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Hello, I'm Jani and I originate from the Kingdom of Tampere, in the Grand Duchy of Finland. Just to be clear to all, I'm a guy (that's why I have fangirls, you see) and right now I'm aged 27 years on this planet (yes, I know I'm pretty old to be writing fanfiction, but I really can't be bothered to write original fiction, so there).

Joined here just to see if I could write anything that would constitute a story and since then, whenever the mood hits, I churn out something. Whether any of that is any good is debatable. Mostly I enjoy writing character pieces and stories centering on the thoughts and reasons behind the actions of characters rather than stories containing a lot of physical action. I just like to think up why people do what they do and what their ultimate motivations are. Also I don't like bashing any characters, but rather like seeing the good and bad sides in each. To me the mark of a good writer is trying to have an understanding of all the characters, and not just indulging on ridiculing and insulting characters one doesn't particularly like for reasons of getting some cheap kicks or making poor attempts at humour (unless it is for the ultimate reasons of parody).

I'm also a veteran review writer since 2003 and currently write consumer reviews at Dooyoo

I love classical music and film scores with extensive collections on both of them. My classical collection is way too large to even mention, but my film scores can be found listed here: Filmtracks

I'm also on DeviantArt: DeviantArt

For a list of my DVDs (anime and non-anime), classical and film music, manga, books I've read, and even fanfic info and figures, see Collectibles

MY PERSONAL STANCE (on fandoms I am involved with)
(The Hard Line and pairing preferences)


D.N.Angel was the first fandom I started writing in. I'm not a yaoi fan, so that usually means there's little worth for me to read in fanfics in this fandom, nor am I particularly hot about DaRiku either really. However, I'm a big Risa fan, which I guess is largely an unpopular thing to be outside of a minority of people around here (or anywhere else for that matter), but I don't really care and I'm fully prepared to defend her against anybody if such an occasion arises. I'm also a Satoshi/Risa fan, and it is the only pairing I can say that I ship (there are a couple of other pairings I like, but not enough to fully advocate them). Otherwise I'm a character fan and like to read about those I like. DaiRiku is good (canon) as well (though funnily nobody is actually writing it anymore), while I'm a sucker for sister stories where both Risa and Riku are just being loving sisters, or fics that features this element in one way or another within them. Not rivals, not enemies, but simply two sisters who care about each other a great deal like they do in the manga/anime, something which is shamefully missing in a lot of stories I see. Come on. Let's not be so cynical all the time!

Funny thing on the side: is it just me, or are het fans seemingly more tolerant of all the characters in D.N.Angel than yaoi fans are?

Official stance regarding D.N.Angel pairings: Daisuke/Riku, Satoshi/Risa. No yaoi. Riku/Risa twin stuff, but no twincest please. Dark/Risa also works for me through canon connections, but Dark/Riku for some reason doesn't appeal to me. Daisuke and Satoshi are just friends.

Azumanga Daioh:

For this fandom I have no particular preferences, but as to characters I quite like Kaorin for being such a doll (I know some others don't think so, but meh...) as well as the macho Kagura, while Tomo is a real riot and Kasuga Ayumu ("Der fliegende Osakan") is great for just being Osaka. I don't find Chiyo that cute, though. I'm sorry! It's just, those pigtails are freaky. Seriously! Again, I don't buy the idea that all of the main characters are lesbians; in fact I don't think any of them are apart from perhaps Kaorin (and even that can essentially be contradicted), but I can still tolerate maybe one or two gay couples in any one given Azu story (and I can support Kaorin to be one always as it is practically canon). Any more, and it will become largely unrealistic and generally too fannish to support any stretching of the imagination. At least that is how I feel. That of course doesn't mean you can't do it, or indeed make it work, but you need to be one hell of a good writer to make it actually feel realistic instead of a product of "pairing mania"... or then an extremely entertaining one to make me not mind something like this.

