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What do I do while procrastinating on a 10 pg paper? Well, update my profile, of course. :)

Hello everyone! My name is Peace in Twilight, although you can refer to me as Pit for short. :D (Yay for always picking long names that make cute nicknames...)

If you've seen my profile within the past few months, you'll know that I am Skyward Princess of Time on here as well. xD I originally intended to completely ignore this ancient account and never post on it again. But, since this one has all of my Narnia stuff, I decided since Skyward Princess of Time is exclusively Zelda, I'd use this account for my other fandoms. I am quite the multi-fandom author, so this will be a hodge-podge of fics.

Couple basics about me: I'm 20 years old, a female, and an International Relations Major. I'll be teaching English abroad in China starting this fall.

That being said, I am a busy college student, so I'm admittedly a very slow updater. Especially since I have 2 stories on my Spot account that need updating. xD It's usually why I write oneshots, since no one has to worry about the slow updating speed. xD I'm hoping I'll have a bunch of time in the near future, but who knows. I don't like to bring out multi-chappie fanfics given that fact, but some of these ideas are just too good not to develop.

I do ask that you ignore whatever story on here was written in the stone age. xD I was pretty young...

Narnia Fandom

I first grew to love Narnia after I saw LWW. For about three years, I was absolutely obsessed. However, time changes and my obsession faded, although my love never did. That being said, I'm not as active in the Narnia community as I used to be, so forgive me if the details are a bit off, it's been some time. xD I wrote a complete fanfiction shortly after that, but I don't think I'd ever post it unless I had some major changes. Actually, "Mistaken Identity" is that complete story. I just never got around to uploading it. xD

... I still know LWW word for word. :P

Fan Since: 2005
Favorite Book: LWW
Favorite Movie: LWW
Favorite Character: Peter, followed by Edmund, Lucy, and Susan.
OTP: Uh...none. I don't particularly care for Suspian, but I'm not opposed to it either. xD
Favorite fics: Family or brother fics. Peter's my favorite character (by far), but to me a Narnia story with the Pevensies isn't complete without all four of them there. I love that little family and their dynamics. xD

I'm also going to use this account as a multi-fandom one, so who knows what else I may randomly feel like writing about. xD

What is Voyage through the Ages?

VoA is a multi-chapter work that takes place during VoDT, although it's not meant to take place over the same storyline, if that makes sense. xD Like I said previously, I like fanfiction that has all the Pevensies in it, so I basically made an excuse for Peter and Susan to come along. xD Well, I've had many different scenarios and situations, but this one stuck the best.

VoA is about a powerful sage, tempted by the White Witch, who attempts to bring her back to power by wiping the Pevensies and their rule completely out. I mean that quite literally--he pulls a five-year old Peter into Narnia, and tries to kill him. Can Caspian and the Pevensies prevent little Peter's death, or will Narnia's future be changed forever?

What an awful summary, but you get the point. xD

TMNT Fandom

Favorite Series: 2012 (followed by the 2003 series. That being said, I do like the original cartoon too. xD)
Favorite Movie: TMNT (2007)
Favorite Turtle: Raphael (followed closely by Leonardo)
OTP: Leo/Karai, and the 2012 series is starting to make me ship Donnie/April. :P
Favorite fics: I am a sucker for brother fics, especially Leo/Raph (NOT incest, just family bonding. xD)

I'm involved with a ton of fandoms, so I may lurk here and there, and who knows what I'll post on this account. xD I hope you enjoy it!

I hope you enjoy my stories, and please send me a PM if you'd like to chat or anything like that. :D You're also welcome to PM me if you want me to update. I can honestly forget sometimes. xD

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