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Well, here I am. Since your an internet stranger, you may only know me as Kanomi-Fro. Konomi means nuts, and fro means afro, so its like nuts-afro. And thus the mystery of my stupid name is solved.

You can email me from here, incase you have any burning questions, but you cant see my email because for all I know you might put it on a religious mailing list.


Um, I am a MAJOR yaoi fangirl. I beleive everyone (even straight boys) secretly loves yaoi. Such glory...As far as Inuyasha goes, I'm still totally InuxKag, though. I admit, though, I sometimes find myself in the middle of a chapter, and it's turning into an InuyashaxMiroku, InuyashaxSesshomaru, MirokuxSesshomaru, HojoxSesshomaru, SesshomaruxSesshomaru, InuayashaxMirokuxSesshomaruxHojoxHarry Potter... Dont worry, I have enough self-control to catch it and fix it, though. (but seriously, who doesn't want sesshomaruxinuyasha??) Harry Potter's fantastic for boy on boy fics, though... I DO write yaoi, but I have a whole other special account for that.

Well, I'm somewhat of a punk. I'm generally sarcastic and I like to annoy and scare anyone and everyone I feel deserves it. Or random people. Mostly people who try to sell things to me. I loooooove big-ass boots that make clunky sounds when you walk. My favorite color combo is black and white. My favorite symbol is the Yin Yang.

I'm just addicted to poptarts...I think it's because I never had them when I was young like a normal kid. Y'know, like if you give your kid beer when they're little, it makes them not get addicted when they're older? Well, I never had poptarts when I was little, so now I'm addicted. (I know it doesnt make sense, but it's the only reasonable theory I could think of).

I cuss way too much. I don't know if I could control it if I tried...I haven't tried, really...

Why I'm on here: I'm just entirely too bored and don't live in the same town as any of my friends (and my town is mostly filled with drug addicts), and therefore am entirely too bored. Plus I like to write.


I like to: read, write (You can't tell from the random shit I've written on here, but I really am an okay writer. yes, I know even the princess and the pauper, my biggest hit thus far, sucks. I wanna write it, anyway, though. If I can't be a manga or cartoon artist, I WILL be a famous novelist.), draw (I'd really like to start a manga series, but I don't know if I'll ever get good enough) , skate, bike, eat pickles, draw (again), paint (I'm better at painting than I am at drawing, somehow), make obscure clay figures, and lots of other stuff.

My personality's a little mixed. I like goth stuff and hippy stuff...and flowers...and smiley faces...and big fluffy clouds...and tie-die... sry, I just got lost in my happy place. anyways, I can be dark and light and fluffy... It just depends on the weather. : )

I looove animation of all sorts. I even like kid cartoons. Especially Klaskey Csupo (sp?) stuff. Cant beat the classics. And The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy...so funny! lol

My favorite bands/artists: Amy Winehouse, AFI, My Chemical Romance, Good Charlotte, Belanova, M.I.A., New Radicals (even though they're an old band), certain songs from Dirty Vegas, Gorillaz, Marilyn Manson (I like the MUSIC. Mr. Manson, himself, scares the shit out of me!), The Smashing Pumpkins, Malice Mizer, Moi dix Mois, Weird Al Yankovic, and anything jazzy. I HATE country music, though.

My favorite person is Mana, the world's GREATEST musician.

I don't like sleeping at night time, so I'm usually tired in the daytime. Even when I'm finally forced to go to bed, I listen to music and re-read manga for like three more hours. I dont even mean to, I just can't stop. I'll be thinking: Just one chapter, then I'll go to sleep. Then, after I'm finished with one chapter: Just one more chapter...and I'll do that until I'm either finished with the entire volume, or until I fall asleep with the volume on top of my face (I've actually done that before!).

I'm an okay person, I'm just a bit morbid. I'm also a Christian; just a bad one.

Um...I don't have anything else to say. Lets see...I like: to annoy sales people, big ass boots, gothic rock & jazzy music and animation; I don't like country music, haters, and most of the cranky-asses in my town. I think that 'bout covers it!

So, that's it! Go interrogate someone else's profile, cuz if you stay here any longer, you're officially a stalker in my mind.

so, GO.


seriously =D

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