Official stance on Azumanga Daioh pairings: No real preference. Almost anything goes, though at the same time some pairings just do nothing to really engage me, such as Tomo/Yomi or Kagura/Sakaki, and Chiyo/anybody is usually a no-go for me completely as is Kimura/anyone (except maybe in Kimura's fantasies). I guess I could say the only pairing I'd possibly go for officially really is Kaorin/Sakaki because it's probably the closest to a romantic canon pairing in Azu and you can be sure that at least one of them is going to like the other even if not reciprocated. But I'm not exclusive on that.

Fruits Basket:

Luvs Machi. Luvs Kimi. Hanajima's cool. Doesn't find Tohru irritating or unlikeable. The Student Council School Defence Force rox! Other characters fall somewhere after that on different levels of interest. As is usual for me, I'm not pairing obsessed here either. Machi's my favourite character (I'd say on the same level of favourites as Risa and Kaorin are) since she's one of the most normal, down-to-earth, relateable characters in the whole manga, and her quietly troubled demeanour appeals to me huges. Also, Kimi strikes a chord with me. Even with all her irritating habits, her self-absobtion, and obnoxious jumps to conclusions, at the same time she's just so loveable. It is the strangest thing ever. Clearly one shouldn't really like Kimi, but at the same time it is impossible NOT to like her. And the whole of Student Council is just my favourite aspect of the manga with its assortment of very different people pulling together regardless of their differences, and is what ultimately really sold Fruits Basket for me; just such a fun isolated group within the story.

Official stance of Fruits Basket pairings: Yuki/Machi is really the only pairing I'm really at all interested in, largely due to the canon connection and Machi being my fave. My caveat however: I'm not wild about how the relationship was handled in the manga. They had their moments, but they were pretty sporadic throughout, and any completely fresh and new romance needs the time to naturally grow. I feel these two were never given enough screentime to fully consummate their relatioship, and when you look that Yuki pretty much is the third main character, they really would have deserved a bit more growth and detail than they were allowed to have (one of the symptoms of having such a huge cast of important characters). Other pairings I don't really care for, which is not to be confused that I wouldn't like them. Just that I'm a character lover, not a pairing lover, and I like to read about my fave characters (even in oddball pairing situations if it works). Somehow Kyo/Tohru leaves me cold despite it being the "main" pairing. Go figure. Haru/Rin, though, is actually pretty nice.


I really like the fact that this series has such a large and distinctive cast. There's a lot that can be explored with so many different characters, albeit it seems most people tend to only focus on a fairly small set of the characters, which is a shame. I don't have any animosities toward any of the characters really, not even Tate or Reito... even if Tate is somewhat useless. Truthfully I also actually quite like the multimedia approach to the Mai franchise and I like how no one medium presents exactly the same thing as it brings a lot more diverseness to things without everything being just simple re-threads that might prove to be redundant otherwise. Of course this doesn't mean the different interpretations are necessarily good ones (I don't really care much for the Mai-HiME manga, though it has some nice touches, and compared to the anime's finale, the manga's equivalent is quite a bit better). Fave characters overall I'd say are Shizuru, Mai, Haruka, Reito, Nao, Chie&Aoi, and Akira, but I don't think there are really all too many bum notes here so this is all relevant.

Official stance regarding Mai-HiME pairings: I fully support ShizNat (it is pretty much canon anyway), though I do think the fandom is overly saturated with them. With such a large ensemble cast I'd truly like to see a bit more diversity overall. In the worst case scenario the backlash (which is apparent in some sections of the fandom here and there) will effect that a popular pairing will end up getting disliked simply because they are popular and not because of any actual tangible reasons. Still, any canonical pairing is an instant OK in my book, let it be Mai/Tate/Reito, ShizNat, Akira/Takumi, Akane/Kazu-kun, etc. while well-written alternate pairings are just the same to me... even if they may not really grab me enough to read. But live and let live is what I say. No point in getting hissy-fits simply when people want to branch out a bit. However, the one exception to the rule (aside from totally off-the-wall pairings) is Mai/Mikoto which I just don't get. Mikoto's love for Mai seems more like that of a child to her mother (or cat to the person who feeds it), and I don't get any kind of lesbian vibes from Mai (and even then a more proper pairing would be Mai/Natsuki), so this popular pairing confounds me to the point of it not making much sense.

