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Author has written 4 stories for Legend of Zelda.

... huh?

Um... I guess since I'm actually writing stuff, I should probably put some information on here.

I'm an artist who happens to really love fantasy, especially in video games and manga or anime. Fairytales are a given, right?


Static Red: Ignore the publish date - this story is more or less from March 2011, as I edited the (previously inexistent) plot and original concept so much from the first one you wouldn't believe it was the same. The story is set in an altered version of Legend of Zelda: OoT's adult timeline. Sheik is a separate male character from Zelda. (And a special kind of crazy). The main pairing is Sheik/Link. Fleshes out the damages that the war brought about, tries to explain how Link could make up for 7 years in the timeline, and examines the politics of Hyrule. Link's past is also looked into. The great betrayal and sheikah are played with. Link is asked by a god to protect his friend. Even with some unsightly revelations... well, he'd hardly say no to him. So Sheik and Link go out and try to root out the source of the newest evil in Hyrule... assuming evil is even something that can really be killed.

Static Red has hit a mild snag due to planned-plot versus established characterization. It has not been forgotten. (Currently two characters who were plotted originally to be bitter enemies are... conspiring. Stories tend to take a life of their own, and the characters within are the cause of it!)

Plotting, ambivalent allegiances, and the usual are to commence in short order.

Warnings: Zelda isn't a bastion of uncorruptable pure-pureness. Seriously though, child-abuse, examination of long term effects of emotional and verbal abuse, PTSD, murder, grey-and-grey morality, violence, major-character death (she gets better...), manipulation, blackmail, angst, obviously evil OCs, and Kers. (For those who don't know what he's named for, try googling the name. And, for that matter, the name of Sheik's once-associate...)

Interwoven: Interwoven is an AU fantasy-adventure story using various Zelda characters from the games I've played... and even a few I haven't, but were added just because. A lot of time will be spent making you guys ask questions, I think, so reading it might be an exercise in masochism. I don't know it would be for me if I didn't know the answers, and that is all I can say.

I'm playing with shoujo and highschool/college AU's (and a little bit of genderbends, though this is emphatically NOT a genderbend), here, but it's not really any one of these things. It's just... itself. Great fun to write.

Chapter 10 had a big, fun surprise, as well as being the arc 1 finale. Arc 2 is currently under work... I'm not sure if I'll divide it into miniarcs, or if it will be one massive one, or just something else entirely, but the main plot of the story is going to start picking up now.

Aaaand as of late 2013 the majority of plot events are getting rewritten for a more cohesive theme. Please bear with me until we can get out of this hiatus!

Warnings for: lovingly described violence, unusually easy genderbends, Link being gay as springtime (no, he doesn't date guys while in lady form. He's just not into that). Sexual situations (not explicit) and abuse

Canary or Mockingbird: Seriously, I have too many stories in the works at any given time. These three are a fraction of what I have going on... ah well. C&M (betaed by MyouTakara) is a... I'm really not sure of the genre. Everything but the kitchen sink? Assuming Majora doesn't make one or Kishin doesn't THROW one in at some point. It centers around Kafei (or, as MyouTakara so lovingly put it, 'what would happen if Kafei was a badass', but I don't call it that so much as 'if Kafei got a second go at Majora and wasn't drunk this time') and later Kishin and Majora (and possibly Knil and, oh, gods, Belial) post-Majora's mask. Considering the mindscrew nature of, well, everything, and the implied crack pairings, it's probably something most people would only read drunk. Provides insight into the other side of the fence for a lot of my fics and alt. timelines (like what happened to Other Link from SR) plus Traitor, because I have some sort of story-connection fetish. Attempts to flesh out Majora's reasons for being and will probably hit oh-god-why levels of 'contemplating our navels'. I swear up and down I was sober when I wrote it (though well-rested tends to be another story.)

Majora and Kishin aren't being cooperative at the moment, so The Thief Azaze and Static Red are my focus. And SR Kafei has been getting in fights with C&M's Kafei, oops.

Warnings: Spoilers, headcanon, major character death, imprisonment, abuse, grief, and probably a lot more. Kafei sees a lot of bad things in his travels... including the pasts of Termina's favorite deities.

The Thief Azazel:

Cover can be seen in full view here:

A sort of background story to everything else, but it can stand alone. It follows follows two storylines. The first is Sheik's, a former servant of Demise, while he attempts to find a purpose after the death of both his retainer and his older sister, while stuck in a world that doesn't seem to have ever wanted him. Set shortly after Skyward Sword. Seriously angsty beginning with character development in progress.

The other it follows is - surprise - Link, Groose and Zelda, who aren't having an easy time of it themselves, between an ugly prophecy for Skyloft delivered by a fox, and grieving for their lost friend. They're kids, though, so they can bounce back... and at least they have each other (and Groose). Even with the sky falling, smiling faces keep things from getting too depressing. They're only human, after all.

Warnings: Major death, violence, child abuse, brainwashing, insanity, the effects of ostracism, lots of grief and bad feelings, and a lot of violence, murder and disturbing content. And religious themes, since I really wanted to explore the sheikah's relation to Hylia and the religion of Skyloft and the parallels the LOZ deities have with Mexica tradition. World-building is a big part of this one, because, you know, sandbox.

You can find me at:


Here, of course - I do check my inbox regularly.

Updates have fallen behind in favor of original work and painting and having an actual job, but the stories and account are not forgotten, promise.

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Static red reviews
Even if his best friend has fangs, some weird tastes, a girly face and the tendency to act like a lunatic, Link still isn't willing to forfeit him to some nebulous evil. So when a god tells him exactly that is coming to cause problems? Well… he's a hero. Time to get to work. Sheik/Link, warnings on profile. OoT adult timeline.
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