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UPDATE - Nothing to say in over a year - how sad =/... Keep your eyes peeled; he may return at any moment.

Personal Information

Ivan Ishara has proceeded exceptionally well throughout his high school career, and now plans to move into a more substantial intellectual challenge. To fulfill this interest, Ivan has enrolled as a member of the MIT class of 2010. His interest in writing has been a constant influence for the past four years of his life, when he first began concept designs of Ivan and Maddie for the novel, Evacuation. His command over language has developed greatly over the duration of his writing career and will only continue to improve as he continues his work. Along with his goals for completion of much of his story, Ivan hopes to continue aiding the reconstruction and healing of his church, acquire a brown belt in his martial arts - a practice that he has kept for nearly as long as his writing - and maintain a sufficient income to meet the costs of attending college. He is presently single and his home life is undisclosed, though he is invariably independent. Any further questions about Ivan or his work are welcomed at iwerks@mit.edu, the Studio's E-mail address.

Literary Information

The Ivani Chronicles, is the primary production of Ivan Ishara Studios. It is a TaKari saga starting with TK & Kari at age 14. Though Ivan has little interest in Digimon for the sake of the little critters (as cute as they may be, he's matured a bit beyond them), he does believe in continuing his story for the deeper levels of content that will come as the story continues.

The first book, Evacuation, is an Action/Adventure story with some romance thrown in. The studios recently completed the full set of revisions on this story, excising as many grammatical mistakes as possible and refining the overall coherency of the story. It reads exponentially better now and has been given a far more impersonal setting; Author's Notes have been removed entirely. Anyone who wants more info on chapter backgrounds can simply E-mail the above address. 9 of 9 Chapters, Rated T

The second book, Reminiscence, is complete, albeit in need of an editing session. It is of a more dramatic, yet still strongly romantic genre. It also has a unique format, where each chapter is presented as a short story that delineates a month in the lives of the characters over the course a year. Though interconnected, nearly every chapter can be read and enjoyed independently. 13 of 13 Chapters, Rated T

Beyond this point, all novels will have a rating of M; please do not continue in the series if you are under the age of sixteen.

The third book, Rancor, is now returned to process - updates for this novel will appear a regular basis from this point on, ideally completing the story before the summer's end. Both high action and high suspense are in store for this novel, promising to be the most testing experience in Ivan's writing experience to date. 6 of X Chapters, Rated M

The fourth book will be titled Dominion, and will begin release as soon as time allows after the completion of Rancor. Ivan will also need to find time during his MIT schedule that begins in the fall of '06. This story will involve a great deal of suspense and personal experience on the part of each character, perhaps standing as the most emotional book to date.

The fifth and final book is also in concept design. Though his goal of completing the novels in 2008 was an extensive leap at first, the goal is quickly becoming more realistic. Despite the extensive amounts of time spent waiting, the Studios would like to assure you that the end result will be all the better for your patience. Though titled and planned, the Studios would like to keep everyone guessing for the present time.

Further updates regarding the chapter release schedule can be found in the Livejournal account. More enthusiasm is always a good way to motivate Ivan to work.

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