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Hello all! Welcome to our wonderful page.

Rick Danger, the high-flying die-namic duo. Two sisters, Dack and Ringer have come together to re-write all of Dack's old stories and make them actually good.

Favourite Things

Dack: Peaches, Anime, Manga, Drawing, Movies, Zoombinis, Reading, Opening Night, Swimming, Ringer, Cheese, Knitting, Comics, Call of Duty 4,

Ringer: Peaches, anime, sports, reading, space aliens, Rhinoceros Tap, drawing space aliens, The Yukon Trail, skipping, Dack, pie, cheese, Portal, Call of Duty 4,

Quick Bio Paragrahs

My name is Dack! Hello. My name...is Dack. Hello! I am the super-awesome amazing fantastic creative beautiful-slash-handsome green T-shirt--I mean, amazing half of Rick Danger. I really like all kinds of anime things. I also like my sister, Ringer, but she is also not a green T-shirt. giggle Is this funny or is this just stupid? I'm the one who comes up with ideas for the stories. Ringer only does the stupid, super-stupid job of making them actually sound good. I am the real brains and I am pretty. When I'm not being super-smart and pretty writing stories, I'm writing original stories and drawing comics. I am currently working on an original comic called Bubble Tea. Ringer tells me that she wants to write a paragraph now, so I'm leaving!


As you know, I only do the stupid, super-stupid, but actually very important job of making the stories actually good. Without me, you'd get what you USED to get from Rick Danger, before I got here. I think we all know that it's much MUCH better now. You're welcome. Dack says she's pretty, but everyone who isn't from the Internet knows that I'm actually the pretty one. Yup. When I'm not being super-SUPER-pretty and super-important and helping Dack with stories, I'm...well, I don't actually exist. Just kidding! I'm usually writing or drawing on my own. I like to draw space aliens most of all. Dack likes to stick them on the fridge. We're a good team. Enjoy!
Ringer -.-

Anime We Like

Elfen Lied (duh! >.>)
Azumanga Daioh
Lucky Star
Genshiken (and Kujibiki! -.-)
Death Note

If We Had to choose between...

...peaches and raspberries:

Dack: P├Ęche Melba! It has both!
Ringer: Raspberries. Surprise! They're not in my fav things!

...Tyler or Jay from PMK:

Ringer: Jay! All the way Jay!
Dack: Tyler. I was too young for Jay.
Ringer: Come on! That stupid "anything can happen when we're LIVE" skit? Jay was WAY better.
Dack: Yeah, but that was all Elisha's fault for putting vases everywhere.
Ringer: You know, she's Elisha Cuthbert from Girl Next Door and House of Wax and Love Actually. It's so weird to think she's super-pretty now, takin off all her clothes and stuff in movies. She's still Elisha, OK? She co-hosts PM--
Dack: Go on to the next question!!
Ringer: Fine! If we had to choose between...

...chocolate and caramel:

Dack: Caramilk! It has both!
Ringer: Caramilk. Surprise! I'm with Dack on this one.

...Ice Cream or the love of our life:

Dack: If the love of my life were an ice cream man, then I could have both.
Ringer: Yeah, but what if he weren't?
Dack: Then I would make him become an ice cream man! evil glint
Ringer: Well, there you have it folks!
Dack: What about you, Ringer
Ringer: The love of my life already IS an ice cream man!

...fame and fortune:

Ringer: that's not a choice
Dack: Yeah, I know! Totally! Who's writing this?
Ringer: Um...we are, Dack.
Dack: You mean YOU are.
Ringer: Whatever. What if you HAD to choose?
Dack: Both
Ringer: That's what you ALWAYS answer. Be original, man!
Dack: No
Ringer: Fine.

...cream soda and root beer:

Dack: Root Beer. But maybe cream soda if it were made out of whipped cream.
Ringer: You're gross. Cream soda all the way. The good clear stuff from QC, too. Or the cool Crush Pink stuff, if you're feeling X-tra crazy.

Enjoy -.-

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