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hi I kinda new I'm a HUGE Jin and Xiaoyu fan lol as you can see on my picture they make the best couple because Jin is a guy would kick your ass if it can down to it and Xiaoyu is the happy girl who is shy but yet stubborn if he does anything wrong she set him straight just like th picture says XD Enjoy the story!

Favorite people:


Jin Kazama: My all time hero cause he kicks butt.

Devil Jin: I don't know why but I think he awesome lol.

Ling Xiaoyu: She kicks butt too lol

Julia Chang: Has really good stories ;

Kazuya mishima: You can't have a kick butt person with without a kick ass dad LOL!

Jun Kazama: SHE DIDN"T DESERVE TO DIE! I mean the freaking asshole rip off her head that was so wrong I mean it a good thing that Jin killed that mofo but come on.

Forest and Marshall Law: I mean come on it like that next Bruce Lee!

Steve Fox: He okay I like using him sometime.

Asuka Kazama: She got one heck of a punch.


Toshirou Hitsugaya: He may be short but he cool.

Matsumoto: She's funny.

Kenpachi: HE'S CRAZY! lol

Soi Fong: Dude I love her ; she so cool

Jushiro: One of the best captains shame that he's sick.

One piece:

Zolo/zoro: I don't care what people say he IS the greatest swords man if you can use three swords your special.

Nami: She makes the show funny.

Robin: She has a sad childhood.

Luffy: Not so much of a fan but he is ok

Dead or alive:

Hayate: He a ninja! lol

Kasumi: She makes a great ninja.


Neji Hyuga: The bad ass dude.

Sasuke Uchiha: Another cool guy that beat the shit out of naruto.

Shikamaru Nara: I can relate to him very much except I not a genius

Ino: She's funny

Tenten: She's cool

Sakura: Inner Sakura makes me laugh.

4th Hokage: LOL I don't think anyone doesn't like him

Final fantasy:

Zack:The greatest hero ever may the legend of Zack live on.

Tidus: Just because he cool lol

Yuna: She can controll monsters!! XD

Auron:Cool moves

Jecht: COOL

Tifa: she kick butt too.

Aerith: What's not to like?

Yuffie: hello? Ninja LOL!

Guilty gear:

Dizzy: A half angel and devil like Jin.

Chipp: He like a grown up version of Toshirou.

Ky: I like lightning >_>

Favorite couple:

Jin & Xiaoyu

Zack & Aeris

Jin & Kasumi

Neji & Tenten

Shikamaru & Ino

Sasuke & Sakura

Jun & Kazuya

Toshirou & Matsumoto

Jin & Julia

Jin & Dizzy

Jin & Soi Fong

Zolo & Nami

Zolo & Robin

Jin & Xiaoyu: My all time favorite couple they belong together I was kind disappointed that there wasn't that many story about them so I decide to do a stories about them, Jin a really cool guy that needs to be with a really nice girl like Xiaoyu.

Zack & Aeris: Let's just say it was meant to be.

Jin & Kasumi: Jin would so be such a great ninja and with every great ninja has to have a beautiful and strong woman and who else than Kasumi.

Neji & Tenten: a perfect match.

Shikamaru & ino: Someone as to keep him off his butt

Jun & Kazuya: They just make a badass couple.

Toshirou & Matsumoto: They are the complete opposite from each other but what that got to do with anything?

Jin & Julia: I readied some really good stories about them that made me like this couple (People should write more about Tekken I'm running out of stories to read LOL!)

Jin & Dizzy: How cool would it be to have a angel and a fallen angel couple I mean they be unstoppable

Jin & Soi Fong: This couple is tied with Jin and Xiaoyu. these two people come from to different world they both kick ass.

Zolo & Nami: He has saved her many times and they look really nice together

Zolo & Robin: They might not see eye to eye but they in denial of their feelings XD

Dislike Characters

Lee C, Kankuro

Jack, Ogre

Hwoarang, Naruto

I made my first video! lol you can watch it if you want, it's about Jin and Xiaoyu.

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