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Tokyo Mew Mew A La Mode ReDux: Ever wonder why in the world such a great manga like TMM had such a strange and seemingly fragmented, underdeveloped sequel? Have you ever thought, "What ever happened to the aliens and their home planet?" or "Why did the Saint Rose Crusaders give up so easily on their plans for world domination?" Does the thought of Berry Shirayuki taking over as leader of the Mew Mews make you recoil at her seemingly "mary-sue-ness"? Or perhaps you envisioned a much different ending for the series, one that, to you, made perfect sense?

These were the thoughts that went through my mind upon completing my reading of the manga series "Tokyo Mew Mew". Like many readers, I was left unsatisfied with the ending, and found myself thinking that the story should have taken a different course of events...and thus, "ReDux" (a play on the word "Redo" was created. In this fanfiction, I've taken the core aspects of the sequel - the new characters, the general plot line - and molded them into my own interpretation that I - and hopefully the readers - may find more appealing than the sequel while still appealing to those who read and loved the sequel.

The new "A La Mode" takes place two years in the future after the original battle against Deep Blue and his minions. Having once more resumed to their prior day-to-day lives, Ichigo and her friends now lead the daily life most normal people would enjoy. But this reprieve won't last long...gradually, Ichigo and her fellow "ex" Mew Mews begin to feel uneasy with this seemingly new "normalcy". And when Ichigo's cat-like reflexes and behavoiral patterns emerge once more, her anxiety is only strengthened...a new threat to Tokyo, to the Earth, is coming.

Enter the Saint Rose Crusaders. Who they are, the girls don't know for certain, but their sudden appearance (accompanied by that of our old friends the Chimera Anima) lead us to assume they can't be good news. Their mission? To reform the Earth into their own paradise by any means necessary, and any cost. Armed now with their powers once more, Ichigo and friends find themselves locked in a new battle to protect Mother Earth and her people. But can they defeat these new villains, whose strange superpowers seem to outmatch their own abilites?

"For the future of Earth, and all her creatures, we'll serve you double-time, nya~!"

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