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Thank you for visiting my profile. I'm afraid my stories are temporarily down while I make some revisions. Thank you to everyone who took the time to review them, especially to those of you who were kind enough to leave constructive criticism. I will endeavour to incorporate as many of your comments as I am able in the versions that will be re-posted … hopefully shortly :).

If you're inclined to review, it's appreciated though certainly not required :). Should I ever write a multi-chapter fic, you can rest assured that I won't be holding instalments hostage to reviews.

With regards to reviews, constructive criticism is much appreciated. Spelling, grammar, characterisation, setting, plot, etc., etc., I'm happy to receive feedback and suggestions on them all. I'm being perfectly serious. Please feel free to point out things you think could be improved and, most especially, suggestions on how that might be done. I don't believe there's a writer in the world who is so flawless in his craft that he cannot benefit from constructive criticism. Of course, if there is such an unparalleled genius in this world … well, it's certainly not me! If anyone can help me to share my ideas for stories in a more coherent and entertaining way, I'm happy to hear from them.

With regards to anonymous reviews, I've enabled them, so I obviously don't mind them. If you're leaving constructive criticism, though, I'd really appreciate it if you could be as detailed as possible since I won't be able to follow up with you about it. If there's something you think could be improved, pin-pointing the passages that contribute to the problem would be a great help.

With regards to flames (i.e., personal attacks), if you really feel you must, I certainly cannot stop you. Note, however, that I'm likely to ignore them as the infantile and pointless ventings that they are. If I'm feeling especially generous, though, I may reply to thank you for taking the time to review. Surely, somewhere in the world, the release of so much vitriolic poison must be of benefit to someone.