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Hi! Here's some stuff about me.

Name\\ I rather not post my name on fanfiction... Just because. If you really want to, you may either call me Hakura or Imilla.


Age\\ I've decided I'm .:immortal:. So it doesn't really matter. Deal with it.

Favorite Food\\ Sushi-Maki-Manhatten Roll (Maki is the kind of sushi in rolls)

Favorite Book\\ I have a lot... Eldest, Eragon, all the Harry Potter books, Just Ella, Midnight Pearls, Twilight, Dragonflight, Dragon Keeper, Artemis Fowl, Demons & Angels and much more.

Favorite anime\\ InuYasha & Tokyo Mew Mew

Likes\\ Anime, Drawing, Writing, Painting...

Dislikes\\ Loud chewing, unreasonable people...

Favorite hobby\\ Drawing

Inuyasha: I love this anime. It is soo cool! I've seen all 167 episodes and all 4 movies. I've read a couple of the mangas.

Toyko Mew Mew: This is the first anime I've watched. It's also one of the first mangas I've read. I've read all the mangas so far, and seen all the episodes.

Avatar: The Last Airbender: I really like this show. I've only seen all of the first season and a couple episodes of the second. I consider it anime because they use many asian letters in it and the colors are different then the usual american animated show. Also, unlike many american shows, it has a plot and you're suppose to see it in order.

Galaxy Angel: I love the manga, but the anime confuses me. A lot... Sometimes I get headaches after watching it... The manga is really good though, but I can't remenber a lot about it since it's been a while since I last read it.

MegaTokyo: I absolutely love this manga. It's also a webcomic. It's so good, and my favorite characters are Kimiko and Ping.

I love to read a lot. I like to write, too, but I'm lazy... ;)

Drawing is one of my favorite things to do. I'm generally a very artsy person. I like to read, write, draw, paint, play the piano and play the flute.

Right now I'm really into Tokyo Mew Mew. It may change. You'll probably see me around reviewing Tokyo Mew Mew fanfics.

I'm kinda neglecting my other fanfics right now, but I do update them once in a while. Just not as much.

So... Tokyo Mew Mew.

I like OC characters, but only if they aren't mary-sues.

I'm not really into the whole, new generation mew mews thing. It gets me confused.

-Stuffish Stuff-

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from my friends and I and our random converstations

" 'Can you fit in that?' 'I dunno, let's see. Hey! Let me out!' 'BWHAHAHA!' "-Rachel and her brother (She locked her older brother in the closet, not the other way around.)

" 'You love Pai! You know you do!' 'No I don't!' 'What's your favorite color?' '...Purple...'" -Aura and Sakura

" 'Hey, have you girls ever considered becoming Sith Lordesses?' the evil cloaked person asked us. 'I already am!' Sakura said. Everyone stared at her. 'Oh! Darth Sakura! I didn't recognize you without your evil cloak and heavy makeup!' the cloaked guy said. 'Eh, don't worry. I get that a lot.' " -Sakura's oneshot, Sequel to the Sequel.

" 'One of them's a SITH LORDESS! They're crazy, I tell you!' Obi-Wan shouted into the phone. '...I'm scheduling you for therapy sessions,' Qui-Gon said." -From Sakura's oneshot

" 'Why do you hang out with us if you think we're crazy?' 'That's what I ask myself everyday...' " -Sakura and Aura

"I HOBBITS!" -Sakura

"Deep Blue tried to hurt my Kishy-kun! HE'S GOING DOWN!" -Ikari

" 'Huh? Wah? Where am I?' Obi-Wan said sleepily, "Why am I hanging upside down from a tree?' 'PINATA TIME!' " -Sakura's soon to be, 100 Ways to Torture Obi-Wan.

"Hey, look! It's a cross-dressing flying alien with artifically colored hair!" -Sakura

" 'How'd you get all this information?' 'I hacked into the government records...' "-from Never Give Up.



I'm so busy... I'm currently in the midst of writing two fanfics (Never Give Up! and A New Beginning), one manga in need of rewriting (Koybashi Tsukiko: Beginning of a Legend), one original story (Flying Skyward), and both writing and illustrating a children's book (has no name yet). On top of that, I got schoolwork, I'm in two science clubs, piano lessons, chinese classes, trying to improve my drawings and I'm also in a dance class.
Now that I that I think about it, is there a thing such as mental self abuse? XD
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Tokyo Mew Mew - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 16 - Words: 24,922 - Reviews: 41 - Favs: 9 - Follows: 9 - Updated: 6/2/2007 - Published: 11/24/2006 - Ryou S., Lettuce M.
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