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Hey!! I'm new to this site. I originated from Fanart Central. I still hang out there, too...

About me:

My name is Dameon Latino Guerrero.

My brothers and sisters are: Roxy, Kevin, Hector, Eddie.

My mother and father are??? Died too early to remember ???

I love writing and creating things. My favorite animal is the wolf and I am a wolf demon.


Dameon Latino Batista

Hair: Black with red streaks; Eyes: Blood Red; Personality: EMOOO:D

Entrance theme: Thank You for the Venom- by MCR

Likes: Blood, being sick, getting hurt, MEAT!!!, RAMEN!!!, RICE!!!, soup, BATISTA!!!, wrestling, and wolves

Hates:Vegetables, monkeys (Roxy's fault), RANDY ORTON(perv _ )...

Relatives: Roxy Guerrero, Kevin Guerrero, GENT Guerrero, Hector Guerrero, Victoria Guerrero, Chavito Guerrero.

At an age of 24, Dameon Batista was recently married to Dave Batista. She is a wolf demon and sorta has a thing for killing.

Roxy Animales Guerrero

Hair: BLUE!!!; Eyes: BLUE!!!; Personality: PEPPY!!!!!!!!!!

Entrance theme: Holding On by Green Day, or something...

Likes: MONKEYS!!!

Hates: CHAVO!!! YOU FOOL!!!

Relatives: Same as Dameon's, i'm too lazy to type


Kevin Heat Guerrero

Hair: Black; Eyes: Orange; Personality: CrEePy O_o

Entrance theme: Don't Wanna Stop by Ozzy Osbourne

Likes: ASHLEY!!


Relatives: Roxy Guerrero, GENT Guerrero (unfortunately), Dameon Batista, Chavito Guerrero, Victoria Guerrero, Hector Guerrero

I-- Like-- PIE!

GENT -- Guerrero

Hair: Brown, I WANT RAINBOW!; Eyes: rainbow colorish...; Personality: HILARIOUS!

Entrance theme: Trapped In The DRIVE - THRU by Weird Al Yankovic

Likes: Doggies!!

Hates: I dunno really... um... Politics... -_-

Relatives: Same as Kevin!! HATE TYPING!


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