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The Betrothal: Chapter 13 - Bella's Necklace - http: //www . /files /Hammerman_cabachon_ruby_necklace .jpg

Vote on my NEW poll! Tell me what you think!

So, I have a few story ideas that I wouldn't mind you telling me which ones I should update first, or not at all. I have to know what you are willing // wanting to read in the first place, and then I will think about which one to start on first, you know? Note, these haven't been started, but I have in fact been playing with these ideas in my head for quite some time now. So yeah, tell me if I SHOULD or if I SHOULDN'T do any idea. Love ya!

Idea #1: Saving Edward: After losing his Mother, Edward decided that he would change his life. Though, not for the better. Edward Cullen has to be the biggest bad boys that you will ever meet. Skipping class, stealing and arson are only some of the things he does. He has woman he meets worshiping the ground he walks on just to get a piece of him, and he sleeps with ever last one of them, just for sport. He and his group of friends are your parents' worst nightmare when you date one of them. But being involed with drugs and alcohol at the age of seventeen isn't the easiest thing in the world, though. Meeting Bella Swan at a party turns his world upside down as he tries to do anything to get her. But when Edward's violence finally lands him in jail, what's his Father to do? And can Bella help? Edward and Bella OOC. Drugs, Alcohol, cutting.

Idea #2: School of Love: When Bella Swan first moves into the neighborhood, Edward is less than impressed. Or so he lets on. When he takes an interest in her, his girlfriend Tanya gets jealous. Very jealous. She makes a final decision, and after brekaing his heart, Tanya decides that she wants Edward back. The only thing is that he is no longer interested in her. At all. After failed attempt after failed atempt, Tanya decides that the only way to win Edward back is to remove Bella from the picture. A little white lie never hurt anyone... right? Watch as Edward and Bella try their hardest to get through high school as Tanya tries her hardest to break them apart. Edward and Bella OOC

Idea #3: The Family Ties: High King Carlisle Cullen engages his son Edward Cullen to the beautiful Tanya Mason, who will soon rule side by side with him as soon as Carlisle steps down. The lower Kings themselves are already married and are ruling their lands well. A war between the Cullen lands and the Black lands breaks out for the first time in nearly 100 years. When Princess Bella is captured and taken as prisoner, Edward gets to know her and she soon figures out his secret. Now Edward has to choose whether or not he will follow orders from his Father or rebel against his own kingdom. The choice seems easy, at first. But when they start falling in love... what will they do? And how long can they hide Bella's pregnancy? Edward and Bella OOC

Idea #4: Helping Bella: Bella Swan, the most beautiful girl in school, has been bulimic for years. She has hidden her secret very well, able to make everyone think that she is merely skinny because of her 'diet'. She can easily make someone jealous of the way she looks and the way she dresses, but she is hiding a much bigger secret than her bulimia. Her Father abuses her, and she truely has no way out of the abuse. Her life is turned upside down by her new friend, Edward Cullen. But can she let him in? Will she? And what will her Father do when he discovers her plans to run away with him? Edward and Bella OOC, Idea is still under development at the moment.

Please vote and tell me what you think I should and shouldn't do. I am thinking that if I make the poll to where you can vote three times, then it would be easier, don't you think? So you can vote and which one I SHOULDN'T do and which one I SHOULD do... Just a thought. I'm going to just put it traditionally, so tell me what you think about it. :)

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Love That Binds - Part I reviews
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Full Sum inside. Bella's Father passes away and the will is read. In it, its stated that she will marry Jacob Black, so the Swan Corporation can grow with help of the Black Corporation. The Twist? She is not in love with him, and has only one way out... Marriage to another man. Can Edward help? What if they are not in love? Can they make it through everything? Over 100,000 HITS!
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