ANALYSIS TIME: Behind the Scenes of my Stories
(For those interested)

Valse crépusculaire (D.N.Angel - oneshot)

My first story was simply made as a study piece whether I could maintain a story idea and not falter in between idea and writing it as had been the case with every other story I had begun before it. At the time I was very hot with D.N.Angel as I had just seen the whole thing and enjoyed it a lot, particularly the characters. So I wanted to use my favourite characters from the series, namely Risa and Riku, and insert a kind of a canonical humour feel that could essentially be tied to the actual story. Secondly I mixed in a lot of my passion for music and referenced a lot of little bits that I had liked playing around with, such as Risa as pianist, the relationship of the Haradas, the growth of Risa, the chiming pocket watch from For a Few Dollars More and the idea of how Dark’s existence must have effected Riku and Daisuke’s relationship. My final aim was to just try and solidify the shift in perception of the relationship of Risa and Dark, from romantic to friendly that began to manifest in the beach trip episodes. Mostly it was just to make a fun oneshot that would begin in some way and end a certain way and add a lot of fun little personal details in it. And that’s basically it. Turned out pretty well I think.

Épisode de la vie d’un artiste (D.N.Angel - 4shot)

After getting one full story written, I immediately set out to make another in the heat of excitement and settled on transforming a favourite piece of music of mine into a fanfic story, namely Berlioz’s Symphonie Fantastique, written in 1830. The setting was to follow the music fairly closely, and take the referential programme notes as a starting point from where to expand the rather pointed out story into a real story. I decided to make it in the first person and took Satoshi as a protagonist, an artist with a very high opinion of himself and a very low one of everyone else, until he meets the most beautiful woman he has ever seen, someone who embodies all his hopes and desires. The symphony was set in five movements, and this was what I set up to do, but the difficulty in following the musical action and the first person format caused a lot of problems when I wanted to stay as far away from any third person interaction (like doing dialogue scenes), and chapters were fairly short in length.

The finale was actually started, but I ran into difficulties of how to finish it and after getting uninspired, I left it incomplete. I often had hopes of finishing the story, but after looking through it, the fourth chapter ending was so final and perfect, I decided not to even attempt to finish the finale, which was originally (as was the fourth movement as well) an opium induced nightmare and not reality. Thus as I turned the fourth movement into reality, the final nightmare scene would have seriously taken the power out of the fourth act. Incidentally I then took a lot of material from this fifth chapter and used it in “The Sanity of Insanity’s” nightmare scene so as not to waste the material. Largely, the idea of making something like this was just to indulge in a little psychological angst of the outwardly quiet Satoshi and see the turmoil inside his head, set against a backdrop of a surrealist Romantic-era utopia of a 19th Century world in the present time with its various horrors and social structures. Beyond that, it was just me wanting to do a psychological breaking story.

Violins and Violas (D.N.Angel - episodic serial)

An interim story I just cooked up to get back to writing. Not an important story, just a chance for me to indulge in the twindom via various short stories or chapters. Main instigation for this was the utter lack of twin-centric fics on the site and I just wanted to make one. I love it when the twins just are together and have these kinds of sisterly moments instead of somehow being "enemies" or hating each other like many other writes often seem to make them out as being (usually having the sensible Riku hating her selfish and spoiled little sister Risa who always gets more attention than Riku). After all, they don't hate each other, and it is often shown how strong a relationship the two have and how much they truly care for each other. Sure, sometimes they can have a little rivalry going, but I'd say that's just normal for two identical twins who are nothing alike to somehow try and assert a little dominance over the other. But, indeed, the main purpose of this story is to just keep me doing something when I have nothing else in the works. It will be continued sproadically when I find the interest to add stuff past my main stories. The title by the way is an allegorical likening of the four main characters as stringed instruments. The ever cheery and upbeat Risa of course would be a violin, while Riku would be a fifth down from the violin’s range of the lower sounding viola, similar looking to the violin, but deeper in tone. Satoshi would then reflect the elegance of the cello in his air of the aristocrat (his theme actually is played by the cello), and the clumsy Daisuke would be a contrabass (sorry any Daisuke fans, but he’s a klutz).

