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Name: 9TailedFox. No I will never tell you my true name. (throws head back and laughs demonicly) And my pen name has nothing to do with Naruto. Keep reading to find out why I picked it.

Brithday: March 5th

Age: 25 Yeah I know I don't act like it, and probably never will so get used to it.

Fovorit color: Emrald Green.

Favorit Zoid Pilot from original story: Bit cloud.

Favorit Zoid from same stroy: Liger Zero. Like you didn't see that comming.

Favorit Charecter in my Story: Vega, Josh, or Lance I can't choose. Ether way you've only met one of them so it realy doesn't matter.

Favorit Zoid from my story: Gunsniper or Shadow Hound. (Not to be confused with Shadow Fox. This ones all mine.)

Favorit Movies/Shows/Anime/whatever!: Lion King, Avatar, Laputa: Castle in the Sky, Zoids (Duuuh), National Treasure, Code Gease, Naruto, and Bleach is growing on me,The Ride, Five Mile Creek searies. (Don't worry if you have never heard of that one before. I have yet to meet someong who does.), The Man From Snowy River 1 and 2. (That is a good one! Both of them!) The last Samuri, and Inception, and of course lord of the Rings!

Favorite FanFic authurs: Randomcat23, Flare Phoenix, Enchantedwrighter72, The Black Lily, FreshInk, my younger brother Shadowwolf'7, Bears23, and Shadowrebirth27.

Things I do not Like: Killers, Stalkers, Thieves, and other nasty minded people. People who don't leave reveiws, Jerks, Sluggards, People who don't leave reveiws, dirty restrooms, Screamers and Heavy death metal music, (I just don't get what Whahaha aaaaahhh! means) People who don't leave reviews, People who think they are smart but are not and make themselves look stupid. (Did someone say me?! I'm gonna... well you're probably right.)And last but not least, People who don't leave reviews.

Hmm, I think there is a pettern in there. Anyway here's more.

Hi everyone!! Boy was this thing outdated, but I was covered cause it said Happy 4th of July. Anyway, as you all know now, I have began to once more repost my story because there is some extra content I've been wanting to add and the first three chapters needed lots of work. All that is fixed now so you can check it out for yourselves. Hope you are not too upset and I'll try to update at least twice a week. For you new commers though, your in for a treat if you like action pacted adventer stories. Hope you all like it, and now here is more about me.

I have been working on a story for seven years and have almost finished five of what will more than likely be about six books and have already started a few chapters in the sequal. It is not copywrighted because I don't own Zoids or any other anime shows that belong to bigger more impoirtant people than me, but I hold claim to MY charectors and wish that you would ask before useing them. Thank you.

So who am I? Well my name is a clue. What is in a name? What is its purpose? What does it mean? Where do they come from? A name is simply a tool used to identify ones self and their personality. A name can be gained in several diferent ways. The first way is the parent giving their child a name simply because they like the sound of it or its meaning. Another way is that it is given upon insperation due to a certain quality or appearence at birth.

For example; A young boy sat next to his father in their indean village one day thinking about his name and decided to ask his father why he had been given his name. His father replied that when his children were born he would walk out of his hogon and the first thing he saw was what he would name the child, Like your brother Souring Eagle, and your sister Running Dear. Then the father looked thoughtfully at his son before askeing. "Why do you ask, Squating Dog?" No ratial humor intended, I actually grew up amoungst the Navajo Indeans and respect their cuture, and they like a joke as mutch as we do.

As you can see this first nameing of yourself at birth is truly the most important for it will one day stand for all that you are. However there is another name. A name that has great vallue to us because it makes us feel speacial. That name is known as the "CODE NAME".

So how do you get a code name? Usualy you choose it for yourelf in a cry to the world to identify yourself in a trait you most like about yourself, however this is not the case in the gaining of my name. My name came to me be the second way that a code name is given, it was received by others, nine infact. You see I have been going to a youth camp since the age of nine. (Yet again the secred number that would choose my name appears). For the past three years I have been a counceler and a team captain. In my second year as team captain I had nine members on my team. Every morning at the start of game time I would wait for my team of nine with their nine colored tags in my back pocket. Thus I was dubbed, THE NINE TAILED FOX! But since the word "nine" was already taken here at FF I had to use the number :)

So who does this title of identification identify? And what is the personality of this identified person? Well I will tell you. First and formost I am a child of God reborn and saved by grace. I LOVE airplanes, history, art, music, ancieant combat styles (particularly sword fighting). And yes I do have a sword. I am a ninja, and not like the guys you see on you tube who jump around and bust out their moves in the open. No, that sort of thing has little to do with beinga ninja. To be ninja you must know how to conseal yourself not run around grabbing everyones attention. That is how a ninja dies.

Instead I stay in the shadows, waiting. What I lack in phisical strength Is made up, like a fox, in mental strength. It is said that a thinking warlord is of greater value than any ten strong man on the field of battle. I like to think of myself as an intelectual person, but I know thats not true. Although, I have my moments and they say that one is truly wise when he accepts that he is foolish. So maybe I am smart...GAG!

Anyway I hope you enjoy reading the story as much as I did wrighting it, but then for a true book lover there is no greater thrill than to creat your own world in which to live because it is yours. Oh yeah! No body freak out but this is a long story. There are 60 chapters in the first book, but don't be intimidated because the chapters themselves are short. Just take them one at a time and I promise you will like it. If you still doubt that I am able to entertain you with a story consider the above paragraphs of needless ramblings that held your attention. Can I not then captiveat you with a much greater story. Think about it.


Here are some deep thoughts to think about and say, Woooh!

Time always was, it is just that we were not here to know it, and when we die it will never end. Deep.

Objects that we veiw are actually every other color than what we see them as because they really reject that color. It is the one we see that is reflected in our eyes because the object bounces it back instead of obsorbing it. Realy its true! Ask the art teacher at your school. I dare you! Chicken!

It wasn't until the year 2000 A.D. that the most advanced beings on the earth (us) were able to creat a stock car for the average American that could match the ecceleration speed of a cheeta. And there were about seven to eight thousand years before Christ (BC) So it took us roughly ten thausand years to replicate something God had made from the begining. Yeah, that makes you feel smart deosn'y it.

Did you know the average person only uses three percent of their brain a day, and the so called "smart people" only use about ten percent a day. I like to think I use at least five percent. Gag!

You shed about half a pound of skin each day and it grows back. Doesn't that make you want to shower?

There are somewhere around two point five billion peaple in the world and every three seconds a woman gives birth to another child. Someone needs to stop her!

Ever wounder how big a billion is. Well if you had a billion dollors all in ones, not only would you be stupid, but you could lay them end to end and go around the world three times. It is a small world after all.

Have you ever felt small? You should. If you hold your thumb up to the sky you are covering an area five galaxies wide in the distance because they seem so small so far away when in reality every star in the night sky is only part of our galaxy, and there are as many galaxies in the univers as there are stars in our single galaxy. Do you feel smaller now? Don't worry, God is big.

God holds the entire univers in his hand. Told you he's big.

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