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I Fight Like Sasuke To Bring Everyone I've Lost Justice. I Am An Avenger.

What Do You Fight For?

My Name's Hope And I'm An 18 Year-Old Liscensed Driver. I'm In My Freshman Year Of College And I Can Speak English (Obviously) German And Some French And I've Always Wanted To Go To Germany Ever Since I Was Little. I Love Speaking In German To People Cause It's Fun To Confuse Them (And Mad Easy When You Know A Foreign Language) Which Is One Of The Primary Reasons I Learned German XD. I Can Be Mad Conceited And I Know When I Look Good And I Strive To Be The Best Looking When I Go Out With Friends (I Know It Sounds Horrible) And I Tend To Be Very Tempermental And You Kind Of Have To Be Careful Not To Annoy And/Or Piss Me Off. I Love Lots Of Things Like Fireflies In The Summer, Untouched Snow In The Winter, Long Phone Calls, Deep Convos, Sparkly Things, Boys, My Friends And Boyfriend, Blaring My Radio When I Drive, Hot Baths, Walks In The Woods, Writing, Reading, Watching Anime And The List Goes On. I'd Really Love It If You'd Check Out My Naruto Slideshow On Youtube To The Song "Sadness and Sorrow" From The Original Soundtrack. The Link Is Right Before My Story Stats And Thanks For Reading, Reviewing, And Watching! Soo, That's About All You Need To Know So Here Are The Stats Of My Stories And Feel Free To PM Me :)

Naruto Slideshow:

Status on My Stories

Caged: *In Progress* I Got The Idea For This Story Just From Watching "Toddlers and Tiaras". I Got To Thinking How I'd Feel Being A "Pageant Girl" And So, Caged Was Born. It's Pretty Angsty Considering The Main Character's Mother Is A Tyrant And Her Step-Father Sexually Abuses Her, So Here's Fair Warning If You're Not Into That Kind Of Story. There's Also Some Self Injury In This One, So Don't Crucify Me - I Warned You. Please R&R!

The One That Got Away : *Finished* I Got The Idea For This Story Randomly At My Boyfriend's House. I Actually Don't Really Even Remember What Triggered The Thought Of This Plot Line, But It Seems To Be Going Over Pretty Well With Readers So Far. Here's The Summary And Please Review! - "What the hell are you doing?!" I demand as a man dives into the passanger's seat. "Drive!" he yells back at me, his onyx irises wild. I notice that he keeps glancing out the window as if he's waiting for someone. "What-" "Just drive!" he urges frantically, getting even more impatient as a second man emerges from the Saturday night crowd that blocks the sidewalk. I look up at the traffic light just in time to see it turn green and slam my foot on the gas, burning rubber as I speed off down the highway with a stranger in the seat next to me. SasukeXOC.

Marionette Girl: *Finished*I Got The Idea For This Story From A Comment On A Youtube Video. It's Slightly Creepy (Especially When You Listen To The Theme While Reading) But I Think It's Cute And Kind Of Sad. It's Really Just A Life Story With A Twist And I Hope You All Enjoy It And Please R&R!

Somewhere Only We Know: *Finished*This Was My First One-Shot Ever And It's For Naruto. I'm Definitely Pro SasukexSakura, So You'll Be Seeing A Lot Of That When I Write Stories Without OC's. This Is About Naruto, Sakura, And Sasuke Returning To A Secret Garden They Discovered When They Were 13 To Spend What Might Be Their Last Night Together As Team 7. I Hope You LIke It And Please R&R!

The Next Shinobi : *Finished* This Was My First Naruto Story And It's Now Complete. I Had An Awesome Time Writing It And I Rlly Hope Everyone HAd An Awesome Time Reading It. Here's The Summary - Many Years Have Gone By And Naruto, Sasuke And Sakura Have All Grown Up. Naruto Is Now The Hokage And Has Gotten Married And Had A Fiesty Daughter Named Hikari Who Is Now 15. She's in Every Way, Shape, And Form Her father's Daughter And Reminds Kakashi Of Naruto Every Day He Trains Her. Sasuke has Finally Killed Itachi And Returned To The HIdden Leaf. He's Met A Women And They've Had A 15 Year Old Son Together Named Kai. Kai Has Inherrited His Father's Skill, Personality, And The Covetted Sharringan And Isn't Too Fond Of Anybody. He And Hikari Don't Get Along In The Least And This Often Leads To Intense Sparring Sessions That Nearly Wipe Out Their Chakra. Sakura Has Also Grown Up And Had A Daughter Named Reina (15) Whom She Treats Like A Little Princess. Reina Despises Training And Isn't Much Help On The Battlefield, But Is A Decent Medical Nin And Could Be A Good Attribute To The Team. Although This Team Is On The Verge Of Hating Each Other, They Must Learn to Stick Together If They Hope To Survive The Ultimate Mission.