The Concert Pianist (D.N.Angel - oneshot)

This was a story idea that had haunted me a long time. As I had already established in “Valse crépusculaire” that Risa was talented at playing the piano (though this isn't an outright sequel), I thought “what if she did it for a living?” The main idea was just to have her play in front of an admiring audience and that was it. I never expected to write it, though. Until one day I just decided to begin and write a short oneshot. It turned out to be a lot longer than I expected, with the added elements of having Satoshi accidentally see her playing and then hooking up with her for a quick bite to eat and exchange greets after a long time of not seeing each other. In fact, the inclusion of Satoshi accidentally seeing Risa play in concert came from my own expanded idea after reading the second chapter of P.Fishies' story "Stay Beautiful" in which Satoshi left his old life for some undisclosed reason, and I kind of incorporated the basic premise in this as well.

The story was originally to end with Risa just having to run off and leaving Satoshi alone in the cafe, but as the story evolved, that conclusion would have just felt too gloomy and incomplete, so I changed it a bit. The main importance was just to get Risa display how good she was at what she was doing and how Satoshi was feeling lonely to which Risa’s presence sparked a new feeling of happiness he didn't know was missing. The emphasis is on friendship and a possible budding relationship, but not any full-blown romance by any means. I like outcomes that are not too obvious or too sudden. Things like this should take time and one night would not change that. Essentially a lengthy conversation piece is what this turned out to be, something I rather enjoyed writing.

The Sanity of Insanity (Azumanga Daioh - grand story)

Having gotten interested in Azumanga Daioh, I never actually expected to write a story in the fandom due to the strip-format of the manga, but after having a vivid dream about one of my favourite characters from the story in the form of Kaori as being some deranged, dark composer, secluded in her big mansion, spurred from her inability to get close to her high school crush Sakaki, disillusioned with astronomy, and finding an epiphany in music, she would start writing a mass for the dead that would lead to new obsessive heights, threatening her already teetering sanity and her inherent neurotic disposition causing sudden spells of terrible anger. I felt I had to write it down and only a chapter story could adequately do the job. Kaori is by the time of the fic already a well-established and respected composer, being already 32 years of age (incidentally Berlioz was 35 when he wrote his massive Requiem, the model work I’m looking at for Kaori’s counterpart), a mad genius whenever she puts pen to paper.

The inclusion of Chihiro, a background character of very small importance, but apparently the closest friend to Kaori, was of course the most logical inclusion to provide the sane element to balance out Kaori. Also the complete lack of characterisation of Chihiro made her perfect to be used in which ever way I liked and actually giving her a personality. As a matter of fact, looking at how the story eventually formed, I’ve come to the conclusion that Kaori in the end stopped being the actual main character as she originally was devised to be, but Chihiro took that spot as the story started to revolve more on how she has to cope with her friend’s mental state and how she had to come to terms with her own feelings and relations with the problems Kaori faced.

This can almost be seen as the next step from “Épisode” in its probing of the human psyche and the mind of someone not quite full-on mad, but one whose sanity is still in question, which gives a lot of possibilities to the study of such a mind through various aspects of storytelling. Secondly it also probes the mind of the “sane” one, and what effect the surrounding insanity has on her day to day life. But above all, the one thing that remains the most important aspect of the story is that of the importance of friendship. This is ultimately about friendship and the strength of the bond between Kaori and Chihiro. No matter what happens in the lives of these two, they will always be together as friends, and nothing will ever break them apart.

Incidentally, this story also contains my first ever Original Character that has a larger importance in a story, the 25 year old servant girl Mikuru. Originally I had no larger plans for her existence, I just mentioned there was a servant in the first chapter since Kaori can’t really be expected to do chores. I mean, she’s rich! And a creative force. Beyond that I pretty much invented her in the third chapter, since I realised she’d have to appear somewhere (and made her female as Kaori would probably find that more agreeable than a male servant), but I had no larger plans other than having her appear in the background at times, kind of like the quiet manager of the house who is around but is rarely seen as the similar people in those dark, gothic ghost stories. With a personality of Rei Ayanami and a creepy quietness, she’s pretty much the fixture of the house, taking care of everything and being utterly devoted to her “mistress”. I then gradually raised her importance as a character to someone who interacted with the other two as well, while still not being a driving force past Kaori or Chihiro (which is the way I want to keep it), but not that much of a background decoration either as originally devised.

