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Look at the pretty picture, thats how I feel all the time, well most of the time.

For most of you who do not know what my name means it means Beauitful Moon



AS YOU ALL KNOW! Australia to the rest of the world is almost untouched by the music comunity, so please help improve Australia expecially Queensland and hlep bring TOKIO HOTEL TO US!


So I guess you are reading my profile, well all I have to ask is why are you reading this when you could be reading my awsome fanfics? And to all you little lazy's I highly disagree with the whole, reading but not reviewing my fanfics, how mean r u? So I guess it's a good thing that you are reading my profile, so I can get this message across.

I LoVe writing fanfiction, it is a deep pasion of mine, lol. I also like being a reviewer, (hey i work on boths sides of the bench)

ABOUT ME? (This is the funny, uninteresting part) all bold is Sesshomaru (our convo's)

Name: you dont need to know... for all I know you could be one of those icky people

(it's Bek) and I'm like "Shuddup Sesshomaru!" gives me a evil smirk.

Age: Too young for middle aged perverts!

(15) and I'm like "Shuddup Sesshomaru!" gives me a evil smirk.

Hobbies: Well if i told you that i would have to kill you.

(Writing fanfiction, reading, and horseriding and pering on me!) and I'm like "Shuddup Sesshomaru!" gives me a evil smirk.

Tea or Coffee: -_- (what is with these pointless questions?)

(Coffee, ONE AND A HALF coffee and THREE sugars) and I'm like "Shuddup Sesshomaru!" gives me a evil smirk.

Watching Tv or sleeping: well that ones obvious, tell em Sesshy.

(Sleeping, waking her up is like teaching a brick japanese 'pointless') and I groan "Sesshomaru!" gives me a evil smirk.

Sesshomaru or Hotohori: Hotohori at the moment. nah, much the same! hehe Sesshomaru shut his trap! hah i win!

Friend or foe: Foe!! -_-

(Friend she is really a big softie) and I glare at Sesshomaru he gives me a evil smirk.

Eye colour: Dont know they change now im not lying

Hair colour: Silver

(brown) Now here i am slamming Sesshy over the head with Tokijin

Skinny or Fat: Nice

Tall or short: Tall

Virgin: yes, unfrotunatly.

Best feature (s): My bust and eyes, also my hair.

Well thanks to Sesshomaru you all know to much about me, I'll kick that boy soon, well have fun reading and reviewing my stories, and my fave anime InuYasha, and lots more, fav paring me (Kagome) and Sesshomaru. Well cya


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