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Hello there, I'm Ikaru Kakou. I'm kinda horrible at these kinds of things, so bear with me.

Currently, I have TWO stories going (both of them in a series with eachother). The stories fall under the Digimon fandom, but if pushed I can write original stories or others (so long as I'm at least familiar with the fandom).

Things I'm a fan of:

Digimon (duh)


Kingdom Hearts

Final Fantasy X, X-2, and XII (10, 10-2, and 12 for those of you who can't read roman numerals)


Harry Potter

The Simpsons

Things I do aside from reading and writing and school:

Play cybernations (.net, google it because apparently ff hates urls) (My NN is Sol Kingdom, RN is OVERLORD Ikaru, and AA is TOOL)

RP on GaiaOnline

Preform in/work backstage for plays (Currently Crewing: "Thoroughly Modern Millie" And I know I probably spelled the first word there wrong, deal with it)

Play video games

Watch TV

And yeah. Now for the good stuff. I mentioned my stories I'm working on. They are Digimon Morphers and Digital Demons. Digimon Morphers is my original season of digimon, complete with an all Original Character cast and even a few made up digimon coughsHadesdramoncoughs, while Digital Demons is the corruption and salvation of one of my original characters approximately fifteen Earth years after the events of Digimon Morphers. And right here, in my profile, I'm posting a list of my characters and some brief bios. Remember though, the list contains some MAJOR SPOILERS for Digimon Morphers, but neccessary information to get the full understanding of Digital Demons.


The Seven (Eight?) Demon Lords:

Lucemon Chaos Mode – Lucemon is a fallen angel digimon and the demon lord with the sin of Pride. He was murdered and his data absorbed by Hadesdramon, including his sin. This makes him incapable of being reborn like most digimon are upon death.

Hadesdramon – Hadesdramon is a serpent-dragon-like digimon who once tried to take over the Digital World using the Mythic Spires, and again using the massive armies and connections of the Council of Demon Lords. After his first attempt (and defeat at the hands of the Digidestined), he murdered Lucemon and took his position as leader of the Council of Demon Lords, as well as his sin of Pride. Hadesdramon himself was later defeated and has his own data and the sin of Pride assimilated by Dan after his second attempt to take over the Digital World.

Barbamon – This wise old man digimon is the demon lord with the sin of Greed. He briefly attempted to take over the Council of Demon Lords after Lucemon’s death, but upon Hadesdramon’s arrival he was forced back to his former position.

Beelzemon – Beelzemon is the trigger-happy demon lord with the sin of Gluttony. He overindulges in everything he enjoys, and chaos and destruction happen to be his favorite two hobbies. Sadly, he is woefully unintelligent for one with as much power as him.

Belphemon Rage Mode – Belphemon is typically seen snoozing at the table of the Council of Demon Lords, quite representative of his sin of Sloth. Despite this, he maintains a powerful intellect and even more destructive power. If provoked, he is capable of destroying whole cities in seconds, or worse, enslaving them. Such provocation is rare.

Daemon – The demon lord of Wrath, Daemon is known for his appetite for destruction even more so than Beelzemon, and he actually has the intellect to match. Occasionally considered the most powerful of the demon lords, he rejects the position of leader so he can pursue his favorite hobby: Destroying towns in the Dark Realm.

Leviamon – The giant crocodile himself, Leviamon is representative of the sin of Envy and by far the largest of the demon lords. Although he is privy to large amounts of sheer strength, his power continually pales in comparison to the rest of the demon lords, resulting in his eternal jealousy of them. He’s about as intelligent as a seven-year-old.

Lilithmon – Being the perfect seductress, Lilithmon has found herself as much a slave to her own sin of Lust as those she seduces. Although she wields great power and intelligence, she is constantly distracted by her sexual cravings and thus the demon lord (perhaps lady is more fitting) is seen merely as an annoyance by most of her enemies.

The Digidestined and their partners:

Dan and Arkadimon – Dan worked for Hadesdramon back during Hadesdramon’s first attempt to conquer the Digital World, and Arkadimon has been more his loyal servant than friend since they met shortly before they began working for Hadesdramon. Arkadimon is a digimon of very few words, although from what little he does say it is obvious he is not only highly intelligent, but shares his partner’s views on everything. Dan left Hadesdramon’s side shortly before the tyrant’s plans were foiled, and proceeded to use the Twilight Busters to digivolve Arkadimon to the Mega level, where Arkadimon talked for the first time shortly after deleting a former ally named BlackAgumon (BlackWarGreymon at the time of deletion), saying “He was being insolent.” Later, Dan used the virtue of Humility to send himself and Arkadimon to Burst Mode, but his dark side got the best of him and he used his God Matrix attack to assimilate Hadesdramon and the sin of Pride into himself. He has since discovered that he can now use the sin to reach Burst Mode just as easily as he can use the virtue. Shortly after the demon lords were defeated, Dan and Arkadimon disappeared.

Felicia and Labramon – Felicia and Labramon have been referred to as the team’s “Holmes and Watson”, a reference to their excellent investigational skills and their ability to get information on almost anything. Using the Ankh of the Gods, they have been able to reach the Mega level, and they were the first to reach Burst Mode using the virtue of Charity. Due to Labramon’s Ultimate form, Ceruberumon, Labramon has a deep mental connection with the two other digimon capable of reaching that form (A Dobermon who guards the exit from the Dark Realm, and the Ceruberumon who guards the entrance), while Felicia has a similar connection with a famous news anchor (Felicia herself is now the co-anchor with this woman) and a high ranking CIA agent. She recently went to England to interview the recently crowned king.