The HOT Rod (Azumaga Daioh - oneshot)

More in tune with the tone of the original stories, this one is purely for humour. Again starring Kaori and taking in the ever over-compensating Tomo Takino, I just felt it funny that what if Tomo found out that the meek Kaori actually had a kick-ass car, how would she react? There’s very little I have actually to say about this, as the premise is pretty much how Tomo’s affections start to grow strangely fond with her wanting to hang around Kaori a lot more than usual, much to the puzzlement of Tomo’s closest friend Yomi. The big kicker is of course the twist in the end and the humorous turning of tables on perceived suppositions that is at the heart of the story, while also making Kaori into a much more rounded person than just a neurotic Sakaki-obsessive freak. In a way, this is a highly satirical take on the ever popular romance genre that the fandom is ripe with. I just wanted to do a little twist on the expense of the romance stories to use a normal romance premise, and then turning it on its head for an ironic twist... to make an amusing point with people's fascination with stories of this kind. The story had to be somewhat severely edited though as my original timeline was a total mess that made no sense at all, so I had to correct it. Largely it should be perfect now.

In Memoriam Sacra (D.N.Angel - oneshot)

I have always liked playing around with character deaths, and how they effect other people. This short one-shot was just me indulging in the subject and figuring out the thoughts of one character that knew she was dying and what her thoughts on the subject were. Picking again Risa as the main character, not least since she’s my favourite, but also that she is one of the most maligned D.N.Angel characters ever and one that never received a proper conclusion at the end of the anime when Riku and Daisuke confessed their love and Risa was left with basically squat after Dark disappeared (despite the hints of a possible SatoshixRisa future). So who would be more tragic a subject to die and never receive the things she most wanted from life, love and happiness? It also allowed me to expand on the thoughts that in reality Risa isn’t stupid; she just has other interests past what most would consider important and how she could be very intelligent when she felt like it. Her main interest in life is not in academic success, but to live life to its fullest and enjoy it with the goal of finding love and creating a future in life, not in the confines of wasting it on ultimately useless stuffing of facts and figures in one’s head. So what if she’s a little vain and a bit selfish at times? I suppose that can be forgiven, after all not everybody is perfect, and that's one of the things I like most about Risa in that she really shows a lot more growth than any of the other characters really, and she ends up admitting her faults, showing an understanding for herself and how others are effected by her actions. So it’s really the tragedy behind loving life, wanting to live, but knowing it is not possible and how would one deal with such an issue, is what lies at the root of the story.

Leave Me Alone! (Azumanga Daioh - grand story)

This is my most unplanned story ever. It originated with the idea of what if Kaori had over the years since leaving high school been adamantly focused on forgetting her old fixation on Sakaki... indeed forgetting Sakaki entirely, and then years later ending up without warning back in contact with her only to find Sakaki suddenly starting to take interest in her instead. Not in a silly romantic way, mind, but in an effort to write old wrongs by trying to make Kaori a closer friend she feels she should have done years ago. The humorous situations of this turning of tables between the two characters was what I started writing, my purpose essentially being to make a fairly light-hearted humour fic. I had nothing planned besides this and just went off through gut instinct, something I’ve largely maintained up until now as well.

However, as the story has progressed, my habitual dramatic senses have started taking prominence again, and I’ve started adding elements beyond the humorous origins to something of a mix of humour and drama. Essentially this has now turned into a character drama in where the purpose is to slowly develop a friendship between the two main characters and see where it takes me. I have since been thinking where this story is going, so it has gained a pretty solid plotline by this time, and I have pretty much made up my mind how to finish the story, but that can still change as the story progresses. As of starting this story, I at the same time actually did have another goal I had wanted to do for a while, and that was to do a Classic pairing story. Through elimination, Toyomi I deemed too commonly done, Kagaki generally boring, and Yukari x Nyamo unfeasible, so that left Sakaki x Kaorin that provided the most interesting possibilities and conflicts to solve than any of the other Classic Azu pairings. So at the same time this is my nod to them.

