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Hi I'm veemon219. I could have chose a better name but it has to be with numbers, When I was little kid (I'm 15 wish to be 12,2007) used to watch every digimon's episodes,1-3. As I got older I forgot about them but sometimes when I was like 9 I used to think about gatomon writing a letter,didn't know her name at first though.

Later I was looking for digimon world 4 because I had a imagination that a light was going around gatomon while she digivolved so I finally found the game.

I played it and had some trouble with it so I looked for the strategy guide on ebay and I found the "Digimon: the movie" So I got the movie and it unlocked my long life fan of loving digimon, my digimon spirit was unleashed again!

I got in fanfiction because I like making stories when I was a little kid I made book about sonic next telling my mom stories about garfield. Until I got here I make as many fics as I can think of that are good.

I had a picture of veemon blushing as my account picture but I found a one that has palmon and gatomon kissing veemon. I may make a story about that one, probably not. I be having so many pictures that I could put in my fics. My 1st time I came here was this dude with veemon is shy with gatomon and then he grows on her but that one was so funny!

The 5 couples that are true:





You may not noticed the 4th because this is a joke! These aren't true @ all but I mean gatomon and agumon,lol! Gatomon and agumon are like siblings to me because they live in the same home. They are funny like I saw agumon trying to digivolve that failed and he keep saying "I'm big and bad, yeah!" and stuff like that and gatomon she said once when she saw demiveemon, poromon, and upamon were eating like little kids and said "I hope my first litter doesn't act like this." Looolllll! But digimon is not my only show i love, animaniacs is another of my favorite!

Animaniacs is sweetest show or insanest show i saw! As soon i saw them I thought they were chaos devils but I see more about them, I couldn't breathe while I laughed @ the warners!

But never mind that, for my stories include something that probably no one else has. Insaness. And when me get me job the whole world will soon know the craziest Game Creator of the world, Cuteveemon! HA ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! My art page, watch if you like to For there are still stories going on. Maybe not much about digimon...but I'm still writin' now a days. XD

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