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Recently I came across the wesite fictionpress - - and it's great. So, for all my regular devoted readers the posting of future stories will be on fictionpress. Lot's more reader's and more chance for reviews!!

The reason for this change is that I'm realizing, while my stories are based at Top Gun, which the movie made famous, and I also use the character names out of the show, my stories aren't exactly that real to the movie. There about Romance and the relationship between four characters with a bit of adventure thrown in. I strive to make them funny as I like to make people laugh so if my stories made you laugh I'd LOVE to hear from you.

Anyway, to all my readers and reviewers, I have two stories finished and will shortly be breaking them up into chapters and posting them on fictionpress, still under the pen name of Alaarakk. I will undoutedly change Maverick to be Scatcat - kids TV shows for inspiration go figure!! - but they will still be based at Top Gun which actually is a real place or was before they disbanded it. I know, I was there in 93.

I will continue to post on here from time to time as I'd like to continue my Dating An Instructor Series some day however inspiration for this series is getting very thin.

Thanks to all my readers who have enjoyed my light hearted and often crazy attempt at Romance, Adventure and Humour called writing. See you on Fictionpress!!


Well my little forage onto Fictionpress basically died in the ass!! No reviews nothing, so sad I could cry so I'm back to the site where I know there are at least one or two people out there that enjoy my fab four's crazy adventures. By the way its now the 8th of May 2009, shows you how long I've been away but despair no more my next story is here. I hope you like, I hope you enjoy and for all those contributing to my ever growing stat's, thank you. Hope you enjoy the latest adventures.


1st of September 2009

For all my regular readers I am having another go at putting a story up on Fiction press and you can find the link here: - if it doesn't work then go to and search the title Hurricane Holiday.

This story still has my favourite four in it but it's set against the backdrop of Hurricane Katrina and is dedicated to the people of New Orleans. I have researched and researched it heavily so I'm hoping my facts are straight. The story also covers the San Diego fire's and is dedicated to the people who endured those, coming form a bushfire prone country myself, you have my full understanding. Anyway I hope you like it and enjoy the trials of three girls and their resuers as they struggle to survive not one disaster but two.

This one actually has two reviews so I'm going to persevere with it. If you're a regular reader of mine and you do read it, please drop us a line and let us know what you think. Thank you.


24th of January 2010

Hope everyone's enjoying my stories and are still happy to read them. I have posted a new story fiction press as well as the one I am currently updating on here. This story doesn't feature my favourite four but a whole new batch of characters. Grace is from the world of gangs and the wrong side of town when she gets a taste of a different life that proves to be her undoing. Eventually the changes drives events that see's her running for her life with no one to turn too and no where to go. The story is called Bad Boys and as soon as it's posted for reading I'll attach a link.

Hope you like it!!


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