Generally, though, I don’t want people to make the mistake of calling this a romance. Even as I do think there are going to be some romantic gestures and elements thrown in, it’s not the main issue. I want to, first and foremost, just make a believable story of two people getting closer to one another through various character building moments. A mature friendship is first to be established, which is the only foundation anything more intimate could be built on. Particularly when it comes to such an odd sort of people like Sakaki and Kaori, the pairing itself (in a romantic way in particular) already having many detractors saying it’s completely unfeasible. To a certain extent I’d agree with that, but I don’t think it’s impossible. As their high school selves I doubt either would be really capable of supporting a lasting relationship in any way. Sakaki was too much a loner and only getting to grips with actually having friends to be able to really support one, while Kaori was way too neurotic, uncertain and unable to gauche her emotions in moderation to suitably work with somebody like Sakaki, who’d probably either get scared off, being unable to comprehend the situation, or unable to ignore society’s rules. What both need is a lot more experience in life, and the mellowness of adulthood is the only place where either I feel could make a lasting relationship flourish, hence the great and practical space of time between their last meetings.

So with that in mind, I’m generally exploring how these two opposites and unlikelihoods could realistically match without it seeming ridiculous or unbelievable... even if the means to that goal is more in line with friendship than romance. Also with that charge, I want to make the characters decidedly maturer and less exaggerated, yet at the same time not loose their own personalities. Thus Sakaki is still easily embarrassed and generally on the quiet side, while being more confident about herself and no longer as afraid to show more of herself to people. Kaori on the other hand is still easily flustered and neurotic, but more mellow and considerably more melancholy than angsty. The basic issues the story deals with are the growth of two people closer to one another, and how both can essentially help the other in filling a void in their hearts. Kaori’s with a sense of life that has been left on the side with her denial of emotions, and Sakaki’s sense of emptiness brought about by Chiyo’s move to America. A lot is still unresolved, but I’m getting there.

Echoes (Azumanga Daioh - oneshot)

This was a bit of a spur of the moment oneshot I decided to do. My main inspiration came as I was reading F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel “The Great Gatsby” and I liked the ubiquitous style of writing to want to do something similar. I also wanted to make it very poetic, moody, and surrealist in a way, using a lot of descriptive language with only little dialogue, which even then I tried to steer away from being very concrete, retaining an air of ambiguity. I wanted the characters to exist in a void atmosphere, where silence best conveyed the emotions, and to give the whole thing an extra edge of discomfort at the same time so that, while everything seemed fairly normal, there was also a slight feeling of “wrongness” in the scene. Therefore I never allowed the characters to talk of what was bothering them in any great detail, leaving people guessing what it was all about until the very end finally explained everything with an almost haphazardly uncaring style, as if the whole revelation wasn’t even all that important. In the end, this was just my attempt at doing something a bit more esoteric and odd, with strength placed on the setting of the atmosphere itself instead of on the characters themselves.

Also my choice for Sakaki for the lead was something I figured would fit the best with the atmosphere, while Kagura’s name I pulled off randomly from a glass. Now looking at it, I think the two would have been the best choice regardless (I actually originally thought to have Tomo in Kagura’s place, but could have been a bit unlikely).

Masterpiece (D.N.Angel - oneshot)

Another quick oneshot I wrote when I was inspired by one review to another story of mine, where Satoshi compared Risa to one of the greatest masterpieces he had ever seen. So I decided to just write one where Satoshi secretly admired Risa as a masterpiece and eventually informed her of this. And for the bulk of the story I came to the conclusion that sticking to Risa's first person account would be the most functioning path where she ended up getting terribly distracted by Satoshi's stare, effectively causing her already bad skills at maths to take a severe nosedive. So, of the stories I've written thus far, this has the least in mind of trying something particularly new and is just meant as a fun little deviation on the way Risa and Satoshi view each other.