The Senior Trip: *Finished* This story is already finished and this is probably my most popular story for the time being. I know a lot of people luved this story and I'm really happy that you guys enjoyed it. I had sooo much fun with this story and it was really hard to end it, but on the bright side the sequel to this story is already on the market.

The Senior Trip 2: Return To Rome: *Discontinued* This story is obviously the sequel to The Senior Trip and this story is in progress. I'm working on it and I have a few good ideas for it but I can't use them until it's a little later in the story line. This story is also very popular with my readers and reviewers because they all luved the first senior trip so much that when they heard I was writing a sequel, I guess they just had to check it out. But if you guys luved the first senior trip, then I'm sure you'll luv the sequel too.

Dangerous To Love: *Finished* This story is probably my favorite because it's soooo much fun to write and it's so exciting! I have sooo many good ideas for it (at least, I think they're good ideas). In this story, Kagome is actually a hardcore rebel and she runs almost completely on adrenaline and her gut instinct and of course the little voices inside her head that never get along (if you read the story, you'll know what I'm talking about and no she doesn't have any mental diseases). That's one of the reasons this story is my favorite, Kagome isn't really afraid of anything and that makes it a lot more fun for me to write and hopefully more fun for my readers to read.

What I've Been Looking For: *Finished*This was my first story ever published on FanFiction and personally, I don't like it even though I'm the one who wrote it. But it seems that a lot of other people liked this story, so I shouldn't be complaining. This story is finished and it's been a while since I even looked at it let alone read it over (I read my stories over a ton).

Let Me Love You: *Discontinued* This is my most recent story and so far it seems to be going over with my readers and reviewers pretty well. I don't really know where I got the inspiration for this story, it just sort of came to me. But anywho, in this story Kagome lives in Palm Springs, California and she luvs her life and she has a lot of friends. But then her mom gets transferred out of the United States to Tokyo, Japan and Kagome's forced to move there. Kagome can't stand her new high school and she can't stand the people in it even more but with a new life in Tokyo, there are bound to be new beginnings.

Blood Line Summary: *Discontinued* Kagome Higurashi and Sango Anami are normal sophomores at the famous Shikon Acadamy. That is, until a handful of students start noticing changes in themselves, like mysterious marks on their arms and weird cravings. Even Kagome and Sango are undergoing the same changes as some of their classmates. A prestegious comitee even starts inducting new members way ahead of schedule, a very unlikely happening at The Shikon Acadamy. Two very popular sophomores, Inuyasha Takahashi and Miroku Tanaka, suddenly take interest in Kagome and Sango for some unknown reason and Inuyasha's girlfriend, Kikyo Yamamoto, is not happy about it. What's happening to the student body of the most famous school in Japan?

Okay, As You can Tell I Used To Write Inuyasha Stories And I Don't Know If I'll Continue With Inuyasha Stories Or Stick Strictly To Naruto, But I Guess We'll Find Out. I'm Very Complacent With My Pairings And I Usually Don't Mess With Them. For Inuyasha My Pairings Will Just About Always Be InuXKags And MirXSan. For Naruto My Pairings Will Just About Always Be SasuXSaku Or SasuXOC And NaruXHina. I Don't Normally Do Any Other Pairings Besides The Main Characters, But if I Were To Ever Do Another Pairing It'd Probably Be ShikaXTema Or Maybe GarraXOC (Since I Don't Rlly See Him With Anyone From The Show). I'm Completely In Love With Sasuke, So He'll Be A Main Character In Just About All Of My Naruto Stories (Sorry If You Don't Like Him). I'm Not A Huge Reader On This Site And I Usually Don't Read Stories Except My Own. Every Once In A Blue Moon I'll Read And Review Someone's Story And I'd Really Appreciate It If You'd Return The Favor If I Do Review Your Story. I Don't Usually Take Requests For Stories Or Characters Since I Like To Let My Imagination Run Wild, However, If You Need An Idea For A Story Or Character For Your Own Purposes, I'd Be Happy To Help You Out As Long As You Give Me Rightful Credit Where It Is Needed. Alright, I Think I'm Done Rambling For Right Now And I'd Rlly Appreciate It If You'd Read/Review My Stories If You Haven't Already. Thanks To Everyone For Reading And Reviewing :)

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Inuyasha - Rated: T - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 23 - Words: 37,359 - Reviews: 771 - Favs: 237 - Follows: 144 - Updated: 6/7/2008 - Published: 8/4/2007 - Kagome H., Inuyasha - Complete
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*Hiatus* *UnderLonqConstruction*
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Caged reviews
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