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Author has written 8 stories for Sailor Moon, and Harry Potter.

A/N: I am a senior in college and I love anime(as u can see :) ). I love to look up fanfiction and all kinds of sites. I love to play sports, read harry potter(my all time favorite book), go on the internet, rp, and all sorts of stuff. Too my girls at SHA and my friends at Adelphi HEY! Feel free to email me anytime. Im online 24/7. k. g2g. bye _.

Few Facts:

Name: Veronica
Age: 24
Grade: Graduate, BA History


The Making of the Silver Millennium:

I realize it's been over a year since I've posted the next chapter. Unfortunately I've come across a bad writers block and can't make up my mind on a few things. Once school is over I can concentrate on it and work it out. Be patient with me because I realize many are waiting for its update.


With the end of school I hope to get around to writing this story so keep a look out for any new chapters.


Well I guess I never got around to updating this story lol...well what can I say I've been caught up so at the moment this story is on hold till I get around to writing it. I'm not sure if I'll continue it because I forgot what I was going to do so I need to come up with a new direction so I may ask help from a fellow writer to continue it with me.

Harry Potter and the Love Potion:

The format of the story is being corrected so it will make for easier reading. I would update this story and fix its mistakes if I could actually find the disk to my story. Until then I can't update it.


I've also decided to do a rewrite for the chapters I've already posted because I realized I never really had a concept of time in it so it should be corrected shortly since I have no more school. Until then the format will be changed anyway.


The new formatting is completed and there are multiple new chapters posted. I've had alot of time on my hands with school being over so I basically spent my entire day typing almost everything I've written out lol.


I will get around to re-writing this story but not at this time I'm centering my attention on Eternal Rhapsody at the moment so this story isn't my top priority.

Harry Potter and the Orb of Ter'angreal:

The next chapter to this story will be posted shortly. The first chapter has been edited. And I once again apologize for my lack in overviewing my story and have fixed a majority of the questions.


This story is a working progress most likely the next chapter will come out within the week.


Chapter two has just been posted, I would have posted earlier but as usual problems with uploading occured with as usual. You can also find my work on on there my pen name is LilyFlower. So hope you all enjoy the new chapter. The next one won't be posted till I get a handful of reviews.


Well eventually I'll get a chapter out...I have half of the next chapter done. I haven't been too pleased with my writing so that's been the delay. So I hope to update gets in the way as you know.


Well lookie here I actually updated this story after 2 Hope you enjoy it and please review the new chapter!


It's been an awefully long while since I last updated - more than a year and I'm SO sorry for that! I'll try to get around to writing my next chapter just please bare with me. Life has gotten in the way. But I'm hitting the fanfiction scene by storm!

The Diary of Hermione Granger:


Yes I realize I haven't updated anything at this point but I'm trying to get something is taking it's toll on me lol. Anyway as you can see I changed my pen name slightly because I couldn't stand the 6 at the end so here it is. Also my email address has changed so keep an eye out for that. Thank you to all the reviews and I'll try to post something soon!


I have made progress with this story as you can see and the next chapter should be done soon I want to get another chapter out of Eternal Rhapsody though before I update this one.


Eternal Rhapsody:

Brand spankin' Please take the time to read's the first things I've been able to write in over a year. As for my other stories...well we'll see how those come out when I start writing them.


Well I've been doing a pretty good job updating this story I will be getting out a chapter by the end of this month...I have midterms now so please be patient. The story is going well and the next chapter is the one you've all been waiting for...that's all I'll say for now lol.


Slowly but surely the next chapter to this story will come out so just be patient with me. Two more chapters to go and this story will be finished and that makes me kind of sad because I loved writing this story. Anyway that's a short update. Be sure to keep on the look out for other stories that come out...I've actually got 10 other stories planned after finishing this one. I'm going to venture into other pairings such as Lily and James and Draco and Ginny. And yes I know I've got the rest of my stories to finish lol.


Hey Everyone, it's me again. Well life has been busy now that school is back in session and i'm taking a Creative Writing course to improve my own writings. Yes there is something beyond Harry Potter for me even though it's my all time favorite lol. Anyway I'm pleased to announce that the next chapter for this story will be coming out within the week. I've been sticking to this one for a logn time but I will be very sad when it ends since personally it is my favorite. Anyway keep on the lookout for the new update!


Hey People! Alright the second to last chapter has been posted for almost a month now for your enjoyment. I haven't started work on the last chapter but it's all planned out. My only problem is that this story will be coming to an end sadly. So I'm letting you guys decide whether or not I should write a sequel or an epilogue. I'll have to see how it goes. I can't promise the chapter will be out soon but keep an eye out for it. Today's my party day so nothing will be posted sorry. Talk to you all later!

