to enjoy the witcher franchise! With the debut of the Netflix show, our favorite franchise finally came to the big screen! In this story, and the following sequels, it will an alternate reality to the main "The Witcher: Through the Worlds" story. In this story and all the sequels, we will follow what's been done so far by the Witcher Netflix series. The first book, 'The End's Beginning' will follow season 1 of the Witcher on Netflix, as Dominik and Ciri escape the flames of Cintra, and head out in search of their destiny, Geralt of Rivia, as we see the beginnings of the blossoming relationship the two have.

In the following stories, while we obviously don't yet have season 2 of the Witcher on Netflix, i will be taking on the challenge of continuing what Netflix has set up, as I adapt Blood of Elves, Time of Contempt, Baptism of Fire, Tower of Swallows, and Lady of the Lake, with Dominik of Cintra, and Ciri at the center. So instead of Dominik being absent searching for Ciri on his own like in the original 'The Witcher: Through the Worlds" story, he will be right there by her side, as they try to make it through the harrowing events they now both have to go through.

Disclaimer: This will continue what Netflix has set up, so the faceclaims for all the characters will be their Netflix Actors. (Note, Dominik doesnt have a faceclaim, because if he were to have one it'd have to be a young unknown actor, sort of like Freya Allan was before she was cast as Ciri)

Ciri: Freya Allan

Geralt: Henry Cavill

Yennefer: Anya Charlota

Joey Batey: Jaskier...

So, for example in this book instead of the green eyes she normally has, we'll see Ciri have blue eyes like Freya Allan does in the Netflix show, along with other scenarios like that, for example as well, instead of being 11 like in the books, Ciri and Dominik will be 13 almost 14 at the beginning of this series,

The Line of Lod- (Coming Soon)

Alexander of Lod, along with his brother Cregan, are known by some as the most powerful sorcerers to ever live. Alexander, having been taken in by his adopted brother's family from a young age, trained and grew up as a member of the House of Lod. He achieved great things, such as saving the great white dragon Kilgarrah, becoming to first man to ever forge a blood oath with a dragon. For years, he and his brother Cregan lived, studied and found their hearth at Castle Lod, in the beautiful mountains of Lan Exeter in Kovir. Alexander's life was simple for a while, each day he would study more, new spells, new potion recipes, and all while he and his brother helped keep Kovir, and the rest of the continent safe, on call from most of the rulers of the Northern Realms to lend their aid. Alexander's life was simple, however, the day his brother Cregan comes running to him, with a beautiful unconscious elven woman in his arms... his quiet life quickly changes. As Alexander watches his brother Cregan, and this woman, Lara Dorren fall in love, it leads him to a greater destiny for he and his children then he would ever guess, and this destiny would one day pass all the way down to his descendant... Dominik of Cintra.


So i want to put this on my profile, so that everybody can see the comprehensive timeline for my story. The main story timeline is one of the few major changes i've made to the cannon for my story. The basic things are that Dominik and Ciri are older they they'd be in the books, and Geralt's search for Ciri and Ciri's journey between worlds took longer. In my timeline Ciri goes to Aretuza and separates from Dominik when she is fourteen, and she doesn't come back to Stygga Castle to be rescued by Geralt until she is twenty. So that is the only real major change to the timeline, all the stuff in the books that Geralt and she did still happened, and while all the happened, Dominik of Cintra went through his own journey... i'll use Dom and Ciri's age to mark key events on the timeline below.

Dom and Ciri's ages at the start of The Witcher: Through the Worlds. Dominik:22 Ciri:21 (almost 22)


Dom & Ciri are 11: Meet in Cintra after they just recently turned 11, become best-friends and spend tons of time together for almost a year.

Dom and Ciri are 11 almost 12: Massacre at Cintra. Dominik escapes and saves Ciri, both of them travel along north for a few months until Geralt finds them just before they're both 12.

Dom and Ciri are 12: For a few months after this Dom and Ciri train at Kaer Morhen, kiss for the first time, and meet Triss when she comes to Kaer Morhen.

Dom and Ciri ages 12-13: For almost a year Triss stays at Kaer Morhen with Dom, Ciri and the witchers. While Dom and Ciri are 13 they admit they love each other and begin dating.

Dom and Ciri age 13-14: Dominik goes with Ciri, Geralt and Triss to bring Ciri to the Temple of Melitele. Ciri studies at the temple for a few months, while Dominik travels with Geralt for a small time, until the two are attacked for information on the barge for Ciri, and Geralt contacts Yennefer to help Ciri.

Dom and Ciri age 13-14: When Dom and Ciri are almost fourteen Geralt brings Dominik to Ellander reuniting him with Ciri, and introducing him to Yennefer. Dominik and Ciri's relationship blossoms further, and for a year Dominik, Ciri, Yennefer and Geralt stay in Ellander while Ciri trains her powers with Yen, and both she and Dominik train with Geralt, the four become a real family. Just before Dominik turns fifteen, Ciri has to go to Aretuza.

Dominik ages 15-16: After figuring out Ciri is gone, Dom travels with Geralt for around a year looking for Ciri. When he is sixteen and Geralt says they need to go back to Kaer Morhen for the winter Dom refuses, and starts his journey alone.

Dominik age 17-18: Dom travels alone searching for a year, when he's seventeen he's attacked by a bounty hunter outside Ellander, but kills him. Geralt who had been looking for him brings him to Ellander to be healed, where Dominik meets Freya. For about a half a year Dom stays with Freya till just after his eighteenth birthday before he leaves and goes to search more.

Dominik ages 18-20: For two years Dominik searches for Ciri with little success, until he is in Vizima and receives a letter from Geralt telling him to come to Rivia. He rides there and almost dies during the Pogram, being saved by Triss, but not seeing Ciri when she was back.

Dominik ages 20-22: Dom continues to search for Ciri, but slowly looses hope. He believes Geralt and Yennefer both died in Rivia, and Ciri still out of his reach. This is until he comes to Claywitch and the main story begins

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