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Author has written 17 stories for Naruto, Tales of the Abyss, Yu-Gi-Oh GX, Tales of Symphonia, Rozen Maiden, Mario, Super Smash Brothers, and Persona Series.

Name: Alice (Mary >.> But go with Alice please.)

Age: 15

Nationality: Asian/Irish/Spanish/Italian/A bunch of other stuff. :I

Current Obsession: Somewhere between Persona, Tales of Vesperia and Durarara.

Anime: Durarara!!, Fruits Basket, Yugioh (all series), Bleach, Kannazuki no Miko, Kanon 2006, Tokyo Mew Mew, Mermaid Melody, Shugo Chara, Soul Eater, etc

Video Games: Persona 3, Persona 4, Catherine, Tales of anything xD, Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance, Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn, Tales of Vesperia, Bleach: Shattered Blade, Bleach Heat the Soul series, Valkyria Chronicles, The World Ends With You, Bleach: The Blade of Fate, Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor, YuGiOh 5D's Tag Force 4.

Books: A Walk to Remember, The Notebook, The Wedding, Dear John (If you can't tell, I'm a HUGE Nicholas Sparks fan!), The Time Traveler's Wife, Titanic, The Roommate, etc


AnyonexYukari (Persona 3), JunpeixChidori (Persona 3), MitsuruxMinato (Persona 3... AND ITS CANON!), MinakoxEveryone (Persona 3... though Minako and Theo are canon.)

SenelxShirley (OTP, don't hate) (Legendia), JayxNorma (Legendia), NormaxMoses(Legendia), NormaxSven, ChloexSenel, ShirleyxJay, MosesxJay

SoujixNaoto (Persona 4), SoujixChie (P4), SoujixYukiko, SoujixRise, YosukexChie, AdachixNaoto (Stfu, I love it. xD)

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PlayerxYuzu (SMT:DS)


(idk when i posted this)Theres a possibility that I'll finish my GX fic New Year New Love. Maybe. Just maybe. But also, I wanna start writing for Bleach as well =3
Shoutout to the Black & White IchiRuki forum - I love you guys XD Ya'll probably don't know me, but I have lotsa fun reading over your forums. Especially with all the Anti IchiHime stuff X3
Shoutout to Yoru-chanmy sista/best friend - Toshiro still hasn't invited us to his pizza party D': We're gonna have to kill him amirite? /Kill emoticon from MSN

1/1/10 - Happy New Year! =D Hopefully I'll be writing stuff soon x.x Not sure though.

1/27/10 - Gosh long time no update, ne? Gomen gomen. I've been busy being a lazy lady on msn nowadays & makin amvs for my friends. (especially Yoru-chan) Little by little i think im gettin back into fanfiction after reading so many lovely stories - i started at one called Blessed from the Heavens and have been reading and reading since about 10 (its 12 now) - anyway so be looking out for me! I may be around :3

2/4/10 - Helloooooooo all. Firstly lemme say HIUHJFUIJEIJRUIEHrfuihgeuirfhjeruighfuiossgsdfijhvnjfeuinjwhuiofjd. Ok I got that out. Sry, I'm just rly frustrated - me and my best friend had plans for this weekend, then she got mofo grounded. D8 Which is unfair much. T-T Anyway, aside from that, I'm writing a new ficcy ;3 idk if ima post it, but its HitsuHina no doubt (Part I is told from Rangiku's point of view) - anyway, see y'all l8taz.

2/9/10 - 8D I'm in a fairly better mood to say the least. Yoru's ungrounded tomorrow so YAY i can finally talk to her after so mofo long x.x On another note... 8D Hina-chan loves her some HitsuHina. Yes. Yes. Yes. HOWEVER. Thanks to CurlyHairedDemon I see KiraHina in a new light -sparkly eyes- not my OTP but still A NEW LIGHT! - -sparkle- Its Wednesday tomorrow - i dun wants to go to schoooool. Its boring. Next year though Ima take French. Anyways, PM me if you'd like to talk 8D

2/23/10 - February's nearly over - and so, it feels like my life is as well.. idk. Ive been too sad lately. Its confuzzling...

3/8/10 - MISERYYYY. When will school end? I WANT OUT NAO PLZ. Srsly. But anyway. I've gained my love for Tales of Vesperia and will prolly go back to writing a ToV fic from a long time ago - its YurixEstelle 8D I may write a RavenxRita story too but idk - I have so much to do and I keep promising fics but I lose the inspiration before i get to it D:

3/24/10 - YAY! My 14th birthday is coming up soon! On the 30th of this month! Gosh, I'm excited X3 Feels like I'm moving forward in the world, hehe. 8D I hope the weather will be nice enough, since where I live its been raining and chilly alot lately (its Ohio what do you expect?) Anyway, to my many readers who've waited long for me to update, I have good news! I've started writing the new chapter to New Year New Love! Ever since a kind girl named Jenny contacted me through MSN and asked me to finish it, I was touched that she liked my story enough to come and ask me personally to finish it. So that should be up hopefully before the month is over. On a more personal note, if you've read any of my other updates, you should know about Yoru, I hope. Well, we're not friends anymore, and I've been pretty down about it. I can't stay down forever though. Its like my favorite saying "don't cry because its over, smile because it happend". I had a fantastic year with her and while I'm sure she may disagree I did enjoy the countless laughs and moments we shared as friends. So Yoru, if you're reading this, thank you for everything you've done for me. - I'm not down really tbh anymore, because I realized my real best friend was beside me aaaaall along - Vermy, if ur readin this, you know I mean you :P GAHHHH I hate you so much Nicholas Sparks - Why does your work have to be so ADDICTING?! -twitch- Sorry lol - nah I don't hate him at all - hes my fav. author - all of his novels are so addicting though! And the movie adaptations were AWESOME! Honestly! Such amazing work 8D lol - anyway thanks for readin my ridiculously long update XD Cya!