Amber Eyes (D.N.Angel - oneshot)

This was yet another quickie oneshot, to balance off "Masterpiece", and looking at things from Satoshi's POV. Just a simple piece of reflection on Satoshi's own life he hates, and juxtaposed with Risa's completely carefree existence that Satoshi will never experience. As with "Masterpiece", this story can be read as in "Satoshi has feelings for Risa" or "Satoshi simply sees in Risa some qualities he desires in his own life". If one doesn't care to read it as a romance, you are completely free to do so (the same goes for "Masterpiece"). Yep, just a little diversion again about my favourite (and perhaps only favourite) pair.

Azumanga Noodle-Daioh (Azumanga Daioh - oneshot)

This was just an incredibly silly little diversion that came about through a misunderstood plot idea that went off to wondering whether I was thinking on writing a story about the characters being noodles. I wasn't thinking anything of the sort, but once the idea was planted, I couldn't leave it be. Thus this weirdly stupid oneshot came about. Random slice-of-life silliness like this is not something I usually do, but consider it another jump in me trying something new. I think it actually is pretty funny, but then again I laugh at a lot of my own jokes, so as an endorsement...

The Green Leaves of Summer (D.N.Angel - oneshot)

This was originally began as the third in my little D.N.Angel oneshots that also included Masterpiece and Amber Eyes, but in which I lost the interest to finish it. Thus the story comes to a completion a bit later than it should have. Essentially this was yet another character study piece, only this time focusing on the two male characters of the series, something which I hadn't actually ever done for this fandom. The original idea changed somewhat as I wrote it, though, as my initial idea only included Daisuke gushing about his love for Riku, while Satoshi tries to endure it until the whole thing ends in a quick humorous quip from Satoshi. But all the stuff concerning Satoshi's inner thoughts were conceived while I was writing when I decided to add up issues explored in the Argentine arc of the manga, and how those events effected the main characters here, particularly Satoshi. It's perhaps not as taut as either Masterpiece, but I'm fairly happy with it anyway. Also it's a fun trap for yaoi fans expecting some D x S fluff. XD

Lunar Flares (Fruits Basket - oneshot?)

My first entry for the Furuba fandom. Largely another humour fic from me, and I believe a first pairing (in any way) of Machi Kuragi and Kimi Tôdô as main characters. The story is rather simple where Kimi (now already graduated) meets up with Machi (still in high school) on her way home and tags along to Machi's apartment. I didn't really have a proper plot and just decided to let the writing go where it wanted. Thus a lot of the stuff is done in a flow-of-consciousness way, with one idea following naturally from the other (or at least that's the purpose). The main point is just to poke fun at the differences of the two characters, with Machi being very quiet and reserved, while Kimi is very outgoing and energetic. Also, I took a slight moment of exploring Machi's thoughts upon seeing Yuki studying in a university far away from her, and how that effects their relationship, which is mildly angsty, but an interesting thing to think about. It may not purport what the rest of the story is like, but I felt it was an appropriate framing device for the story on the whole. Anyway, I had a lot of fun writing this. I might possibly write even more encounters between the two to coincide within the same fic, so its continuing "oneshot" status is yet undetermined.

The Twisted World According to Sakaki (Azumanga Daioh - episodic serial)

This was inspired in a drunken stupor one evening when I pictured a scene of Sakaki fondling the legs of some of the Azu girls, and thought of the possibility that Sakaki had other perverted fetishes beyond her cuteness interests. Thus I started writing a story from Sakaki's first person perspective that usually pits her against different situations that usually backfires drastically on her, often through simple misunderstandings. It is to paint a picture of the Sakaki behind the mask that may be a whole lot different from the Sakaki she seems from the outside. A lot of these are written with only a simple idea in mind, so there is not much pre-planning as to what will happen. Often Sakaki may seem rather OOC, but at the same time I do try to keep her identifiable still when juxtaposing her inner world with her outer persona. And even if Sakaki usually ends up at the short end of the stick here, this is definitely NOT to be taken seriously in the least. Just enjoy the absurd humour that is the quiet Sakaki's true world nobody knows about.

Due to demand, the following disclaimer is hereby added to describe my character

"Clinically insane, has visited various mental facilities and escaped each one worse off than before. As a result, I type down crazy ideas from thin air and tell jokes that shouldn't be funny but still make people laugh from the insanity radiating from me."

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