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There's not a lot I'd like to say about me personally. The only things you should know are that I'm interested in Shakespeare, I'm a self confessed book junkie, I LOVE modern classics and I'm also getting into writing fanfic. I've had several years' writing experience and I've decided that it's now time to try my hand at fanfiction. The most logical place to start was V For Vendetta, as it has affected me the way it affects most people. In short, I think the graphic novel and movie are nothing short of masterpieces. However, the ending is so incredibly depressing that I had to re-write it. So far, I only have one fanfic but I hope to change that after this one is finished. If you have read Cry Me A River and think it's good enough to comment on, please do so. I'm surprised at how many reviews I'm received already, but every one means a lot to me so please spare a few minutes to write down what you think. I'm open to criticisms as well...anything that helps me to improve is just as valuable as praise. I'm also looking for an occasional beta reader. If you are a grammar nazi and are interested in being a beta reader, or just want to contact me for another reason, my email is

Oh, and I made an LJ just for fanfic related stuff, since I'm planning on writing more stories shortly. If you have one, add me. If not, get one!

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The events after Evey is released by V. In my version, V was a lot more brutal to Evey during her incarceration than the movie portrayed. Is forgiveness possible? Movieverse with GN infuence. VxEV Warning: Sexual situations and references to torture.
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V has left behind more than he'd anticipated and is now faced with the consequences. How can he repair a damaged England while his main priority is Evey? Disclaimer & warnings: Don't own, don't sue. Rated for sexual situations & violence.
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