4/15/10 - isn't blocked on here on the school comps YAY! 8D Golly golly much has gone on x.x Firstly I'm 14 nao! YAY! And Yoru and I are friends again, which is good.

4/16/10 - Sorry the thingie got cut off yesterday. But ah well. As I type this I'm at school, and I find it to be a miracle isn't blocked XD Theres 2 ppl beside me, Taylor (sometimes mean sometimes nice, idk what her problem is) and Amber (who btw is a total -censored-). But eh I'll survive. Its Friday here in Ashtabula xD Im happeh for that :P Cuz Fridays are win. But Tuesdays are FAIL. D; oh wellllll. Anyone who wants to talk feel free to Pm me 8D

1/9/11 - So it turns out they blocked at school... that's lame. Anyway, happy New Year everyone! I can't believe 2010 is over... and the fact I'm in High School now. Just a few updates ago I was saying I wanted it to be over... now I wish Jr. High never ended. Best 2 years of my life... but geez, I haven't updated this thing in like what.. 7-8 months or so? xD Hahah. God I'm lazy. I've been meaning to update but haven't found the time. Lots has happend since I last updated... had a serious irl relationship (or what seemed serious) that spanned for exactly 1 month before it's end. I hate it when parents tear a couple apart (It wasn't mine, it was his). Talk about stupid, right? :( I miss him, but he seems to be managing fine without me - so if he's happy, I am too. On a happier note.. OMGWTFBBQIMINLOVEWITHFIREMBLEMANDZELGIUS. :D Sorry, had to get that out. My awesome cousin let me borrow FE: PoR and FE: RD over break and I've gone totally bonkers over both - played PoR quite some time ago and nao I'm just getting back into it (playing PoR as we speak) and i'm SOOO close to beating RD... which sucks because I want MOAR Zelgius/Micaiah interaction - thats my FE OTP, personally I find them perfect for each other :3 As far as stories go it's REALLY hard to say if I'm gonna be writing anything in the next month or so... I've been wanting to but my writing inspiration flashes on and off like the weather. But to my faithful subbers, thank you all so very much for reviewing and staying with me :D I won't let you down - I'll come up with SOMETHING... just not sure what. That marks the end of this long update - ciao everyone! If you'd like to chat, send a msg! :D

4/5/11 - *huff* Man, my obsessions change like the seasons... Get this, after I was done obsessing over Fire Emblem, this guy who liked me introduced me to the Persona series... specifically Persona 4. So I played it through once, then I played it through again because I loved it so effing much. And you know what? I think I'm gonna play through it a 3rd time. xD I can't remember if I already have... So this was in February. Then in early March, the new Pokemon games came out, and I was obsessed with that. (How I lubbers my Serperior!) And now, 4 years later, I'm back in love with Tales of Legendia. I'm on Moses's character quest atm, one of the most touching ones. My eyes were welling up when I watched the flashbacks with him and Giet, such love between a man and a beast... But overall, character wise, my two favorites are Jay and Shirley. I LOVE the entire cast, don't get me wrong, but those two stand out for me really well. So much. xD Especially Jay. When I got to play as him at the Bridge in the first portion of the game, I was ecstatic. So I started spamming "Dagger" overandoverandover. 8D And I still spam Dagger. Especially during the vs. Dark Moses and Rabid Giet fight. I kept spammin' Dagger, while Moses, Will and Senel just did their own thing on computer. Ya know what I mean? Aside from the video game world, my 15th birthday has come and passed this March. The 30th to be exact. And I spent it in Florida! In Disney World... Ahh man I love Epcot, I bought an actual kimono there with a bunch of other anime related things. 8D Best birthday ever, I love my parents for taking me there so suddenly. Yes, yes I do. And the trip down there was exciting too. We're thinking of going back down there during September to look for a house either in the Carolinas or on the coast of Florida. Not sure yet... Anyways thats about all from me. I'll update again when I feel like it... As far as stories go, maybe, just maybe you can expect a Legendia oneshot from me this month.. or next month. As for my old GX fics, I have a plan. This summer, I'm going to rewatch GX and get my inspiration back. Then I can write again about it 8D Look forward to it! I love you guys, bai bai for nao! 8D

7/13/11 - Happy summer, everyone! Your pal Alice here! So much has happend since I last updated. I'm a blonde now, and I have been for about a month xD But that'll be changing hella soon. I've gotten into some other things now, including PERSONA 3 OMFG. xD That happend between the time I last updated and recently, y'know what I mean? I'm FINALLY posting a fic, btw. At long effing last. Its a Persona 3 fic, YukarixShinjiro. Please check it out! 8D Anyway, nearly 4am, and Alice needs rest. Toodles! (Love you, Senpai

Contact me

main email: (I have instant messaging btw)
Youtube: ZaneTruesdale417 (Check out my Momo tribute or some of my old GX stuff if you're into that :3 I also have some Tales of Vesperia & Abyss on there, and more recently some Bleach amvs. Mostly focusing around Momo or HitsuHina) (Side accounts) NormaBeatty, NanalyFletch, RuteeKatrea (Lmao lucky me, I stole some of the names way back in the day. xD)
Facebook: (I also roleplay as Yukari Takeba from P3. Look me up, I'm the most popular one on FB)
Twitter: momo_hitsugaya

- love, Mary ~

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