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Author has written 3 stories for Midnighters, and Alex Rider.

If you really want the low-down on me, go to my homepage, located know? On the "homepage" link? Go ahead. Click it. :)

My Favorite Couples:

So Cool There Isn't A Number to Express It: Dess/Rex--Because me and Blaze have created the perfect coupling. Hehehee. Nuff Said.

1. Harry and Draco--they are just so fucking cute, no?

2. Chad and Sharpay--it's just a coupling that you don't see it very often...

3. Courtney and Mark--to me it just makes sense.

4. Bobby and Loor--they just seem to work.

5. Dess and Tallyn--you only know who Tallyn is if you've read my fic.

6. Sirius and Remus--just some of the stuff that's said in the books points to this, no?

7. Tonks and Remus--but then again, they were just so cute together.

8. Luna and Neville--pure awesome.

The Characters I Hate the Most:

1. Hermione

2. Ginny

3. Cho

4. Melissa

Note: #5 (Rex) has been removed, due to a change of heart.

6. Gabriella

7. Troy

8. Taylor

So, I frequent a certain "Midnighters" roleplay (shut up, I already know I'm a geek), in which I play Dess. It's basically been nearly three years since the events of Blue Noon, and the prodigal midnighters have returned to Bixby, with a few additions. Dess gets close to Lucas (of the aforementioned additions), but after two weeks or so, she admits that she's been harboring feelings for Rex for a long time. Eventually, and unsurprisingly, Rex and Dess get together. All is blissful for a couple of weeks (or days. It's hard to tell), Dess is scratched by a darkling. The effects lock her in her own mind with past enemies and worst fears. Eventually, with the help of Lucas, Melissa and Rex, Dess is able to recover. A few days (weeks) after this, tragedy strikes at the hands of aforementioned past enemy, and Dess goes into a depression that lasts for...hours. Soon, her feelings for Rex lead her to her past...literally.

Blah. I such at summaries...And apparently even more at spelling. Gah. Just shoot me now.

Anywho. I would like to take a moment to mention PBlaze. He freakin's rocks my life. Ha. You should go check out his profile, because he writes these really great fics...(to me they're crack!fics, but evs, right?). Also, he has an amazing talent for making shit up on the spot. Just trust me. His skills at improv are unsurpassed. At least in our RP...HAHA! Mucho love to hims!

About "Whisper to a Scream." It's on hiatus, as I am trying to re-write it so it is less suckish. Because, right now, it sucks as bad as Harry sucks at asking questions that are, like, plot-important. That's major suck, by the way. But...oh. Warnings: WtaS contains cutting, swearing, sex, slash, and maybe character death. But that's a HUGE maybe.

UPDATE: I have deleted this story, becuase there was no possible way I could pull it from it's major suckishness. Sorry.

About "SOS." I'm not updating this anytime soon, seeing as I totally don't remember where I was going with it...Sorry...

UPDATE: Also delted. Sorry, but nobody really read it...See? I don't even care enough to freakin' spell "deleted" right. Hell...

About "New Midnight." First off, I know the title sucks. Deal with it. Also, it's on hiatus. Again, deal with it.'s basically set about 9 months after the end of "Blue Noon." Dess goes to boarding school, meets a hot guy, reunites with Melissa, etc. etc. Warnings: Sarcasm, math, tridecalogisms, future femslash, future mind-sex with aforementioned hot guy, new midnighters.

UPDATE: I still don't know when I'm going to update this, but I am trying. Stupid damn writer's block...

About "Ghosts From the Past." It' Alex Rider/Artemis Fowl crossover!! And, from what I gather from the reviews, it's pretty damn good. But...I haven't updated in a while. Shame on me. Working on it, though, I promise. Warnings: CHARACTER DEATH!! Also, fairies in a spy fic. Tee Hee. But...oh. I decided to change the summary. No longer about saving fairies. Mmkay?

UPDATE: I just finished reading "The Time Paradox" last night, so I'm working on the next chapter...Finishing this book will definitely help me explain things better...

About "Bitter Taste of Anger." Just a super-short drabble about what was taking Dess so effing long at the end of "Blue Noon." I've been told that it's too short, so I'm thinking about doing a "Director's Cut" version of it. Soon to come, I promise!

UPDATE: Still working on that director's cut...


Heath Ledger, Nymphadora Tonks, Remus Lupin, Albus Dumbledore, Sirius Black, Dobby, Fred Weasley, James Potter, Lily Potter, Kasha, Remudi, Normal-Time Jessica, Lucas, and Rex (Those are for you, Blaze!)

You will be missed.

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