Spectacular Reflections:


Hey Everyone I know I haven't posted in a while but this story iscompletely NEW. I'm refusing to post it on though for fear they'll delete my account along with the story like they've been doing with many of my favorite stories on the site.This story can be found on under the pen name "Sapphire Rose".So if you like my writings go and check it out there. Here's the summary for the story:

"Have you ever seen a shooting star Jack?" “No” “God it’s wonderful. It passes by quickly but while it’s here it just lights up the whole sky. It’s the most beautiful thing you’d ever want to see. So beautiful that the other stars stop and watch. You almost never see one.” “Why?” “Because they’re very rare, quite rare. But I saw one. I did.” “But I just want to be a regular star.” “Jack you’ll never be regular, you’re spectacular…” Quote from the movie "Jack. This is a Harry/Hermione story.


My One and Only:

Summary: It has been three years since Hermioen Granger had visited the one place she had been avoiding for so long - but now she can't. Dealing with the loss of her one true love has never been easy for her - pain, suffering and silence.

This story is dedicated to a very special friend.

Announcing a New Story!


Silent Nights:

Finally something done after an eight month hiatus. Hope you all enjoy it! It's my first multi-length ficlet in a long time!

Summary: "How do I describe this feeling? Pure ecstasy, blissful, serene. The experience of floating away - away to another plain with you. Far away where we are alone; just the two of us in paradise. Giving so much, one to another, away from what keeps us apart. Where we can become as one; Holding on to our beautiful dream..." - Harry and Hermione, A Christmas Story.


Let's just say this is the fastest update I've ever done. And I'm not sure if the next chapter will be up this quickly next time. Enjoy the quick update while you can! Lol I'll try to get it out soon I promise! Thank you for the lovely reviews so far. Don't forget to keep on reviewing!

Author Spotlight:

With my stories as I post new chapters I will be putting one author in the spotlight. These are the fanfics I fully recommend for anyone to read so keep an eye out for them.

Yahoo Group:


Hey Everyone I've decided to start a new yahoo group completely deciated to Harry Potter fanfiction. If you would like to join you can either click on the link listed as my homepage or the link below after this bit of author's note. I was tired of seeing fanfiction and accounts deleted from this site so all ratings will be accepted. We also need authors who are willing to post their fanfiction on the group. It's a place where the readers and the writers can come together to enjoy two of my favorite past times...fanfiction and of course Harry Potter. So please join! Everyone is welcome!


Author's Notes:


Hello to everyone out there. You've probably heard this a dozen times from me and have come to realize that no matter what I seem to grow lax with posting new chapters to any and all of my stories. To give my due credit Eternal Rhapsody is the only completed fanfic I have and I'm extremely proud of it. With that said it's unfortunate that I bring you this news. I still love fanfiction dearly but my muse has sadly left my being and over the years my interest in my own stories has been slowly vanishing. For now all my stories are put on permenant hold until I can return to them. This does not mean I will never post again, it just means I've finally decided to make it an official hiatus. Harry Potter is still a favorite of mine but with the installments of the sixth and seventh books I've grown very displeased with the way it has turned out. This is not to say that JK has done a poor job, I just feel that it ended up being rather predictable and I've read better fanfics that I think surpass it. I have been dabbling with the idea of writing fanfiction again but strictly on a basis of the Marauder Era and possibly with a co-writer whose a dear friend of mine. I've also been toying with the idea of breaking into the Supernatural fanfiction base because I believe the show is amazing and - Jensen Ackles is a hottie lol. Hands off though since he's mine. So with this message I bid you all ado until later. Hope that the muses are kind to me so that I may return with a bang. Ta ta!


Hi to everyone! It has been a while since I've had an update and I still have little to no time to return to my Harry Potter stories. Unfortunately I feel as though too much time has passed since I've last gone back to them that it would literally be impossible to return. I'm going on to law school shortly so that will keep me busy. But I haven't lost the drive to write fanfiction--I've been wanting to. I am possibly looking for a co-author interested in writing a Supernatural or Percy Jackson story. If anyone is interested let me know and perhaps we can work something out. With that, good day to you all! I look forward to hearing from you of course. As for my C2 community we're still looking for contributors and story suggestions. See ya!

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Darkness is creeping slowly from the shadows and the only way to stop it is for unlikely pairs to see past their differences and work together. The Wizarding world will never be the same once Voldemort rises to power. But until then, our heroes only need to worry about surviving the next year of school without killing one another. LE/JP, SB/OC, RL/OC
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How do I describe this feeling? Pure ecstasy, blissful, serene. The experience of floating away away to another plane with you. Far away where we are alone just the two of us in paradise. Giving so much, one to another, away from what keeps us apart.
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