Kile and Leormon – Although he used to shorten his original name (Kikinakasoki) to Kyle, Kile recently had his name legally changed to, well, Kile, leaving the “i” as a concession to his parents. Kile was the joker of the group, and Leormon assisted in many of his pranks. Once in battle though, all jokes instantly vanish as Kile and Leormon become intensely serious. Both of them are brilliant strategists at heart, although they rarely use these skills the way they were meant to. They use the Bantyo Sigil to reach the Mega level, and their virtue of Kindness makes way for the most intelligent members of the team to reach Burst Mode. Currently, Kile is a well-known comedian and is working on his first movie.

Jeff and Gaomon – Often seen as the group’s Mr. Logic and his assistant Jeff, Gaomon is frequently called Captain Obvious as well. In contrast, Jeff seems to be more of a go with the flow kind of person when there’s nothing to do. But presented with a problem, they become something of a pair of workaholics. An example of this would be Gaomon’s rivalry with Bearmon, which has a tendency to result in epic fights where no one wins and time refuses to pass. Using the power of the Mirage Claws, they reach Mega level and become so fast they might be seen as mirages –shot for slight pun–. Their virtue of Diligence only serves to dramatically increase this speed once they reach Burst Mode. Perhaps that speed is why Jeff is a running back in the NFL now.

Aki/Kira and Lunamon – The daughter of a wealthy Japanese businessman who named her Akira, Kira now responds to both Aki and Kira (As such I use whichever name flows better for the sentence). Aki and Lunamon are often seen as goody-goodies until they get into battle, where they can become ferocious as werewolves howling at the moon. Why the werewolf and moon reference? Because Kira and Lunamon use the Olympic Moon to reach the Mega level, and through their virtue of Chastity they can reach Burst Mode and wreak havoc on the enemy with ferocity no werewolf could ever match. After their previous adventures in the Digital World, Aki and Wayne became a couple and they now live together and work as teachers at the same school, where Aki teaches Japanese.

Wayne and Coronamon – The leaders of the group, Wayne and Coronamon tend to be informal about many things, and exemplify their virtue of Patience very well. Well, when lives aren’t on the line anyway. Their patience is always tempered with a bit of carefulness, and that makes them less willing to take risks in battle. Still, once they get up to Mega using the Olympus Sun, or even into Burst Mode, the two become formidable fighters, preferring to exhaust their opponent before truly going on the offensive. Currently, Wayne teaches English in his hometown.

Blake and Bearmon – Blake is a curiosity. Arriving in the digital world merely a day before the others resulted in him gaining over four years more experience, more than enough time to reach Ultimate level and cause Hadesdramon some serious headaches. But a few months before Dan arrived in the Digital World, Blake was captured, without Bearmon, and Hadesdramon’s R&D department began to experiment on him. The last experiment they put him through involved Dark Gas, a substance they had only recently discovered even existed. They locked him in a chamber with it, only for a Wisemon to break out when the electronic lock on the door exploded. Years later, exposure to a refined, more stable version of Dark Gas reversed the change and the other Digidestined were surprised to learn that Wisemon was in fact Blake. The after effects of his time spent as a Wisemon remain with him though, and to this day at the Ultimate level he can call upon Wisemon’s attacks. His relationship with Bearmon was strained when he first reappeared, but shortly after they used the Prehistoric Fang to reach Mega level it was revealed that as a team they’re almost unstoppable. Once they used their virtue of Temperance to defeat Beelzemon in Burst Mode, they decided to stay in the Digital World when everyone else left so they could try to keep the peace. Bearmon’s rivalry with Gaomon is still evident, but it has cooled down a lot from before and now is seen more often when the two play chess.

The Others!:

Shiguya Retomasi – A wise old man who appears to be human, but really isn’t. He possesses wisdom beyond that of anyone else, and is always on the lookout for things to have the Digidestined watch out for. The one time he was seen in battle, he was able to manipulate the data that comprised the enemy digimon to defeat them. Attempts to classify him as either a digimon or a human have failed, and he is regarded as a being of great power that serves the side of good.

Shelby Turner – The news reporter Felicia has a mental connection with. Her on screen self hides a very aware person who knew about digimon well before Felicia told her, and her sources throughout the world for all sorts of information have proven very useful.

Lynn Smith – The CIA official Felicia has a mental connection with, Lynn has been helping to keep digimon a secret from the general public long before she joined the CIA. Her law enforcement connections around the world have served as a get out of jail free card for the Digidestined numerous times.

King Edward VII – Current King of England (in the story’s universe), and charming young man. He came to power only recently when his father, John V, stepped down. His talent at remaining hidden from the paparazzi is beyond that of any other person, and he has even managed to ditch his own royal guard, which has allowed him to lead a much more enjoyable life. He is single, a cause for much concern among his people who fear for him whenever all media loses track of him, which happens often.

Deadmon/Doommon – The basic soldiers and minions of the Demon Lords, Deadmon are the Rookie form, while Doommon are Champions.

BlackAgumon – Although he formerly served Hadesdramon, eventually warp-digivolving to BlackWarGreymon and being deleted shortly afterward, he soon went to work for the Demon Lords when he was reformatted in the Dark Realm.

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