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Born in early June of 1987.

Loves Yaoi.

Cunstructive critisism, by definition is:

'Critisim or advise that is USEFUL AND INTENDED TO HELP OR IMPROVE something, often with an offer of possible solutions.' (http:// dictionary .reference .com/ browse /constructive +critisism)

No where does that say stuff that is antaganistic, filled with curse words, blatant hate for an idea and NOT the style of writing, or telling someone to 'die', 'give up' or that you have a very over active gag-reflex' because you can't read warning labels. If you do not like Yaoi, DON'T READ IT. This isn't rocket science, nor do you have to be a 3 year old and hunt me down to be a discriminating, narrow-minded, and missinformed child about things. It is simple, if you do not like YAOI, GAY situations, OR M!PREG DON'T READ MY STUFF! Any flamers (AKA: not abiding be the above description) will be reported and or deleted and mocked for thier utter lack of life, tact, and ability to be mature. Thank you.

I enjoy true constructive critisim, when the person reads the ENTIRETY of my story and then (With out derogitory words, or cursing, or insulting my mental capabilities) tells me what they viewed as being off or wrong and then giving me helpful advise on how to correct it. For example, if a scene didn't flow right, or if it felt hurried or unrealistic, I like when people point it out and kindly give me a possible solution to the problem. THAT is constructive critisism. What is not is when blatant homo-phobes or children who do not like Yaoi, or M!preg to begin with bash my stuff on THE FIRST CHAPTER without reading my work. That is flaming, and there is no point in taking any of that seriously.

So, I have started school and with five classes i am litterarlly studying non-stop right now. I am slowly working on "Kyuubi the BTCH" but I probably won't be posting anything until sometime near May. I know some people are amazing and can juggle writting and studying, sadly I am not that awsome and so I'll be doing what I can but classwork takes presidence.


"Kyuubi the Btch" - Will be 28 Chapters long. In Progress. Writing Chapter 24. (SasuNaruSasu). 01/02/12

"Rain of Cerise, Scars of Charcole" - 21 Chapters, Semi-AU. Team 13 was ripped appart when one member turns up murdered, another slaughters his clan, and the third is left to pick up the pieces. When Naruto decides to take his ex-teammates little brother, and sole survivor of the Uchiha clan, into his care, he never thought that the boy would end up healing him as much as he tried to save Sasuke (Little Sasuke/Older Naruto). I currently have three chapters written, I will post them after Kyuubi is finished. 08/06/10 (First 3 Chapters Written)

"The Speckled Serpent" - 14 Chapters, sequal to "Kyuubi the Btch". The serpent tree rustles in the night, a visitor appears over the graves with the truth they had tried so hard to keep silent. Who are the Uchiha's and what is the secret three Hokage have fought to protect? 10/09/10

"End Game" - Side story to 'Kyuubi the Btch' and sequal to 'Foolishness'. Because, he had always loved his baby brother it was impossible to move passed that day, but even at the end he would remember, and recall the way it had felt to be, "Aniki!" 10/09/10

"Pity" - Side story to 'Kyuubi the Btch', Sakura POV. It was pity that she felt for the girl with the glasses and red hair. A pity for her as well as for the small child she had once been watching the lonely Uchiha and hoping that one day her devotion would be recognized. Pity. All she felt, was pity. 10/09/10

"Lucky Fools" - Side story to "The Speckled Serpent", Kyuubi's POV. The more powerful the pain; the desire to live, the stronger the person can become, and desperation made many a lucky fool. Three such fools controled the end of her life, but only one would actually break her. 10/09/10

"Talent" - Side Story to "The Speckled Serpent", Sai POV. It took talent to kill a murderer, but it took greater talent to do so and not get caught. 10/09/10

"Heat" - Side story to "The Speckled Serpent" and "Kyuubi the Btch", Sasuke POV. He never saw the point in the celebration of the changes of the seasons. It happened every year without fail. It was boring, but, there was one thing, one season he did like above the rest. God, he loved mating season! PWP 10/09/10

My Adult Fanfiction account is:

http:// naruto . adultfanfiction . net / authors . php? no= 1296766395 (Minus the Spaces) If you can't access AFF or do not like the layout, e-mail me your birthday (DD MMM YYYY) and I will send you a copy of the unedited file.

Till then! Also, if you have any questions or concerns my e-mail is lechan18 @ yahoo . com (Minus the spaces). Feel free to e-mail me, I am quite friendly!

Oh! Also Shuichi's Water made an AWESOME ICON for "Idle Hands" and it can be found Here: cookiesforsale.deviantart. com/art/Cave-of-Wonders-168975322 (Just remove the Spaces).


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Naruto was having a bad day... okay, more like week... fine, he was having a bad three years. And he could blame it all on Kyuubi, and that damn fox for starting the whole mess. SasuNaru WARNING MPreg, no like, no read. Flamers will be reported.
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