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Author has written 17 stories for Naruto, Wrestling, Misc. Movies, and Harry Potter.


I know, I'm shocked to. Something has actually been done to this profile which means... absolutely nothing. This is just a quick update. Life is still boring/crazy. I'm gone for about 12 hours a day so by the time I make it home, I have no energy and am feeling like my soul has been sucked out. I have deleted "Slicing the Gravy" which might be reworked and retitled and not resemble it in anyway. I had gone so far away from my original plot that it was becoming a sad, pathetic excuse of a story. Since I'm becoming reinspired due to my speed reading through the Harry Potter series- again- there is a slight chance of seeing some new material emerging from the depths of my mind.

Favorite Pairings

Harry Potter:

Hermione/Snape: I think I have this obsession with a younger woman with an older man. Anyway, I love this pairing! You have young, smart Ms. Granger with older, former Death Eater, afraid to open his heart to anyone else Severus.

Harry/Hermione: They had much more chemistry than Harry and Ginny, and Ron and Hermione. They spent so much time together and understood each other.

Lucius/Arthur: I don't know why I am attracted to this pairing. Talk about opposites.

Neville/Luna: This is just adorable! They are both a little of touch, for different reasons. They compliment each other.


Kakashi/Sakura: This would be my favorite Naruto pairing. There is no one who truly works for Kakashi... except for Sakura. They are both intelligent and need someone. Not to mention, they make a lovely couple.

Itachi/Sakura: You have loyal, bright, fun-loving Sakura with solemn, angsty, needs love Itachi. Sakura works her way into Itachi's heart and stays there. He tries to fight but eventually gives in (while still retaining the dark, quiet, badass who can kill you before you know what has happened attitude).

Shikamaru/Temari: Shikamaru is intelligent and needs someone who is also intelligent and not an airhead cough-Ino-cough. He is also a tactictian who needs someone like him. Enter Temari. She is a bit scary but is intelligent and diplomatic. They are perfect together!

Itachi/Sasuke: The real reason Itachi left Sasuke alive? He wanted him. There was so much hate and animosity that it could have easily progressed to more, much more. Not to mention, they are just hot. And there is something about forbidden pairings.

Neji/Hinata: They were meant for each other. Not Neji/TenTen or Naruto/Hinata.

Genma/Ino: There is a sad lack of this pairing. There are stories that have them as a couple, but they are not the focus. In my opinion, they are perfect for each other. They are both players and enjoy having a good time. They can keep each other in line... sort of. I guess it is they can keep each other occupied and would definitely not suffer from boredom.

Vampire Knight:

Kaname/Zero: They had too much chemistry for there not to be anything between them. Sure, they fought, but what couple doesn't? Plus, their fights were hot and sexy and everyone knows they wanted to ravish each other.

Zero/Ichiru: Don't laugh at the twincest! They were much to close for siblings.


Note, these pairings will all be slash as I do not support putting the men with the divas. Not to mention, they bring it on themselves.

Shawn/Cena: All time favorite wrestling pairing! They had such amazing chemistry! However, they seem to have trouble staying together do to outside interferance.

Shawn/Jericho: This was just great! Jericho wanted Shawn, yet Shawn really did not know if he wanted Jericho as he was still trying to get over Cena. But just as Shawn starts to open up, they are over.


I also have another account that I share with two other people. It was going to be just for the dirty stories that we did not want posted on our personal sites but that has pretty much been thrown out the window.


These are the stories that I have posted on there, but read and review all the others (as long as you review mine of course).

The Heart's Truth

This would be an Uchihacest (Itachi/Sasuke). This was actually my first yaoi fic. I haven't looked at it since I posted, until a few minutes ago. I hope that my writing has improved. Anyway, definitely rated 'M' for a reason (as is with all my 'M' fics). If you choose to read, proceed with caution. And it does not follow the manga.

Lust Filled Desires

Don't read. It should probably be deleted. It was going to be a story but I quickly lost interest and changed it to a oneshot. Anyway, Sasuke is at Orochimaru's lair, so it sort of followed the manga/anime. Orochimaru is in creepy, Michael Jackson mode, and Kabuto is being dominated.

What's the Use?

Do not ask where this story came from. Basically, it is Sakura bashing. There isn't much to it.

(Why did I write a Sakura bashing story? Must have been during finals and needed to let off some steam. Don't get me worng, I like her, which is why I'm questioning why I even wrote it.)


This would be the last chapter of 'It Happened One Day.' This was pre-posting smut on here. It is Sasuke/Hanabi. I could have posted it as the last chapter of 'One Day' but the rating would have had to be upped and I did not want to do that.

The Art of Heartbreak

Oh, boy. This one is a doozy. This would be a Spongebob story. Yes, you read that right. Spongebob. As in Spongebob Squarepants. This story is not for the faint-hearted. If you do not like the show, don't read. If you don't like the idea of Spongebob or any other character being gay, don't read. This is more of Squidward's POV. I have always believed that Spongebob was gay and one day inspiration hit. I would tell you the story, but that would give it away. But, it is my reason why Squidward hates Spongebob yet doesn't hate him. Pairings are Squidward/Spongebob, Spongebob/Patrick, Squidward/Squilliam.

Poor Severus Snape

This was a challenge fic. We set up our own challenge, well T did. This was my story for the challenge. It is a triple crossover set in the Harry Potter universe. I drew Snape (HP), Rock Lee (Naruto), and Jafar (Aladdin). It is definite crack!

The Sweetest Dessert

My latest edition to Ero! This is extreme crack and was written for a wrestling kink meme on live journal. The pairing is Michael Cole and Cupcake. Te he he. Cole being dominated by the cupcake is basically the entire plot.


I have videos posted on here so check them out when you get a chance!


Live Journal:


There is a link to the wrestling kink meme that has some amazing things on there! (And I'm not talking about my stuff which is ending up on here. And don't give me a look. I want people to know who I am.)


"If your brain were dynamite you wouldn't have enough to blow your nose."~ My brother

"You know what you was gettin' with when you got with it."~ Some guy on Jerry Springer

"On this day that we be wed, I love you more than garlic bread." ~ My Big Redneck Wedding

"Sometimes it's hell getting to heaven." ~ The Undertaker to Shawn Michaels (Royal Rumble 2009)

"I've read stories that were put in the wrong category. They should have been rated 'F' me and 'M' look at 'T' funny... you know, for fail."~ 'T' while browsing on fan fiction.


I read and write slash. If you have a problem with my stories because they are slash, deal with it. This fan fiction. Fiction meaning it ain't real. I realize that when I write wrestling stories, the people involved are not gay (or at least not that we know of). That does not mean that I can't write stories involving two males who are in a relationship. There will be a warning in the summary and author's note if it is slash. There will also be a warning in the author's note if there will be a sex scene in the story. If it is rated M, there will be a sex scene. If it is rated T, there will be nothing more than a kiss. This applies to all stories. Wrestling slash will not be the only slash I write. I have yet to write a slash story from other genres, but the ideas are there. However, wrestling will be the main slash.

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